Chapter 2: It’s a lot better at home

… Honestly, my home is not a place where I can relax from the bottom of my heart.

The brick house has a narrow garden that is just enough, and it is a typical noble’s house in the capital, although it gives a dark impression due to the abandoned vines.

However, inside, it feels quiet and gloomy.

Because my father hates being lively, the servants always work as if they are holding their breath.

That father does not worry about me as soon as I return from the Academy.

To my surprise, although I am definitely the daughter of Count Elvasti, I have never felt any parental affection from him.

Because my father was so cold, I once almost believed the rumor that I was a “foundling with no blood connection”.

My mother’s uncle, Oji-sama, tells me that I look exactly like my mother and my eyes are the same green as my father, so I now recognize it as a lie.

“Maybe because of indifference to my mother… I wonder if that’s the reason.”

The only thing I can think of is a bad relationship with my mother, who died when I was very young.

Still, it’s much more relaxing than being in Academy, where everyone around you is an enemy.

When I enter my room, the servants who were cleaning rush out in a hurry.

They should have finished before I came back, but they must have been surprised when I came back early.

Ignoring that, other servants who had come ahead of me help me change clothes.

Feeling relieved in a loose room wear, a housekeeper and a middle-aged butler come.

“It’s a birthday present from Joachim-sama.”

“From Oji-sama… Thank you.”

I receive a silver box the size of both palms, offered by the butler.

Joachim-sama is my mother’s uncle.
He’s a valuable person who cares about me, who has become a keepsake of my mother’s memory.

On the other hand, I think the present for tomorrow’s birthday is the only one.
My father will probably be the same as usual.
As I look at the butler with this in mind, the butler looks away.

“The master has decided not to have a party tomorrow.”

“I understand.”

As I nod, the housekeeper leaves the room with the butler in a hurry.

My father is cold to me, but the housekeeper, who has the role of conveying this, seems to feel embarrassed towards me.

After making arrangements for drinks, I also had the servants leave the room.

In the room where everyone has left, I sigh lightly.

“I never expected to be celebrated on my birthday.
It’s more awkward when you look at me like that.”

Surely, the housekeeper and the butler are kind parents to their own children.

I have already given up on the fact that my father is not like that.
Therefore, it is a relief when they behave as if it is natural.

…I do not like to be reminded that I was not born into a happy family even from such an attitude.

Taking a deep breath again, I gently open the silver box.


Inside, there were hard, dahlia-shaped flowers.
The five petals of the flower had a color that was almost indigo, and the center was black, as if shadowed.
However, this gave the flower a beauty like the night sky and a texture like a gemstone.

But this is not a flower.

“Sacred flower confections…”

These are sweets made with something called sacred flowers.
From their shine, it seems that they were mixed with candy and sacred flowers.

The mysterious plant called the sacred flower, when mixed with ingredients for sweets, tries to return to a form similar to the original flower.

The sacred flower is not an ordinary plant.

Some grow deep in the mountains and valleys, and some only appear during a full moon.
They cannot be planted and grown, and it is unknown where they will grow.

Furthermore, because they serve as a medium for magic, high-quality ones are usually collected by the magician guild or bought by the temple.

Only those that are damaged or broken are sold as expensive ingredients for sweets, especially ones that the aristocracy likes and competes to buy.

Apparently, it is more common to give children sacred flower sweets to eat in order to bring out their magical talent, as sometimes children who eat them show magical ability.

However, all the sacred flowers I have seen so far have been bright colors such as red, yellow, and white, so I was even more surprised.

“I’m sure it’s because it’s an unpopular flower color that it was turned into a snack.”

But it’s beautiful.

I love this expensive sweet.
The melting sweetness and the feeling that remains afterwards is very comfortable.

“Tomorrow, let’s secretly eat this flower and celebrate alone.
But first, let’s taste just one…”

I picked off one of the petals and put it in my mouth…and then I fell asleep as if I lost consciousness.

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