Chapter 19: The unexpected suddenly comes

I didn’t have a nightmare.

Come to think of it, I slept without eating sweets for the first time in a while.

But I feel like there is a sweet taste in my mouth.

As I savor the sweet sensation that makes me feel happy in my mouth, I open my eyes.

Then Katie, who seemed to have been waiting nearby, her eyes wide and ran over to me.

“My Lady! My Lady, are you okay?!”


What happened while I was asleep?

In front of me, who doesn’t understand, Katie appeals with tears in her eyes.

“My Lady has not awakened all day yesterday! Even when I asked to call a doctor to the mansion, no one came and My Lady did not respond to any calls at all! I was wondering what to do… but it’s good that you’re okay.
How are you feeling? Is your throat dry?”

Listening to Katie’s words as she begins to care for me worriedly, I nod while being startled.

Uh… why was I still asleep for a day?

“That can’t be true, right?”

“I never lie to My Lady.”

“That’s true… Katie wouldn’t lie.”

She’s not the kind of person who would joke around.

Anyway, it’s certain that my throat is thirsty, so I drink the water that Katie gave me.

After taking a sip, I realized that my throat was abnormally thirsty.
After asking for another cup, I finished the second cup and was interrupted by Katie.

“So, My Lady has been unconscious for a whole day.
I was waiting here for the doctor who lives nearby to come and see her, but…”

“Did something happen?”

“Before that, someone came to visit.”

Katie’s speech changes slightly.

It’s as if a noble had come to visit.

But my father or uncle wouldn’t need to hide their names.

“Who is it?”

“It’s … Sir Knight.”

“Sir Knight?”

I don’t have any acquaintances who would visit me as a knight … no, wait.
I do have one acquaintance.

“Surely not Asher-sama?”

As I say the name, Katie’s expression immediately relaxes.
It seems that she was relieved to confirm that he is indeed an acquaintance of mine.

“Yes, that’s him…he just happened to see My Lady moving here.”

“So, what brings Asher-sama… or is he still here?”

He brought a sweet to wake My Lady up.
He wants to know if it’s effective, so he’s waiting in the reception room.”

“A dessert to wake me up?”

“He had a flower dessert made with sacred flowers.”

“A flower dessert…”

Oh, that’s why my mouth felt sweet when I woke up.

So it was the flower dessert that woke me up?

But why did Asher-sama come to visit this house in the first place…

(I didn’t even tell them where I was.)

It was strange, but it was a good thing I had thought to contact them.
And since he came all the way out here to see me, maybe they’ve figured out what the problem is with the flower confections.

(Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought the flower dessert or come looking for me after I moved.)

Anyway, let’s meet.

I asked Katie for help and quickly got dressed.

But it seems I really slept all day, because my body feels heavier than usual.
I can even feel my movements slow down.

“Are you really okay?”

Katie asks me, but I need to listen to Asher-sama’s story now that I’m awake.

“I’m fine.
Let’s go.”

When I enter the reception room, Asher stands up to greet me.

“I’m sorry for the disturbance.
How are you feeling, Lady Count Elvasti?”

At that greeting, I remember that I forgot to ask Asher-sama to call me by my name.

“Thanks to you, I was able to wake up.
Thank you.
And please call me Linea.”

“Oh, I see.

Asher nods and sits down again at my suggestion, and I sit on the sofa across from him.

Katie immediately prepares tea for the two of us and stays in the room.

“I’m sorry, Katie.
Could you leave us alone for a while?”

I don’t want Katie to hear the rest of the story yet.
But Katie seems puzzled.

“Well, it’s not appropriate for My Lady to be alone with a man in a place other than the Academy…”

“It’s okay.
In any case, there is no possibility that I will get married, so don’t worry about it.”

Katie still seems puzzled by my response, but eventually she obeys.

Then I turn to Asher-sama.

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