vant, you’ll be considered quite a fool.
There may be one or two mistresses, but if you protest, it’s like saying you’re narrow-minded.”

“How easy would it be for her house to eliminate a single servant? Do you know how many lords and ladies the Count has brought down?

“Last year it was the Marlborough family.
On the surface it seemed like they went bankrupt on their own…there’s no proof.”

“But the ship conveniently sinks, the cargo is taken by bandits, a fire breaks out…it’s too convenient for the Elvasti family.”

My stomach is starting to hurt.

My house…no, I’m shunned by those around me, mostly because of my father.

―The devil-like Count family.

It is said that getting involved in business or borrowing money will surely lead to disaster.

That’s why no one will stand up for me, no one will say anything bad about me, no one will defend me.
That’s why people laugh at me when I tell them I’m not his biological daughter.

Of course, my father did not protect me.

Even my fiance, Albert, has not helped me.

…The engagement with Albert was only proposed because his family needed money and my father wanted to create a business relationship with him.

Furthermore, my father does not say anything even if I am not on good terms with him, so he probably thinks it doesn’t matter if he just ignores it.

(I don’t blame you for watching this.)

I can’t end the engagement without my father’s nod.
It just makes me frustrated.

There is nothing interesting in watching a partner’s rendezvous.

I tried to leave this place quickly.

But when I took a few steps, flowers were thrown in front of me.
When I was distracted by the flowers, I tripped on something and fell on the spot.

Suddenly, there was a burst of laughter from around me.

“The Count’s daughter is so embarrassing…”

“That’s why she gets cheated on?”

After the voices of the men, I hear a woman’s mocking voice.

“Isn’t that why Albert-sama gave up on you so early?”

I turn around and see the young lady with platinum blond hair standing next to me as I get up and put my hands together. 

Elena Augren, the Duke’s daughter.

I remember that after our engagement was decided, she gave me a very cold look when we greeted each other.
I realize now that she must have had feelings for Albert for some time.

(If that’s the case, then your family should have supported Albert’s family.)

I stand up again, grumbling to myself, and decide to leave this place again.

After I get to a place where no one is, I run as far away as I can from this disgusting place.

I’ll go home from the Academy right now.

I borrow a carriage from the Academy and set off on my journey home.

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