Chapter 64: Choosing a dress is a big job

Preparing for the party was tough afterwards.
Almost only I needed to prepare.

Men can manage to wear the same outfit every time unless they are very comfortable with clothes.

There are not so many types in shape, so if you arrange a few colors and materials, it will be enough.
Sometimes you have to change colors and materials when the trend changes.

It seems that Lars-sama regularly adjusts and renews his outfit in advance for sudden outings.

However, I can’t do that.

In the first place, it takes time for a woman’s dress to change the impression by making major adjustments.
It takes even more time to make a new one.

Moreover, it is one week later.

I wondered what to do, but the problem was quickly solved.

Irena, the head housekeeper of the Duke Svald family, asked, “Which one do you want, the dress made by Count Radin or the one made by Lars-sama?”

“What, two?!”

There are not so many dresses made for going to a night party because the trend changes slightly.

And although I was able to take my family’s dresses with me thanks to my adoption more peacefully than I had imagined, I had only day dresses when I was at the Count Elvasti house because I was not supposed to go to the party.

Therefore, I thought that I had no choice but to make a new one.

But I didn’t know that they had already made two dresses.
And apparently both of them would be finished around three days before the party.

Surprised, Ireina, the housekeeper, smiles at me.

“It seems that Count Radin was considering attending a party in order to introduce Miss Linea, who was welcomed as a foster daughter.
In fact, he has requested the making of two dresses, and one of them will be finished first.”

“Count Radin is so kind.”

I feel like my heart is full.

Not only does he treat the troublesome person kindly by welcoming her as a foster daughter, but he also tries to properly inform those around him that she is his official daughter.

Not only does he have the determination to treat her as his own daughter, but I think Count Radin is also trying to show his affection in his own way.

I was so moved because I didn’t think there was someone like a god.

“It seems that Lars-sama also intended to accompany Miss Linea to the party, but not in this way.
Therefore, he has already requested the making of three dresses, and one of them will arrive just three days before the party, My Lady.

Of course, you are also attending the tea party, and several new dresses for the daytime are expected to arrive soon.”

“He’s been so considerate.
What should I say to thank you…”

Lars-sama had always intended to take me to various parties and dinners to make friends from the start.

I imagine he must be busy with work related to the sacred flower, work as a Duke, and also having to appear at the Academy.
It’s reassuring to go to the party together, but I feel sorry for him.

“It’s okay, My Lady.
Lars-sama seems to be enjoying himself.”

“Is he having fun?”

“Of course.”

Ileana smiled with a sincere expression.

“Because he likes scheming.”

If she says so, then I’ll believe it.

If I worry too much and hesitate, it will be unpleasant for Lars-sama, who has prepared so kindly.

“So, which one will you choose?”

Ileana asked again which dress to wear.

“I’ll decide after seeing the real thing.”

It’s reasonable to compare the real thing and decide which one is more suitable for the occasion.

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