Chapter 59: Let’s get away from Miss Elena somehow

“O-Oh my, Linea-sama.
How are you?”

Miss Elena seemed to be agitated because I suddenly appeared.

She gave an innocent reply in a flustered manner.

To be honest, this was probably the most ordinary reply I have ever had in a conversation with her.
If she had known that I was coming from a distance, I think she would have used different words, but she was not prepared in her heart.

“By the way, isn’t he Lars-sama’s servant?”

I point it out first.

“Ah, um, yes, that’s right.”

Miss Elena was flustered for a moment when she was hit, but she quickly regained her mean self.

“Linea-sama, I heard that Lars-sama was here, did you make an appointment with his servant instead?”

She laughs “ufufu,” but I just feel (Oh, I see).

Thinking that I was puzzled by this, Miss Elena attacks me.

“Not only do you try to deceive Lars-sama, but you also try to touch his servant.
How greedy are you? Despite abandoning the name of Elvasti, you seem to be no different from your father.”

I get a little tense when I hear that I am said to be a greedy person like my father.

But when I see Noin’s completely cold expression and Miss Elena’s annoying gaze, I become a little calm.

“Or was your true love a servant? It’s easier for no one to notice in a place where no one can see you, like in the school.
You never know which noble’s servant or nobleman will see you here, and it will be the same even if you have a secret meeting in a mansion.”

Miss Elena laughed and continued, “And then will you elope? It takes a lot of courage to become a commoner.”

When I heard that, I thought (Oh no, I don’t want that) and suddenly said, “Does Elena-sama have a desire to lead the person she loves astray?”


Miss Elena doesn’t understand and blinks her eyes.

Oh, Noin also has a worried expression?

“I am a foster child by the kindness of Count Radin.
Even if I were not, if a noble lady leaves the house on her own, she will be in a state of poverty equal to that of the poor without personal assets.”

It is impossible to live alone if you do not even know how to live or work like a commoner.

“If he were to run away with me, Noin would also lose his job.
Even if we had savings, we don’t know what problems might arise later, and since I left a noble’s house, I can’t work in the same job… It’s inevitable that we’ll be at a loss together, right?”

I think that would naturally be the case.

“I don’t have the hobby of dragging my loved ones into such a thorny path.”


Miss Elena has lost her words.

The ladies behind her also round their eyes and open their mouths wide.
Is it because of bad manners?

Noin is trying to hold back laughter, and his mouth is trembling.
I wonder if I said something that funny?

“W-Well, such a thing as eloping, metaphorically speaking, you wouldn’t have the courage to do that, would you?”

Miss Elena was the first to rebuild.
She’s unexpectedly stubborn.

“Are you thinking of serving yourself?”

Even though she says that, isn’t Miss Elena happy to have a good-looking man serve as her attendant? Ordinary daughters of a household wouldn’t think of placing a man as a side servant.

In case of any mistakes, they would likely be scolded with a stern expression by their parents.

There is also the possibility that the engagement will be a problem.
If it is a political marriage, the father of the child will have a problem if he is not himself.

In the first place, there is a problem.

“Noin has sworn loyalty to Lars-sama.
I am not Noin’s employer, so I can’t order to do such a thing.”

Noin should be annoyed if he is given such an order, as he is just being polite as a customer.

Miss Elena, who was frustrated by my answer, was confronted by someone who delivered the final blow.

“There you are, Count Radin’s daughter.
Duke Svald is waiting for you.”

The person in the black knight’s uniform and mantle with black hair and tall stature was Asher-sama, knight of Lars-sama.

It seems he came with Miss Brenda.

Asher-sama, who speaks so foreign, feels strange after a long time.

Miss Brenda seems to have found Asher-sama before Lars-sama.
She must have decided to bring him here because of the urgency.

I smile at Miss Brenda with gratitude.

Miss Brenda also nodded slightly.

But at that moment, Miss Elena brightened up as if she had thought of something good.

“Well, the knight at Lars-sama’s place.”

Miss Elena smiled at Asher-sama.

“That’s just right.
I was thinking of visiting Lars-sama.
Could you guide me?”

Miss Elena cheerfully asked.

(What does she want to do? Does she just want to show that she is prioritized over me?)

It is incomprehensible to fight back so much.

However, Asher-sama completely ignored everything beautifully.

“Come on, hurry up.”

As if he hadn’t heard anything, he hurries me.

No way.
Is he getting back at Miss Elena because she ignored his words?

When I look at him with a doubtful gaze, Asher-sama looks expressionless as if to say “I don’t understand.”

(Maybe he just thinks this is a nuisance…)

It seems like he is thinking that it is just a waste of time to deal with her.

And Miss Elena’s face gradually becomes scary.

“What… do you think you can defy the orders of the Duke family, who are of royal blood, just because you are a knight?”

Miss Elena, with a low voice, glared at Asher-sama.

Are you saying you can ignore the orders of the house you serve?”

“This is the command of the same Duke family, and also the current head, isn’t it?”

Asher-sama, who turned around, is indifferent.
He looks back at Miss Elena with cold eyes.

“The only person from the Duke family here right now is me!”

“But it was the royal family I served who ordered me to stay with His Lordship Duke Svald.”

As if frustrated by Asher-sama’s uncompromising words, Miss Elena’s face turns red and black.
And she said as if spitting out.

“Altargen? Forsian? Either way, you are a person from a destroyed country.
How did you get into the royal family, I wonder?”

It must have been a bitter word for Miss Elena.
I think she must have realized that she couldn’t resist Asher-sama, who said it was a royal order, even though she said it.

(Asher-sama, were you from another country?)

I don’t really know much about him, including his background.
I just trusted him because Lars-sama trusts him and he’s someone I’ve known for quite some time.
He’s the one who extended a hand to me.

The only thing that concerns me a little is that he is from another country.

No, that’s not a bad thing.

(It’s also because I learned about my father’s future, who tried to invade the country through a neighboring country and slyly escaped his crimes by becoming a person from another country.
It’s not Asher-sama’s fault.)

While thinking calmly like that, my heart may have wavered a little due to my weakness.

“You’ll have the royal family talk about that.”

Asher-sama dismissed it without hesitation.

It’s something the royal family decided, so you should just talk to the royal family about it.
If you’re boasting about being the daughter of the Duke family, who is close to the royal family, you should be able to do that.
I feel like there’s an implied meaning in his words.

Asher-sama only speaks in short phrases.

On the other hand, Miss Elena had a faint smile on her lips for some reason.

I felt a dangerous feeling and instinctively thought I had to say something to Miss Elena, but then I realized.

I… never used to act like this before.

In the first place, I never thought that Miss Elena would understand.
Rather, I had given up thinking that speaking to her made sense, as if she were a person from another country speaking a different language.

(I somehow became more positive)

After realizing this, I decided not to say anything to Miss Elena.

Even if I told her something, she probably wouldn’t want to understand.
Like before, there are times when she doesn’t think of me as a living being that understands her own words.

I shouldn’t make Asher-sama angry by making Miss Elena even more angry and causing him trouble.

“Then I’ll excuse myself.”

Taking advantage of the fact that Miss Elena didn’t say anything, I signaled to Noin and quickly left with Asher-sama.

It was a little creepier that Miss Elena hadn’t said anything.

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