Chapter 54: What I remembered was

My father, who was supposed to have led the invasion, walking proudly through the palace… and me being chained as a prisoner in a dream.

I was shown this by a blue-eyed young man with sandy hair and was despairing over why I was in such a state.

At that time, the blue-eyed young man called out to the person with silver hair down to his shoulders.

In the dream, he was slightly taller, but I can definitely say now that I remember clearly.

That was Kvasir——

As I remember, my consciousness becomes clearer.

Thanks to you, I was able to stand up by myself without any help from Lars-sama.

“Um, sorry…”

Kvasir-sama probably didn’t think the effect would be this obvious.
And he seemed to have realized that he had caused trouble by sitting here.

He apologized with a sullen expression.

“I’ve heard it affects you, but I thought it was just enough to make your eyes bright because this sacred flower is called “Morning Dew”.
To be in danger of collapsing…”

It seemed unexpected for Kvasir as well.

Indeed, all the sacred flowers I have eaten so far had the effects of their named elements.
Getting cold or hot, for example.

(No, I think I definitely woke up or had a feeling of morning dew)

So … I think I remembered the details of the forgotten dream.

(It’s good to remember.
But I’m not sure if it’s okay to talk about it)

I thought about the content and decided to stay quiet.
I will consult Lars-sama after considering it carefully.

Lars-sama looked very depressed and was hanging his head.

“I’m sorry, Linea.
Kvasir is not a bad person, but he tends to do things that are a little unusual, or he is easily swayed when it comes to research on sacred flowers.”

Hearing this, I think I have heard something like this before …

Wasn’t Lars-sama himself told something like that? That he was pouring an extraordinary passion into sacred flower sweets and had an eye on new sacred flowers.

(The saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together”)

Thinking about it this way, both Kvasir-sama and Lars-sama must be people with an incredible passion for research in one thing.

But Lars-sama is more calm because he never refuses an invitation when he hears about new confections and is investing his own money to get the sacred flower and study it.

Besides, I wasn’t angry with what Kvasir-sama did.

To be honest, even I didn’t know what would happen if I ate the sacred flower itself, and I was a little…interested in what would happen if I ate the sacred flower.

I didn’t think it would be so fussy.

“Please don’t worry about it.
I should have known the moment I held it in my hand that it wasn’t a snack, but I was too busy being a fool to notice.
Besides, I’m fine now.”

I tried to show him that I was fine by waving my hand, but Lars-sama suddenly held my hand.

I felt like my heart skipped a beat at the warmth of his hand.

“Really? There is no effect at all?”


I just remembered something I had forgotten.
So there is no bad effect at all.

“That’s good…but if anything happens, be sure to tell me, okay?”

“I promise, Lars-sama.”

When I answered that, Lars-sama finally let go of my hand as if he was satisfied.

Kvasir-sama, who was watching, whispered “Hmm.”

“What’s up, Kvasir?”

Lars-sama tilted his head.

“Oh, nothing.
Anyway, I want to apologize next time.
If there is something you want me to do, please tell me anything, Linea-sama.
Even if it’s a request as a magician, I’ll accept it if it’s you.”

“Thank you very much.”

I was inwardly delighted.

It’s not often that you can ask a magician to work for you.

(Maybe I can ask him to look for the magic that the Maiden of Salvation used)

I decided to think about how to ask him before making a request.

(I have some feelings about him…)

I said thank you with a smile and decided to retreat to my room for now.

“My Lady, would you like some tea or something?”

“It’s okay, I have water too.
I’ll just read a book for a while, so you can rest too, Katie.”

Katie nodded to my words and left the room.

I took a deep breath and collapsed on the bed in a messy way.

“That’s right, that person is the type who loves experiments… In a way, he’s similar to Lars-sama.”

I seemed to have seen the continuation of the dream at some point.

What revived was that memory.

After the young man with red eyes called out to me, Kvasir-sama made me participate in a magic experiment.

The result was not a terrible experiment, but I did catch a cold from getting too cold.

At that time, Kvasir-sama tried to give me medicine because it was the result of his magic, but at that time I was a prisoner.

As a result of the cruel intention of the young man with red eyes who wanted to hurt me, I was left without medicine.
That was the dream I saw.

Thanks to this, my impression of Kvasir-sama is also bad.

Or rather, if Kvasir-sama has the same personality as in that dream, he is the type who doesn’t think deeply about my situation because he is too happy to be able to experiment.

From the incident with the sacred flower earlier, I think my prediction about his personality is probably correct.

“It’s more troublesome to deal with someone who doesn’t have bad intentions… right? But I want the magician’s secrets.”

In addition, he will also be one of the secrets related to the royal family.

If Kvasir-sama himself is a foster child of the royal family and the magician guild itself is run by the royal family, if they have a good impression of me, my position will be slightly advantageous.

Lars-sama must have brought Kvasir-sama and me together considering this.

“Yes, the royal family don’t like me either.
In order to avoid criticism from the royal family, I need allies other than Lars-sama.”

I have never met him.
But I remembered.

That person with red eyes is… the prince of this country.

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