Chapter 45: New people to get involved with

As I approach as invited, Lars introduces the three people there to me.

“This is Kvasir, and this is Einar.
They are in the same grade as me.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Linea Radin.”

After greeting the two men who were introduced first, there was a stir around me.

“Radin? Is it really true that you became a foster child?”

“There’s no way the Count’s house would adopt someone.
The younger brother is the Assistant High Priest, right?”

I chuckle inside at the voices of those who I didn’t block it out in the slightest.

It seems that the fact that I became a foster child properly spread around.

This is the first step.

I remember what Lars-sama told me.

The incident when I asked why I had to return to the Academy.

“Even if you could accuse your father, even if you didn’t bear the guilt in the current situation, you will be seen as a villainess by those around you.
There is a high possibility of that.”

Because, Lars-sama continued.

“Once people feel that something is bad, it is difficult for them to change their evaluation.”

Being conservative is a measure to ensure safety.

Since I have come here without any problems so far, it is easy to make a judgment that I will continue to do so.
For example… continuing to be on guard against me as a villainess.

“Even if you accuse your father, there will be people who think that you were also involved in the invasion.
And if your accusation does not come in time by any chance, even if you are confined to the temple, you may be subjected to some harm, or the royal family may negotiate with the temple to present you as a criminal.”

“The royal family?”

Would they put that much pressure on the temple?

After all, the temple is a power of heaven.

Each nation has used its power as an umbrella to build itself up, and has been strengthened by successive generations.

Would it not be inconvenient to put pressure on the temple and have the king’s gate broken, or have various events shown in a bad light by the temple side?

“If there is someone who fabricates evidence to the point that you are involved in the suspicion of other nobles, the royal family will do so.
And even in the temple, if they think it is advantageous to not stand against the nobles who perform charity, they will give you up.”

“To the point of fabrication…”

“Someone who holds a grudge against Count Elvasti.
Someone who runs into excessive action from a sense of justice.
Such a person might do it.
I cannot predict everything because I do not know how they will actually act.”

I understand what Lars-sama is saying.

“In other words, I am an existence that is planted in people’s consciousness as a villainess.
That’s why I have to create the impression that I am a person separated from the Elvasti family, and even if I can’t get allies… I have to change the impression at least?”

To avoid being trapped in a lie.

To not become the target of humans who swing their sense of justice.

Lars-sama smiles satisfied with my answer.

“I’m glad you understand.
I’m going to speak to a few people at the Academy so that they can get involved with you.
First, I’ll let them know that you became the young lady of the Count Radin family, and then show that you can interact with people normally.”

Lars-sama leaned forward and continued.

“It may be tough at first.
But if you know that you are not alone, and that there are allies like me and others, the perception of those who just hated you should change.
It’s a way to not forcibly make you into the situation of your dreams.
Will you accept it?”

I nodded.

Because I understood that Lars-sama was doing this to avoid my biggest fear.

Certainly, I don’t want to go to the Academy.

Even if I can’t hear the voices, the hostile glances still pierce through me.

But it’s so that I can live freely and not end up in prison in the future.

“I’ll do my best.”

I decided to implement Lars-sama’s plan.

Even though it’s now known that I became a foster child, there are still many who doubt my connection to the Elvasti family.

So I want to impress that I am a safe person by interacting with the people Lars-sama introduced me to.

…I wonder if it’s okay?

Since the past is the past, I still have nests of anxiety in my heart.

“She is in the same year as you.
Her name is Brenda.”

The girl who bowed was the one with golden tea-colored hair styled into a chignon and hair ornaments.

I know her.

She is the cousin of the Duke Svald family and the young lady of the Count Orian family.

Since it is well known that there are only a few young ladies of the same age as nobles in each class, she is someone who studies in the same classroom as me.

She is a person who has had no particular contact with me (because she probably didn’t want to) and has not bullied me, but on the other hand, she has not extended a hand to me (because she probably didn’t want to).

I’m more worried about whether she has a good impression of me or not.

I’m here because I decided to follow Duke Lars, but…

“Even though we are in the same class, we haven’t really talked much, Linea-sama.
My name is Brenda.”

In any case, she showed a friendly smile.

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