F*** me? 

Yuan Ye didn't even flinch as he locked eyes with Fang Shaoyi.
He opened his mouth and said, “Then fuck me.”

In their current situation, saying something like this was basically a challenge to each other.
Yuan Ye leaned back and fell onto the neatly made bed with a loud thud. 

He lay there, looking at Fang Shaoyi with a faint smile on his lips.
He reached out and pulled down the zipper of his jacket, revealing a toned abdomen under his T-shirt.
He tugged at his shirt and said, “Come on, fuck me.”

Fang Shaoyi didn't move, and neither did Yuan Ye.
He lay there, his thumb hooking downwards to reveal his flat stomach.
His eyes were full of provocation as he looked at Fang Shaoyi and asked, “Are you coming or not?” 

Without a word, Fang Shaoyi listened as Yuan Ye's voice grew rough, intentionally gasping a few times, his fingers ready to hook downwards, humming a few low and seductive sounds in his throat.

Fang Shaoyi turned his head to the side, furrowing his brow and cursing under his breath.
He grabbed Yuan Ye's hand and then lifted the other side of the blanket, rolling Yuan Ye over with force and calmly saying, “Stop being silly and go to sleep.”

Yuan Ye's face was turned towards the tent's walls, laughing out loud.
Only half of his head was visible outside the blanket, but you could see his body shaking with laughter.
Fang Shaoyi zipped up the tent from the inside and lay down on the other side. 

Yuan Ye's provocative actions had caused Yuan Ye to break out in a sweat.
He turned his back to Fang Shaoyi, and the smile on his face slowly faded away.
With his eyes wide open, he looked at the tent fabric in front of him. 

Every cell in his body was extremely active, feeling the slightest movement caused by the person next to him in the bedding.
Whenever Fang Shaoyi made a bigger movement, Yuan Ye would get goosebumps. 

After a while, he couldn't stand being trapped in the blanket anymore, so he pulled it open and half of it was thrown onto Fang Shaoyi with a flick of his hand.

They slept like that for a night. 

There was nothing uncomfortable about sleeping together, no other feelings, it was even quite comfortable.
They had slept together for over ten years, lying next to each other was as natural as using a pillow and covering oneself with a blanket.
Separating for over a year was quite long, but compared to the time they had spent together, it was not worth mentioning.

When Yuan Ye opened his eyes in the morning, he was startled to see Fang Shaoyi and took a moment to fully wake up.
Fang Shaoyi was still asleep, facing towards him, sleeping peacefully.

It was still dark outside, and it was cold on the mountain at this time.
Yuan Ye actually needed to pee, but he didn't want to move.
He lay there, looking at the small square of gray sky through the transparent top of the tent. 

He had once written a sentence in a book, and now he suddenly remembered it for some reason. 

Everyone says the sky is gray, but to me, it's always blue.
Later, I said it was gray, and they said it was black. 

They were going to be filming in this place for three days, and after climbing the mountain the day before, today was all about playing in the water.
The scenery on the island was breathtaking, and just admiring it was enough.
It took them half a day to climb up the mountain, but going down was much faster. 

As they descended from the mountain, their backpacks were filled with fruit, which they ate after casually wiping them off their clothes. 

Playing in the water is not tiring, it's just about doing some silly little games at the beach, one per couple is enough.
Yuan Ye found a place to hang his hammock and while others were playing games as part of the show's recording, he lay there reading.
The tree shadows covered him almost completely, and he felt so relaxed that he started to feel a bit drowsy.

The young director said, “Yuan-laoshi, you look so comfortable.”

Yuan Ye glanced at him and said, “Do you want to try?”

The young director quickly waved his hand and said, “No need, no need, you can keep lying down.”

Yuan Ye smiled and closed his eyes again.
“I was just asking, don't take it seriously.
Even if you want to lie down, I can't let you.
This is my royal bed, can anyone just lie on it?”

“You're so funny, Yuan-laoshi,” the young director said, laughing for a long time. 

Yuan Ye said to her, “When you're editing, use colorful fonts to label 'Royal Concubine Yuan' next to my face, actually forget about it, “Wild Concubine” it sounds more wild and suits me better.” 

The young director burst into laughter and asked him, “Are you reading Feng-laoshi's book? I bought it but haven't started reading it yet.” 

Yuan Ye then held up the book in front of the camera and deliberately said, “Ah, then let's give it a close-up.
Everyone, take a look at this new book by Feng Leizi.
The cover is a photo of himself.
Don't bother reading it.” 

He casually flipped through the book in front of the camera and muttered, “I said I didn't want it.
I don't have time to read it.
I can guess what those two strokes of Feng Leizi's writing mean.
He sent it to me relentlessly.
When I looked at it, oh, it was spot on.
It's still his sour clichés.
He said it's the best-selling book online?”

Yuan Ye asked the young director, “Is it really the best-selling book?”

The young director smiled and shook his head, “I really don't know about that.”

“Did it surpass me?” Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows and said to the camera, “Do any of my fans watch this show? Don't buy it, my fans.
Just listen to what Uncle Ye said, this book is not worth reading.”

After he finished speaking, he lay there laughing for a long time and continued to speak ill of Feng Leizi.
The shooting teacher captured it all on film. 

Yuan Ye was actually taking the opportunity to promote his friend through the show.
He had known Feng Leizi for many years, ever since they were in school together.
They were very close and had a strong bond.
They knew that their relationship was good, so Yuan Ye dared to joke around with him.

The groups with girls were taking a break, and the two young boys, Chi Xing and Cheng Xun, were taking turns resting.
Yuan Ye didn't even move from his spot.

Later, the young director asked him, “Yuan-laoshi, aren't you going to show off a little?”

“Show off?” Yuan Ye replied, “No need.
They're just racing in the water, and I'm not going to compete with Fang-laoshi.
He runs 10,000 meters like it's nothing.
Don't forget, I'm a royal concubine.”

After a while, the game on the other side changed again.
The other team switched players, and Chi Xing asked Fang Shaoyi, “Brother, aren't you tired? Let Brother Ye take your place for a while.”

Fang Shaoyi turned his head and looked over at Yuan Ye, shaking his head with a smile.
“No need.
He was running around in the mountains and climbing trees yesterday, so he's already tired.
Let him rest.”

They had been filming for two days now, and Yuan Ye had found their rhythm.
They weren't as quiet as they were at the beginning.
Even when he wasn't playing the games, he knew how to keep the conversation going, giving the camera crew something to film. 

Since they were getting paid to film the show, they might as well do it well.
If there's nothing to film or edit, then the production team's money would be wasted.
It was their last day of filming in this location, and tomorrow they would all go their separate ways. 

They had to do one more interview that night, and each director had a set of questions to ask.
These interviews would be edited into the program.
This was the first episode, and they were supposed to do the interviews before filming, so they had to reschedule. 

Yuan Ye took the lead and finished his interview before Fang Shaoyi.
They found a room, set up a background, and started the interview. 

The young director asked Yuan Ye, “You've always been low-key and rarely appear in the public eye.
You've been quite mysterious since getting married.”  

With a raised eyebrow, Yuan Ye looked at her and said, “Mysterious? Not really.
I've written book after book and attended all the promotions and events.
It shouldn't be that mysterious.” 

The young director replied, “You know I'm talking about matters related to Fang-laoshi, and the entertainment industry.” 

Yuan Ye nodded and said, “Yes, I'm not part of the entertainment industry.
I'm just an ordinary person.” 

The director asked him, “You and Fang-laoshi got married very early on.
What were you thinking at the time? How did you make that decision?” 

Yuan Ye laughed and rubbed his forehead, “I didn't really have any thoughts.
I just did whatever I wanted to do at the time.
If I wanted to get married, I got married.
I didn't think about anything else.” 

The interview was quite simple, with only a few small questions, and Yuan Ye cooperated well with his answers.
As they chatted, he couldn't help but think to himself, “I must be getting old if I can handle this kind of interview.
In the past, who could have questioned me so thoroughly? I would never have cooperated.” 

Yuan Ye hated it when unrelated people asked him endless questions, thinking to himself, “What do you care about what I think? What's it to you? Who do you think you are?” 

Although he still didn't particularly enjoy it, he didn't resist it as much as he used to.
The arrogance that used to make him feel like he ruled the world had faded a bit with age. 

After asking all the necessary questions, the young director added a spontaneous one with a playful wink.
“We all know that you and Fang-laoshi have been in love for many years and have always had a great relationship.
Can I ask you a secret question? Who pursued who first?” 

Yuan Ye didn't refuse this unexpected question.
When reminiscing about the past, a person's eyes would soften, even if it was Yuan Ye.
He hooked the corner of his lips and said frankly, “I pursued him first.
Fang-laoshi has always been an outstanding person, so it's not surprising that anyone would be attracted to him, right?” 

The young director nodded in agreement, “Yes, Fang-laoshi became famous at a young age.” 

Yuan Ye was ready to wrap up, but when she finished this sentence, there was a moment of silence before Yuan Ye lowered his head and looked into the camera, saying, “Whether he is dazzling or not has nothing to do with his fame.
Whether he becomes famous or not, he is still Fang Shaoyi.
Even if he wins an Oscar, he is still Fang Shaoyi.
He has always been excellent, regardless of whether he is a star or what his family background is.”

Yuan Ye was known for his fiery temper and blunt speech, but the production team was prepared this time.
He had been easy to talk to throughout the recording, but this was the first time she showed a hint of personal emotion. 

The young director's words were intentionally provocative, implying that Fang Shaoyi was a second-generation star.
Everyone knew that Fang Shaoyi became famous at a young age because of his father. 

Yuan Ye didn't appreciate their tactics, but even though he knew it was intentional, he couldn't hold back from speaking his mind. 

After he finished his sentence, he asked, “Is that all? Is there nothing else you want to ask?” 

The young director nodded and said, “That's it, we don't need anything else from you, Yuan-laoshi.” 

With a simple “Mm” in response, Yuan Ye stood up, pushed open the door, and left.

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