Chapter 29: My Lady’s first solo outing 2

In addition, I scowled while listening to the conversations of the ruffians.

“Is this guy really not hearing our conversation?”

“She’s just ignoring us.”

“The young lady is said to be cursed to not be able to hear people’s voices…”

“What if it was a contagious curse?”

With a disgusted look, the ruffians took a little distance from me.

(Is someone from the house leaking information to these people?)

I think it is natural to think that way.

But I don’t know the reason.

(What is the reason for someone to turn to the ruffians? Did they just target me because it seemed easy to steal?)

That could also be the case, but it is not necessarily the case that such kinds of people have a hand with the nobility.

(…I can’t think about it.
There is also the possibility that there is a person who leaks information to our mansion by chance, and that person is in the same group as these ruffians.)

In any case, I must get away from these men.

I finally arrived at the main street and went straight ahead.


The ruffians were flustered.

The pattern of men chasing after a “servant” is obviously abnormal, so they can’t do the same thing in a crowded place.

I blend into the crowds of people walking on the edge, avoiding carriages, and the ruffians have gone far away.

“Are they still following me?”

But it seems they can’t give up on taking something from me.

Even while maintaining a distance that is not unnatural, they continue to chase me.

I was confused as I walked while blocking others with my body to the extent of my hand length so as not to stand out.

“I wonder how long they’ll follow me…”

Could it be that their goal isn’t just to take things?

After all, they don’t know that I live in that mansion… They were calling me a servant.

(But even though they seem to misunderstand that the curse is contagious, they’re still following me… I wonder what their purpose is)

In any case, I continued to walk down the main street and scattered them.

It’s nothing.

(I’ll keep that man and that man and that big man who are following me at least 30 steps away from me)


As soon as I set the range of the block, a scream rose from behind.

Perhaps they were too close and bounced off.

I immediately started running and expanded the range of the block while doing so.

(Keep them at least 100 steps away from me)

I switched to walking again because I was tired, and further expanded the block.

(Don’t come within 200 steps of me)

Now, if I turn a corner a few times, I will not be found.

Moreover, I found something very good.

“Is that a rental carriage? Will it take me to Shirayuri Street?”

I found a carriage for rent and an old man who seemed to be taking a break, puffing smoke from a pipe.

When the old man saw the coin I offered, he widened his eyes and showed a full smile.

“Of course, of course! Come on, come on and ride.
Where do you want to go to Shirayuri Street? Are you running an errand for your noble lady?”

The old man opened the door of the carriage, so I rushed in there.

The carriage is a two-seater with no walls in front and you can see the driver’s seat.

“Yes, please take me to the Duke Svald house.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The old man cheerfully said and gave instructions to the horse with a whip from the driver’s seat.

(That’s good.
My feet were getting tired)

I didn’t think that walking was particularly inconvenient because the Academy, which was remodeled into a palace, and the main house are large.
But I think my physical strength has dropped because I have been confined in a small house in another house for a while.

I turn around and look behind me, but I don’t see any humans chasing me.

“That’s good.”

I’ll be fine as long as I can ride in the carriage to the Duke’s house.

I enjoyed the time in the carriage.

However, as we were about to enter the Lily Street from the main street leading to the royal palace, another carriage started to follow us from behind.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it was just a noble’s carriage, but it keeps following us no matter how many corners we turn.

(I wonder if it’s one of their companions…)

If the person with the black-painted carriage is a member of that group of ruffians, it will be troublesome.

Still, at first I thought I could just go to the Duke’s house with that carriage in tow.

Suddenly, another carriage appeared in front of us.

And it stopped in a position that seemed to block our carriage.


The carriage behind us slowed down and stopped, and several people got out of it and drew their swords.

It looks like they are trying to trap us.

“What should we do?”

In any case, I can’t protect myself, so I need to escape.
For that reason, it would be better if I were to leave.

“This is far enough.”

Saying that, I left the old man who was panicking and ran back.


Although voices chase me, the rear of the carriage should be covered by the curtain, so it should not be visible from this side.

Taking advantage of that, I use my skill to make it impossible for anyone to approach within five steps, and head towards the group that drew their swords.

The men who did not expect me to approach them stopped unconsciously.

If I pass through them, they will naturally be pushed away as soon as I approach.



The surprised men have their eyes wide open.
But they began to chase me in a panic.

Now, they won’t be able to head towards that oldman’s carriage.

The problem is… the person in the carriage who was blocking the way might have learned my destination from the old man.

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