ng taste.

“What about the other servants?”

I asked Katie because I was curious about the people I couldn’t see.
Then Katie’s expression became gloomy.

“The three servants who usually come haven’t come today either…so, that’s it.”

“Is the unpacking of the luggage finished? Is the problem the cleaning?”


Probably the laundry is also not enough by hand.

And if the three servants are not coming, it means that the house butler has decided that Katie alone should work in this house, or they’re too stingy with their wages…

“Anyway, please go and deliver a letter to the main house.”

First, we need to inform them of the situation and confirm what they plan to do, or we will just have to wait.

I said more to Katie, who nodded.

“I can’t do the laundry because it’s rough on my hands, but I think I can use a broom.
Please teach me later.”

“Oh, My Lady, I can’t let you do that!”

Katie stands up in surprise.

But I think.

If my father is going to leave me cursed like this and even refuses to pay the salary to the servants…

——It’s better not to get involved in my father’s plans or actions and it’s easier to escape before problems arise.

Eventually, Katie alone will not be able to maintain the house.
Even I, who only saw the work of the servants, knew that.

And there is one more purpose.

If I need to flee as a commoner, I need to be able to live like a commoner so that I don’t have to struggle later.

That’s why I want to acquire the skills to live as a commoner as soon as possible.

“Won’t the shortage of hands be resolved soon? In the meantime, I can’t just leave everything as it is.
That’s why I don’t mind cleaning until the servant comes, and I can boast that Katie did everything.”

When I pressed her, Katie made a troubled expression.

Eventually, she nodded, so after dinner, I was taught how to clean with a broom.

And Katie left the house early.

It seems that leaving me alone in the house without anyone else is uneasy, but I can’t fail to contact the mansion.

So when I smiled and said “It’s okay,” and pushed her back, she walked quickly on the road.

“No problem.
Because there is the Block Skill… No one can enter within 50 steps of me.”

I muttered and activated the skill, and began cleaning as Katie taught me.

After sweeping the small entrance hall from one end and cleaning the corridor, I heard a scream from outside.


It was Katie’s voice.

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