ugh woman who can knock people out with a single punch.

“My Lady…um…”

Katie seems to have calmed down, but her body is still trembling.

“It’s okay.
First, let’s rest inside the house.
If we lock the door, no one can come in.”

Even if a servant comes, as long as I hear their voice and invite them in after calling out to them, we’ll be fine.

Tomorrow, a servant will be sent from the main house, or another servant will come, and the number of people will increase.

After that, let’s ask someone familiar with this area to send guards to the house again.

(It’s still frustrating that I have to ask my father…)

I want to get away from that house as soon as possible.

Thanks to changing my place of residence like this, it seems like the contents of the nightmare have changed.

If I take more action, I may be able to see a new future.

“First, let’s have dreams tonight and tomorrow.”

Katie, who heard my mutterings, cocks her head.

“Did something happen?”

“No, don’t worry about it.
So, was the letter sent?”

I found a stationery shop, so I sent it there.”

In the capital, it is common to ask a store or someone to send a letter.
The postal worker who comes to the store collects the letters and delivers them to a stationery shop or the house of a noble in the neighborhood of the recipient.

If it is in the capital, it should arrive today or tomorrow.

After talking and calming down, Katie asks, “By the way… My Lady.”

“About earlier…”

I hesitated to answer.

In fact, it is impossible to say that I am good at fighting with people.

It is also not true that the opponent was so weak and afraid of my intimidation.

I have struck the opponent too firmly.

And by hesitating, Katie seems to have guessed.

“Is it possible that My Lady has a skill?”


If I admit it, it will be decisive.

However, no matter how much I denies it, Katie will continue to suspect if she witnessed it.

I just found out recently.
But don’t tell anyone.”

“Why is that? If it’s known that you have a skill, everyone will treat you with respect.
You shouldn’t have to clean up for yourself like this.”

Katie widened her eyes and argued.

I would have done the same if it weren’t for that nightmare.

But just having a skill is not enough.
You might be thrown onto the same path towards the future and end up being the mastermind behind a rebellion if you make a mistake.

Maybe you were given a position in a neighboring country because you have a skill.

Or maybe you used your skill to eliminate people you think are in the way.

…It seems visible.

But even if I explain this to Katie, she won’t understand.

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