Chapter 32: Arrive at Duke Svald’s house

Count Herkuvis approaches unsteadily and says to Lars-sama.

“That servant is not yours…”

But I don’t know what he wants to say because he is confused and tried to attack me by treating me as a servant earlier.

Leaving Count Herkuvis aside, Lars-sama turns his gaze to me who has come to his side.

“You are a servant, right?”

I nodded to the confirmatory words.

It is better to pass as a servant in this situation.
It is not good for me to walk alone in a strange outfit as Count’s daughter, or to have strange abilities.

Lars-sama seemed to have guessed my intention without particularly asking for an explanation.

“This servant has been entrusted to me, Count Herkuvis.
I will take responsibility for this person’s identity.
So, what happened? Chasing a single woman with a large group…”

Lars-sama’s gaze is directed at the ruffians who were knocked down by his followers earlier.

“It’s strange that Count would use such rogues like this.
I would like an explanation about this.
They also used words that insulted me.”


Count Herkuvis retreats at Lars-sama’s words.

“Those people have nothing to do with me! I was just trying to help that servant…”

“Well, then there will be no problem if I take care of her.
How about you go home and relax?”

Reluctantly, it seems that Count Herkuvis had no choice but to obey, despite looking embarrassed, when he was told “Get out of the way” by Lars-sama, who holds the right of succession to the throne as the Duke.

“I will excuse myself…”

Count Herkuvis bows with a bitter expression and leaves.

The ruffians, who were only watching him leave vaguely, panicked and retreated.

“Hey, what about our reward?”

“Who knows? We have to ask while we can!”

They made a fuss while leaving.

(…Is that really okay?)

I became fully aware that I was surrounded by Count Herkuvis’s orders, but…

“Noin, Marc.”

When Lars-sama calls their names, the two who had been keeping watch by Lars-sama’s side move and catch one of the ruffians, stunning him dramatically.


The other ruffians, fearing this, quickly fled and disappeared from the scene in a flash.

Leaving your friends behind may be cold, but it may be the right judgment for crisis management.

“Have one of you take that man and force him to confess.
It would be best to get a written confession from him while he is in the custody of the police.”


One of the servants quickly takes action.

In fact, it is a little difficult to tell which of these two servants is which.
They have similar reddish-brown hair and almost the same hairstyle.
Their faces are also identical, so they must be twins.

“Well then, please come to my mansion first, Miss Linea.”

Lars-sama approached me, closing the slight distance between us and shaking my hand.

I was a little startled, probably because the sight of him using servants was a little frightening… I think.

It’s strange, isn’t it? Even though it is common for nobles.

“Then, please get on the carriage, Miss Linea.
I would be delighted if you could rest at my house and hear the details.”

I took the hand offered to me and got on Lars-sama’s carriage.

It takes just a little time to arrive at the Duke’s house.

Besides, I had already come quite close.
If it weren’t for Count Herkuvis, I would have already arrived on foot.

Still, after all the walking and running, I was grateful for the time to rest in the carriage.

The Duke’s mansion we arrived at was so large that I thought so even more.

If I had walked, it would have taken quite some time.

While riding in the carriage, Lars-sama didn’t talk to me much out of consideration.
He only asked one thing.

“Miss Linea, do you need to change clothes?”

“No, it’s fine.”

After the discussion later, I have to return to that villa at least once.
I’ll need my servant’s clothes to sneak back.

Lars-sama may also be concerned about talking to a servant, but please bear with me a little.

When I got off the carriage, the servants waiting at the entrance were wide-eyed.

They never expected that the master would bring a servant in his own carriage.

But when Lars-sama got off first and escorted me, their expressions returned to calm, as if they sensed that there was some reason for it.

Lars-sama explained to the approaching butler.

“I have invited a lady who has disguised herself as a servant for some reason.
I ask for your polite treatment.
Also, please take care of the man Noin and Marc are bringing with them.”

He also gave instructions about the ruffian who had been caught by the servant and invited me with a smile.

“Welcome to my home, Miss Linea.”

“Thank you for your invitation.”

I greeted him again and entered the building with Lars-sama.


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