lancing briefly at Lars-sama.

If I asked for opinions while Lars-sama was around, it was certain that she would give Lars-sama the full benefit of the doubt.
After all, Lars-sama is currently Katie’s employer.

But perhaps Katie also thought that she was not expressing her own opinion enough, as she explained the reason for her choice.

“It’s not just the color of this beautiful dawn-like dress, but the silver thread lace is so beautiful and will make My Lady Linea stand out even more, I think.”

“I’m glad you appreciate the compliment.”

Lars-sama seems to have felt Katie’s feelings and only says thanks.

“Um, how about Ileana? Stepmother’s dress is also hard to throw away.”

With this way of speaking, it would be easy to praise your stepmother’s dress even in front of your employer.
In fact, if this question were to lead to choosing Lars-sama’s dress, it seems that Ileana would prefer it.

Ileana answered with an understanding expression.

“It seems that Count Radin’s dress will make My Lady look very elegant and cute for a woman of her age.
The Duke’s dress, on the other hand, might highlight My Lady’s dignity.
Would you like to choose the dress you will wear on the day based on this difference?”

“I see.”

What Ileana told me is very useful.
I should think about how I look in a dress and how I want to show myself at the royal party.

“Lars-sama said that he wanted to increase my allies at the party.
Should I wear a soft atmosphere or would it be better to attract attention from those around me?”

Lars-sama chose the stage.
Ultimately, I should wear a dress that follows his wishes.

“That’s right.”

Lars-sama nodded.

“I wanted to change other people’s impressions of you.
Considering your previous impressions, it might be better for you to give a friendly and easy-to-talk-to impression.
That is to say.”

He gives a bitter smile.

“I also wanted to see you a little bit in the dress made by Count Radin.”

I am relieved.
Now the dress selection is over.

“Then, I would like to wear the dress that my foster father has prepared for me.”

“Can you leave the choice of accessories to me, Miss Linea?”

“Of course, Lars-sama.”

Finally, the dress selection is over.

Feeling relieved, Lars-sama quickly gave instructions to Irene.

“Ileana, can you bring the box of accessories? Something that goes with that dress.”

“Yes, sir.”

Ileana bowed and quickly left, then returned with a few boxes of jewels.

The amber-colored wooden jewel box does not seem to contain anything important at first glance.
Probably for security.

However, when the box is opened, beautiful sparkling jewels appear.

Diamonds, aquamarine, rubies, sapphires…

“I think aquamarine is the best match for the dress among these.”

Lars-sama picked up a silver necklace with a beautiful green aquamarine and diamond arranged in the shape of a plant.

“Ileana, please prepare some earrings that go with this.
I think I have some.”

“I understand.”

Now the decorations are also decided.

“Thank you for everything.”

I don’t know how to thank him, so first I will express my gratitude to Lars-sama.

Then Lars-sama shows a slightly mischievous smile.

“I was planning to prepare clothes to match Miss Linea’s dress, so I’m glad you decided quickly.
My late mother, for example, took about three days to decide on the color of her dress.”

I just laugh for now.

Women do tend to take a long time to choose a dress.
It’s not that Lars-sama’s mother was particularly indecisive.

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