Chapter 1: My fiancé is brazenly cheating on me

A tall, blue-eyed young man with golden-brown hair is smiling at a young girl. 

The girl has tied up her pale golden hair and hidden it under a gray headband, and is wearing a gray one-piece dress with an apron. 

She is just one of the people hired to work at the Academy, which is only attended by the aristocracy. 

However, the young man is a true aristocrat… and my fiancé.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw them from the high, white hallway of the Academy. 

(How annoying…) 

I grind my teeth inwardly.

It’s annoying enough that I saw my fiancé, Albert, flirting with a servant, but it’s even more annoying that they are in a place where they are likely to be seen by people at the Academy.

Didn’t they consider the possibility that I might see them? Or did they want to show me? 

(No matter how much you don’t like me…)

I know for a fact that Albert doesn’t like my hair color, which can only be described as a dull, slightly gray-brown, and he doesn’t like my personality either because it’s dark. 

I overheard him saying so.

I don’t like the color of my hair.

Many people doubt my birth because I don’t look like my real parents.

I have heard that my father is rumored to have picked me up from somewhere.
Although I was born with a doctor present and it has been proved that I am the real child.

Because my father has not particularly argued with anyone, it seems that his credibility has increased even more.

…My father is so cold to me that I also doubt whether he is my real parent.

Such a father completely ignored my engagement, but decided to do so at the request of the other party.

That person was Albert…

I was about to get a blue vein on my forehead, but I tried not to change my expression.
Because I was not the only one who witnessed this.

Even the young ladies who passed by nearby, and the noble daughters who didn’t think much of the unbecoming behavior of strolling in the garden with one side of the corridor open, stopped and looked.

One of the noble daughters said, as if to be heard by me.

“I can’t believe the Count’s daughter lost her fiancé to a servant from the Academy.”

“I guess she doesn’t have much charm.”

My lips tightened at the taunting.

That’s too vulgar to say.
But I can’t respond to it.
It’ll be a hassle.

“It looks like you don’t have the energy to get angry.”

“If you make a fuss with a ser

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