Chapter 5: Consideration on the cause of wonderful skill

(But isn’t this very comfortable to live with?!)

Shut out all negative comments.

I don’t care because I can’t hear it, and it’s comfortable every day!

I have no idea what is being said, so I respond with a smile even to unpleasant people and surprise them!

Moreover, if we consider the example of Albert, no one can approach me to complain.


As the bright music starts, my mood rises.

My heart became lively with the violin sound representing the chirping of spring birds.

But what kind of ability is this?

(I’ve heard of something called a magic block, but … is this a special ability skill similar to that?)

There are magic and special abilities in the world.

Both are rare.

Compared to magic, special ability holders are rarer.

There used to be many of them, but they say it’s because of a hole in the world that’s been filled by a sacred being.

Still, beings who use this mysterious power exist.

Currently, the [Holy King] who reigns at the top of the temple is said to be a special ability holder.

I learned from my tutor that I have healing abilities.

I am a being who specializes in one ability in such a way.

On the other hand, magicians, who were once despised as having the power of evil, have established themselves as special beings by actively participating in times of war and can use various magic.

It seems that if you have a certain talent, you can use magic by training and using a sacred flower as a medium.

However, there are few people who have talent in the first place.

Now, about my strange ability.

I think it is a special ability because it can be activated without using a sacred flower.

It seems to appear when something triggers it, so it is not strange to acquire this ability at the age of 16.

But the cause is…

(It must be a sacred flower pastry.

I thought it was strange that I fell asleep immediately after eating it.

Although I had a nightmare, it was a welcome development that I acquired the ability to make it easier for me to attend the Academy for the next year and a half as a result.

(I need to write a thank-you letter to Oji-sama…It was a very nice birthday present.
However, that alone is not enough.
After sending the letter, I wonder if it would be better to offer something embroidered with thanks as well?)

I am thinking about how to express my gratitude to Oji-sama, and I can’t help but smile at the thought.

But I was so focused on my thoughts that I didn’t realize that the music being played had changed to a sad winter song.

I feel glances that briefly look at me strangely, and finally realize it.

It’s crazy to smile during a sad song…

(I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t.
Even if no one can hear, I must not provide material for bad comments.)

The next lesson also went comfortably.

I was about to meet Albert again in the hallway, but he made a strange face and avoided me.

I’m in a good mood, so I decided to go horseback riding after school.

(Let’s horseback ride for the first time in a while.
No matter what the person we meet says, I don’t have to worry about it and I’m sure I’ll have fun.)

I tell the servant who came with the carriage from home to leave me my study pens and notebooks and to say that I will be late for about two hours.
I also said it was okay to go back once.

“My Lady, have you eaten?”

It’s already noon, and I’m a little hungry.
But I wanted to do something fun while I’m in such a happy mood.

“It’s okay.
I’ll eat when I get back.”

“Please use the Academy’s dining hall.
If you forget to take care of your meals, I will be scolded by the head servant, Joseph-sama.”


Actually, I don’t want to see anyone else.
That’s why I wanted to avoid the dining hall.
Even if I can’t hear the negative comments, I can see the disgusted faces.
And it’s inevitable that I’ll see all of that.

Maybe I can just pretend to eat?

I nodded to the servant and decided to go straight to the stables.

I concluded that I should just keep quiet.
When I returned home, I told the servant that I had eaten, but my stomach soon felt empty.
Maybe I didn’t eat enough… I can just make an excuse.

I was confidently walking down the small path in the school garden when I heard a voice calling to me.

“Hey, over there.”

It’s probably not about me.

Boys students wouldn’t call me over unless it was an urgent matter.

At worst, it could be something like a notification that one of tomorrow’s classes has been cancelled, but I wouldn’t be told about it.
Even if I don’t know, it wouldn’t be a problem because I would receive a proper notification at home.

I’m worried that there’s no one around, but I hurry on.

But I am called again.

“Count Elvasti, Lady Linea-sama.”


I turned around because I realized it was me.

There was a young man with long golden hair loosely tied at the nape of his neck, and a dark-haired young man who looked like a guard, a little away from me.

They stopped right in front of me, a few steps away from me.

The dark-haired young man is probably a knight.
I think he is an officially knighted person who has been appointed by the king because he was allowed to wear a sword when he entered the Academy.

I also recognized the golden-haired young man who was with him.

“I’m sorry to bother you with someone like me.
What can I do for you… Your Excellency Duke Svald?”

This beautiful older young man with golden hair is Lars il Svald, who at the age of 18 has already inherited the Duke title.
He is a rare person in this Academy who has a peerage.

By the way, because he has [il] in his name, he should have had the right to succeed to the throne.
I remember that he was the 8th or something.

It is not surprising for him to have a knight guard with him.

But what the hell does he want from me?

I don’t know, but I can’t just block the other person’s voice and turn to Duke Svald because it’s troublesome.

“I was thinking of asking for your opinion.”

“Opinion, sir?”

“On the sacred flower confectionery.”


I opened my eyes wide.

“You mean, the person Oji-sama had made confectionery for him is…”


…I see.

Duke Svald, who inherited the title at the young age of 18, has a well-known nickname in addition to his title.

――The Confectionery Duke.

Despite having a face as beautiful as a religious painting, he is an unrivaled confectionery lover.

I have heard that when invited to tea parties with the words “We have prepared special confectionery,” he hardly ever declines.

As a result, Duke Svald has created sacred flower confectionery exclusively for him.
He has even created his own connections with the magician guilds and temples that hold the priority of sacred flowers.

If Oji-sama tries to get sacred flower confectionery as a gift for his niece, it would probably be quickest to buy it from Duke Svald.

But it’s strange.

“Uh, did you come looking for me specifically to ask for my opinion on the sweets…?”

I thought it was just for sweets, but Duke Svald said something unexpected.

“Did you eat the sacred flower sweets you were supposed to receive yesterday? Because they were made by mixing a slightly different sacred flower, I was wondering if any strange effects were happening.
Have you had any strange dreams? I used sacred flowers that were blooming in a spring of light in the middle of the White Night Mountains.”


Strange dreams.
Could that nightmare have been caused by this Duke?!

I almost screamed, but held it back at my throat.

I can’t show such a disgraceful appearance in front of other nobles.

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