Chapter 28: My Lady’s first solo outing 1

First of all, I watched the movements of the live-in servants.

To secretly find a chance to go out.

After three days, I pretended to walk around the inside of the gate in the evening saying “I want to freshen up.”

And the next day, I pretended to be sick from the morning.

Tried to sneeze a little.

Tried saying “I’m fine.”

I pretended to be sick beforehand and stayed in my room during the day.

“Sorry Katie.
I’ll sleep a little from noon.
I feel a little sick.”

“Is it okay if I don’t call a doctor?”

Katie worries and says, but sorry, it’s troublesome to be called.

“Let’s think about it after sleeping.
I don’t feel like I have a fever, so I think it’ll be okay if I rest.”

Please call if you need anything.”

Katie changed the water that is always prepared in the room and left the room.

It’s time to execute the plan.

First of all, change into the outfit that I had previously hidden in the room.

Then check the time.

“——One and a half hours… okay.”

If they know that I won’t leave the room, the servants will be having a meal next to the kitchen during this time.

This is the time when they are most distracted and it is difficult to hear sounds with the voices of conversation.

I peeked once, but went unnoticed.

I gently opened the door to the room and confirmed that Katie was not there.

Then I slowly descend to the first floor.

Stepping on tiptoe…

Sometimes the wooden stairs make a loud… sound.
Carefully, I arrive on the first floor without making any more noise.

The entrance door has also been oiled because it was loud the other day, so it did not make any noise when opened.

I went outside.

I have some coins in my pocket just in case, and also a letter I wrote.

(First, I’ll go to Lars-sama’s mansion and deliver the letter.
When they see the letter, they will understand that I am a servant waiting for a reply.)

Then I should be able to meet Lars-sama.

As for the current situation, he should have heard a little explanation from Asher-sama before.
They will be surprised to see me moving around like this.

If you are told [It’s unbelievable that a noble lady would do such a thing], I’ll think of something else.

“For the sake of a life that is not imprisoned, yes.”

First, I must go out to the main street in the capital.

The place where there are many noble mansions is the place where you go straight to the palace on the main street.
If you ask around the Duke Svald’s house, you will know where it is.

I walk quickly.
I need to leave this area soon because the security seems bad.

“I can’t keep using my skills over and over again.”

I don’t want my skills to be exposed.

As I walk very tensely, I feel that someone is following me from behind.

When I look back, there is one man who looks similar to the one who attacked Katie before…two people.

(Is it okay to use skills with these people?)

If it’s just a thief, they might not try to attack me if they know I have skills.

That’s what I thought about everyone in that separate mansion.

They must know it’s a noble house, so they might misunderstand that there is a skilled person hired there.

“Don’t come within ten steps of me.”

While muttering softly, I set the range of my skills.
This way, they can’t grab onto me either.

So let’s walk calmly.
It’s been a while since I’ve walked a long distance, it would be a hassle if I fall.

As I slow down my walking speed,

“Hey, young lady, give me some money… What?”

A low, subdued voice rises up as if it was flipped over.

I take a quick look, the person who wasn’t supposed to be approaching me is staring blankly, unable to reach out any further.

Leaving that person behind, I continue on.

“Hey, what are you doing, you idiot! Wait there, servant!”

There is a person blocking my way.

The man is more than twice as wide as me, with arms as thick as my waist.
I’m actually more curious about him.

Why is he doing pickpocketing when he looks like he could work in physical labor?

(I wonder if it was more profitable this way.
Or is he in debt? I remember hearing something like that from the servants’ chatter.)

Incidentally, in the servants’ chatter at the main house, I heard about an acquaintance of a man who became a pickpocket and was caught and thrown into prison.
The reason was apparently to quickly earn a large amount of money to pay off his debt.

(Life in prison is not a good thing…)

It was enough for me to see it as a nightmare, and I don’t want to have such miserable experiences, so I am working hard like this.

I think this man should work properly…

While thinking such things, I continue to walk.

“Huh? What the hell?”

A man who can only walk behind me at a certain distance from me without obstructing my progress looks at me with round eyes.

A magician?

“I haven’t heard of hiring a magician at that mansion!”

“But there is no way she can do such a thing unless she is!”

Even the other ruffians come out and surround me, but the men cannot stop my steps and only walk sideways behind me.

I tilted my head at the content of their confused conversation.

These men seem to know a lot about my house, but what does this mean?

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