d sipping tea, I mutter to myself,

“Why do I sleep so much…?”

Then I remembered what I thought about in my dream.

“Is it the effect of the Block Skill?”

Certainly, it could be consistent.

It’s true that I was already tired of life, and I was feeling overwhelmed thinking I might go to prison.

But even before that, there wasn’t necessarily a bright future in sight.
Yet I never had trouble waking up from deep sleep.

Since this change occurred after I acquired the skill, it could possibly be the effect of the skill.

And when I remembered Katie’s words that woke me up, I thought it might be because my mind was more tired than I realized.

“Let’s take it easy today.”

I thanked Lars-sama, who came to check on me, and reassured him with a bright attitude before having Katie bring me a book.

The book was more interesting than I imagined.

At first, Adelle wasn’t even a heroine.

But she had a hidden skill.
That was… the ability to understand the hearts of monsters.

If she had not encountered monsters, it would have been a skill that she would have never noticed.

The continent’s emperor created monsters to invade other countries, and they also came to the border village where Adelle lived.

People tried to defeat the monsters, but it was difficult and many people were injured.
Adelle listened to the monsters’ sorrowful hearts and pierced them as they wished.

In front of Adelle, the monsters behaved quietly and waited for their time.

Adelle saved the village, but more importantly, she was seen as a companion to the monsters and was driven out of the village.

But Adelle decided to set out on a journey with the goal of freeing the monsters, even if it meant facing adversity.

People are gradually drawn to Adelle, who sticks to her convictions even in adversity.
And as she helps free the monsters, she also helps defeat the emperor…

I read the book in two days.

Actually, I could have read it in one day, but Katie worried that I would take proper breaks, and I was watched over by Lars-sama and Asher-sama for three meals, and finally I was told that staying up late was absolutely not allowed.

After finishing reading, I felt very comfortable and was able to have hope for the future.

“I have started to think that if I try my best, I might be rewarded someday.”

Because I am not alone either.

I can believe that I can see light in the future like the heroine Adelle.


“Now I know why I never read these books before.”

Before, I didn’t feel like I could have allies because everyone around me seemed like an enemy.

Furthermore, I must have been more depressed by the difference between myself and heroine Adelle.

Because Adelle had a kind mother and friends.

Even though she was expelled from the village, she lived a life protected by such kindness.

But I didn’t have that.
Oji-sama is the only one who is kind to me.

And Oji-sama also has a family and it didn’t seem like he could take me in, and if I relied on him, I thought he would run away.

Because even though he knew the situation, Oji-sama never said the words “I will take you in.”

Several days after becoming more positive in this way, the Assistant High Priest Calva, came.

“The adoption procedures have been completed.
From tomorrow, you will be my brother’s adoptive daughter and my niece, and you will return to school the day after tomorrow… Can you do it?”

It’s probably his kindness that he asked me.

Now that I have slept and my mind has recovered, and my mood has cleared up after reading a book, I can see this person’s sincerity, I think.

In any case, from the day after tomorrow, I will not be Lady Count Elvasti’s daughter, but will go to school as Lady Count Radin’s daughter.

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