Chapter 53: The cause of the deja vu feeling is…

The silver hair cut shoulder-length.

Honestly, he is slightly smaller than Lars-sama and has a noble atmosphere that makes you want to say “Are you kidding?” even if he is called a magician.

I have heard of magicians who mainly act independently and move to the mountains to search for sacred flowers, so I cannot imagine him walking on mountain roads.
Actually, among the magicians I have seen, there are more physically fit or sunburnt people.

(Well, maybe he rides a horse? But even traveling by horse…)

He seems to get tired and collapse soon.

Yes, rather than being called a magician, it is more convincing to be called a confectionery craftsman.

Kvasir-sama, who seems delicate, seems to have immediately read from my expression that I was surprised.

“Ah, were you surprised? Yeah, yeah.
Even Lars-sama told me that he couldn’t believe that I, who looks so cute and weak, was a magician.”

Kvasir-sama continues with a smile.

“Don’t you think that most magicians are physically strong? Everyone is a weakling at first, right? But I guess they get stronger muscles from walking around in the mountains all day in order to survive.
I’m no good at all.”

Even while staying silent, he continues to speak.

Lars-sama tries to add in some clarification in between.

“He seems to have been of a sickly nature since he was young, so he isn’t suited for the kind of exploratory activities that magicians usually do.”

“So I always stayed in a tent or base, making confections and sleeping.”

Kvasir-sama immediately picks up where Lars-sama left off and smiles.

“It seems like you were impressed by the confections I made.
I’m really happy.
It’s nice to know that my efforts paid off.
So what about today? Did you want to see me making confections?”

I was overwhelmed by Kvasir-sama’s rapid way of speaking, so I finally decided to ask.

“Umm… well…”

“Is something wrong?”

“Do you always talk like that, in such a casual manner? And are you really an aristocrat’s son, or is that just a disguise?”

At the Academy, the subject was also “I,” and he spoke in a proper and noble way.
Is that his outward appearance?

Then how did the magician become a student at the Academy? Normally, people who have magical talent and choose to be noble do not belong to the magician guild…

From what he said, he should belong to the guild.
If he has been a member since he was young, I think he is not of noble birth.

“Oh, you were worried about that too?”

Kvasir-sama nods.

“As you imagined, Linea-sama, I am not of noble birth.
However, the current head of the magician guild is a member of the royal family, and I am the adoptive child of that guild head.”

Kvasir-sama smiled, as if to say, “You understand now, right?”

(I see.
He has royal family connections.
And if the guild head is of royal birth, he may have a noble title in name.
As his child… he may be attending the Academy.)

And because he said he was weak, he may be going to the Academy as a noble’s child, which may be more suitable for him than working as a magician.

After all, the magician guild is also a group with deep ties to the nobility.

The sacred flowers and magic they use as a source of income are too expensive for commoners to buy.

(Still, the royal family…)

I feel something catch.

While I was thinking about why, Kvasir-sama kept talking.

“I’m sure you have questions about this too, but originally, magicians made confections as part of their research.
Don’t the priests in the temples also make confections? It’s something like that, I think.”

He smiled and held out the white flowers lined up on the workbench to me.

“Since you came all the way here, let me give you one of these confections.”

“Thank you very much.”

I received it and stared at the beautiful flower intently.

Eight thin, fresh, white petals were curved like a dish and overlapped like a half-open white rose.

“It’s amazing.
It’s like a flower itself.”

“Yeah, try eating it.”

At Kvasir’s recommendation, I put a small flower in my mouth.


The texture is somehow, not quite like a candy… it’s refreshing and sweet like a flower.

“You might find it enjoyable to try non-sacred flower confections as well.”

“Non-sacred flower confections?! Wait, Linea, that’s…!”

At Kvasir’s words, Lars-sama widens his eyes and runs towards me.

But before that, I am suddenly overcome with a strong drowsiness and kneel down with my hands on the ground.


If I close my eyes, I’ll fall asleep in a second.

But there’s no way I can sleep here…

As I grit my teeth, I feel like I can hear Kvasir-sama’s voice from far away.

“She’s truly a person who is heavily affected.”

The tone, full of concern, again stimulates a sense of déjà vu in me.

“That’s what I said, Linea.
Are you okay?”

Lars-sama supports me by holding onto my shoulders.

At that relieved moment, I finally remembered.

(Oh, this experiment lab rat-like tone… I saw it in a dream…)

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