Chapter 51: Welcome back

When the problem with Count Elvasti is settled…

Originally, I became a foster child so that I would not be a burden to Lars-sama, and also to thwart Count Elvasti’s plot to overthrow the country.

That’s what I should have explained to Count and Countess Radin.

But after that?

Lars-sama and Calva-sama are said to keep their promises and not abandon me.
So if I wish, I could continue to live as a noble lady.

But there is no one with such thick nerves as to propose to the daughter of a person who tried to guide an invasion, no matter how much she became a foster child of another family.

It may be difficult to keep me as a noble lady if I cannot fulfill my role as a noble lady.

Count Radin will probably feel sympathy and allow me to stay in his house.

But what will happen when the next generation comes along?

If my new sisters, those adorable siblings, have to take care of the burden of their adopted older sister forever, it may obstruct their marriage prospects and their future husbands.

That’s what I’m worried about.

The most realistic option is for me to enter the temple.

(That’s why I became a foster child under someone’s care in the first place, even though I didn’t want to…)

So, the second best is to arrange my marriage to a branch of the Count Radin family, while maintaining my position as a noble’s outcast… I can only go off the stage.

In that case, there is no problem with helping Lars-sama develop confections, and the impression is that there are only two sisters in the Count Radin family.

I wanted to know how far Count Radin thinks about such things.

“I think you have heard from Lars-sama and Calva-sama about the reason why I was taken as a foster daughter this time.
To make sure that my testimony is not doubted, I am planning to put my position far away from the Count Elvasti family and increase my allies before… I’m sure you’ve heard this from the other side.”

Count Radin nods in explanation for confirmation.

“After the indictment is over safely… Honestly, everyone knows that I am the daughter of rebels, so I am worried that my being in the Count Radin family may affect the marriages of these girls who will become my sisters by marriage.”

Calva-sama said as I explained my thoughts.

“If you have your skills, you should be able to offset some things to a certain extent.
It would be better to announce it after the accusation is over.”

Count Radin said, adjusting the position of his monocle with his fingertips.

After the accusation is over, if you impress that you exposed your father’s misconduct, and also reveal that you have skills, your impression should improve considerably.”

“But isn’t it difficult to find a marriage partner? And if I announce my skills, it seems to be even more difficult.”

If you don’t have skills, you may be convinced that even if you marry into a lower-ranked family and expose the accusation, you will be unpopular because of the bad rumors.

But if you have skills, it is …difficult to marry into a lower-ranked family.

For some reason, Count Radin and Calva-sama averted their eyes.

Countess Radin laughed with a “huhuhu”.

(…? Did I say something strange?)

“We’ll think about it according to the situation when it changes later.
Don’t worry.
As my daughter, I’ll be responsible for your future.”

“Thank you very much.”

Linea nodded and bowed.

(I wonder if it means that they haven’t decided what to do yet…)

It may be that it can’t be said unless the situation is settled.

“By the way, you know.”

Countess Radin turns her sparkling eyes towards Linea, who nods in understanding.

“What are your skills like? I was really looking forward to maybe seeing it!”


Count Radin looks at his wife with a shocked expression.
But the countess continues to insist, holding her hands together tightly.

“I’ve been so looking forward to this day! I’ve seen some magic before, but skills aren’t something you see very often!”

What the countess says is also true.

“Well, just a little bit…”

Although we are meeting for the first time and I don’t particularly think I’m disliked, I want to make a better impression.

That’s what I think as I concentrate.

[The cookie cannot be touched by this fingertip]

“Please watch.
The cookie cannot be touched.”

Saying that, I extend my fingertip towards the plate of cookies that were brought along with the tea.



As my finger approaches, the cookie escapes.


I tried to chase after it, but it kept running away and even pushed the cookie I had bumped into.

As I approached with four fingers.


Many cookies moved towards one side of the plate, even though no one was touching them.

“Amazing, amazing!”

Countess stood up excitedly, while Count Radin narrowed his eyes as he adjusted the position of his monocle.

“This is definitely a skill…”

Calva-sama, who was seeing my skill for the first time, also nodded as if impressed, saying, “Hmph.”

In any case, I was able to finish my first meeting with my foster parents like this.

I was sent back home by Calva-sama as is.

When I arrived at the Duke Svald house, Lars-sama was there to greet me at the entrance.

“Welcome back, Linea.”

As soon as he said that, I strangely felt a weight lifted from my shoulders.

I was definitely nervous about meeting my foster parents for the first time… but could it be that I already consider this place home?

I try not to appear rude and bow.

“I have just returned, Lars-sama.”

“How was it? It must have been quite enjoyable?”

“Yes, they were very kind.”

Lars-sama smiles satisfactorily at my answer.

“Then, shall we have dinner early?”

When I am told this, I realize that it is indeed dinnertime.

I quickly changed out of my outdoor clothes and joined Lars-sama and Asher-sama at the dining table.


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