Chapter 63: Your flowery words are too sweet

“I thought you wouldn’t be caught by that lady, Miss Linea?”

“I seem to have let my guard down.
I apologize.”

Noin does not make any unnecessary excuses and simply apologizes.

And then Asher-sama laughs.

“But Miss Linea’s reply was interesting.
You don’t often see the face of a haughty lady who has lost her composure like that.”

Hm? Did I say something?

I seem not to understand, and Lars-sama seems interested in what happened.
Asher-sama tells them.

“Do you have a desire, Elena-sama, to lead your beloved one astray? Is that it?”


I definitely said that.

“Because Elena-sama is determined to elope and become a commoner… if you do that, wouldn’t it be a hassle for Noin to lose his job?”


Lars-sama couldn’t hold it in and burst out laughing.

Noin, who was listening next to him, also seems to be itching his mouth.

“Is it really that funny? Noin is not under my control, and I don’t have the personal assets to hire him.
If I carelessly agree, all we can see is a future where the two of us are lost.

I can’t do it because it will be revealed that I work for a noble family.
If I were to be offered such a proposal from me, it would be troublesome, and it would be difficult to refuse? I thought it might not be a burden in that sense.”

As he explains, Noin made a face as if he were holding back his laughter and politely bowed with a look of enjoyment.

“If you genuinely wish for me, I might have followed you, Linea-sama.
I am deeply touched that you seriously think of me like that.”

“Noin, it’s no good.
I’m not the type to run away just because it looks a little interesting.
I don’t really understand the life of a commoner, and I can’t even cook.
I’ve learned a little bit of cleaning from Katie, but I don’t think I can earn money that way.
It will be a poor living.”

At that point, Asher-sama couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing.

He seems to have thought it was rude to laugh openly in front of her, and laughed facing the wall a little away.

Why are you laughing so much?

“W-Why do you think you can feed me?”

Between bursts of laughter, those were the words that sounded sharp.

“In this pattern, should I be responsible if I run away?”

“Well, I thought that the man should do something about it as well.
If we ran away together, we would be accomplices.
A proposal where only one person takes responsibility… Well, heh heh.”

Noin laughs while responding.

Then, holding back laughter and wiping away tears that welled up at the corners of his eyes, Lars-sama says:

“You are such a wonderful person that you want to protect, and even if you don’t take care of the other person yourself, there are many people who want to offer you tributes.”

“Is that so?”

For the past 16 years, I have always been hated.

I have already learned that being hated has nothing to do with wealth, the quality of clothes, humble attitudes, or manners.

Even if I became a commoner, I don’t know what kind of excuses they would come up with.

But Lars-sama continues with a gentle smile, “It’s okay.”

“I am also one of the people who want to offer you tribute.
By the way, I had some decorations delivered to your room.
There aren’t enough to match your dress, so…

Beautiful emeralds like your beautiful eyes and diamonds that go well with any dress, made using gold and silver respectively, are waiting for you to confirm.”


Emeralds? Diamonds?

“Well, I can’t accept so many kinds.
I also brought some things from home…”

Even though I’m already a burden, I’ve brought more problems.

When I said that, Lars-sama’s fingertips touched my mouth and silenced me.

“I prepared them to decorate you.
Don’t say such sad things like you don’t need them, okay?”

“Even if you decorate me…”

I don’t think it will be very enjoyable.

“You are beautiful enough, Linea.
If possible, I’d like to fill your room with sacred flowers.”

I round my eyes at Lars’s words.

I can’t believe I’m being described with such flowery language.
Yet he looks at me with eyes that believe I am truly beautiful.

Before I know how to respond, Lars says “Well then, I’ll see you at dinner time” and leaves.

I stand there for a while, almost frozen, but I’m urged by Katie who greeted me and decide to go to my room.

I was told strange things, but … surely he was joking.

I reconsider this while walking.
They just said it to me kindly, trying to make me feel good.

So I have to make sure it’s not a mistake.

I must never genuinely accept Lars-sama’s sweet words.
I told myself that.

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