Chapter 62: Invitation to a party

Upon arriving at Duke Svald’s mansion, there was an uneasy atmosphere.

The servants were bustling about.
It was unusual for the Duke Svald household.

I asked Gustav, the head of the Duke’s household who had come to greet me.

“Is something wrong?”

“Suddenly, we received an invitation to a party from the palace.
The Duke is asked to attend, and the king’s chamberlain personally brought the invitation as a messenger.
We have been slightly busy preparing to receive him.
I apologize for making My Lady uneasy.”

“Don’t worry, I was just a little curious.”

But it was unusual for a chamberlain to bring an invitation to a party.
Usually, a knight would bring a letter as a messenger.

“It must be because the invitation was sudden and the king took that into consideration.”

Gustav said this with a smile, but it was rare for a chamberlain to come to an ordinary noble’s house.

It is true that a week’s notice is sudden, but Lars-sama must be considered an important person, and that is why they are taking such care.

“Oh, you’re talking about the party?”

Lars-sama himself came in.

Perhaps because he was with the chamberlain a short time ago, he always wears high-quality clothes rather than what he usually wears at home.
Today’s uniform of white and gray also gives Lars-sama a noble and pure impression.

“How is Miss Linea’s preparation?”

“No, it’s not yet ready.”

Gustav, who answered Lars-sama’s question, lowers himself gently as if to avoid the approaching man.

“Miss Linea, I have a request.”

“Whatever you want.”

I have no choice but to comply with Lars-sama’s request because I know he is a person who does not speak unreasonable things.

“I want you to attend the party with me in one week.”

“Is it at the palace?”

The palace party is a debutante party for adult men and women that I have attended only once.

I assume there must be a reason for Lars-sama’s proposal.

I need a companion, and it has been suggested that you be my companion.”


Why did the daughter of the Elvasti family, who is disliked even by the royal family, become a foster child? Did they just want to call me out of curiosity… or did they want to laugh at me in front of a large audience?

But if I’m being called as Lars-sama’s companion, they shouldn’t be able to laugh at me.

Lars-sama chuckles at me, who doesn’t understand the intentions of the royal family.

“You don’t have to think too deeply about it.
Probably out of curiosity.
They probably wanted to observe you, who didn’t come out much because I protected you.
For my part…”

At that point, Lars-sama becomes a little sinister-looking.

“I’m also considering using that to increase your friends.”


At the royal palace party, many nobles with some influence attend.

In addition, many people who are friendly to me through Lars-sama’s transmission will also give me a good impression.

“… But I’m afraid it’s not so easy when you have a victim of your own father.
Especially the royal family.”

My real father also makes trouble for the royal family.
So as members of the royal family, they might want to say something unpleasant to me, even if it’s just a little.

I think it’s a bit of a hassle to specifically invite Lars-sama to the party, but if they can call me to a place where they can approach me in that way, even if it’s a roundabout way, it’s a noble’s way of thinking to think that they can threaten or be unpleasant.

Indeed it’s troublesome and it feels like it only creates negatives, but there are also people who won’t be able to feel at ease unless they do it.
That’s the troublesome part.

(There are also times when it’s better for one’s feelings to be settled…)

It’s not good for humans to bottle things up.
They often explode and things get weird.
That’s why I often stay quiet without saying anything back.

“It’s okay.
I will definitely protect you.
Kvasir will also be attending, so you won’t be alone.”

Since they said that much, I smile and reply to Lars-sama.

I will attend.”

Speaking of which, it seems you returned quite late.
Did something happen? Noin also came back with you, which is unusual.”

Right, Noin was at the Academy on business for Lars-sama, but we came back together.

Just as I was about to apologize for Noin, they reported to Lars-sama first.

“I apologize, I was caught by Duke Augren’s daughter, Elena, and caused Linea-sama some trouble.”


Lars-sama’s expression clouds over.

I didn’t want to trouble him, but I had to report it.
I explained.

“Miss Elena tried to bother me and used Noin.
It seems that Miss Elena was trying to forcibly create a situation where Noin and I were having a rendezvous in order to spread rumors about me.
But thanks to Asher-sama’s help, I was able to return safely.”

Even though there was a problem, it was resolved and I told him, but Lars-sama expressionlessly asked Noin.

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