rately want expensive things for their status.

“I’m sure the Duke, Miss Elena’s father, has also been helped by Lars-sama at some point.

“That’s why it’s my fault, so don’t worry about it.”

I replied to Noin who said that with “thank you.”

“I’m sorry again, Asher-sama.
I wish I could have dealt with it on my own.”

It’s frustrating that, even in terms of status and the lack of allies, there are things I can’t do on my own.

Although I can somehow do it with my skills, I don’t want to use them openly, so I can’t move.

“You worry too much about your surroundings.”

Asher-sama says with a sigh.

“Do I worry too much…?”

But I felt that if I didn’t stay humble, if I didn’t have anything besides my skills, if I couldn’t even use those skills to be useful, then I would be too much of a liability…

“Everyone lives by causing inconvenience to their surroundings.
And when we decided to help you, we expected things like this to happen.
Rather, it’s our failure that we couldn’t avoid it.
That’s why.”

Asher-sama looked at me.

“If you receive a suspicious letter from now on, call either Lars or me, even if you have to keep the other person waiting.”

“…Yes, I understand.”

I nod.

But I was not convinced and it seems that Asher-sama noticed that I nodded just because I thought it was bad for him.

I was explained further.

“You are the personnel necessary for Lars’s research.
And Lars’s research is such a serious thing that he will spend his life on it…that’s why Lars won’t let you go.
In the first place, if he decides to keep you in his heart, he is not the kind of person who will turn his palm over just because you behave selfishly at times.
I also…am such an existence for Lars.”

Asher-sama talks a little more.

“It’s true that I was born in a foreign country.
Because of a complex bloodline, everyone hated to accept me, but he accepted me.
I have been working as Lars’s kind-hearted assistant for many years.
Even if I’m a bother to my family now, I don’t care.
It’s a hassle to apologize every time.”

I felt that Asher-sama was encouraging me.

He is a gruff but kind person who is hard to understand.

I was able to be convinced because that’s what Asher-sama said.

“Yes, I am now convinced.”

I was able to reply with a little smile.

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