Chapter 68: Even so, wearing a dress is enjoyable

In the following days until the party, I spent my time learning the names and faces of the attendees.

After all, I don’t attend parties very often.

Although I’ve met a certain number of nobles, I don’t remember them unless they are particularly memorable.

There are no nobles who want to invite the daughter of the Elvasti family to their home, so it doesn’t matter if I forget.

I somehow remember the faces of the young ladies and children attending the Academy, but the more troublesome thing is that there is a high possibility that the other person remembers me well because we have met once.

If they realize that I don’t remember them, there may be another confrontation.

I asked Lars-sama, who explained the situation, to tell me the characteristics of the attendees, especially those who I should deepen my friendship with, and try to remember them.

And finally, the day of the party arrived.

I took the day off from the Academy.
I don’t want to be held up on the way there and back because it takes time to prepare.

I woke up slowly in the morning.

Katie brought me a cup of tea and I savored the luxury of waking up my eyes slowly while drinking it.

The tea leaves are made from young leaves from Lineat.
They have a refreshing feeling like oranges.

“It’s really luxurious…”

Thinking about it, I have never had this tea at the Elvasti household.
My surprisingly frugal real father doesn’t seem to be so particular about expensive tea, and it wasn’t always stocked at home.

When I wake up, it’s breakfast.

After that, I spend some relaxed time.
During that time, the servants are preparing to go to the party.

After eating a late lunch, I take a bath to change clothes.

It takes a long time to dry my hair and have tea.
Therefore, I won’t be able to make it to the Academy on time.

When my hair is dry, I finally put on my dress.

I wear the dress chosen by Count Radin.
It wasn’t too heavy because it used a lot of light chiffon, despite having many decorations.

Next is makeup.

However, it is not recommended to put a lot of makeup on your own face.
It is said that being natural is beautiful.
There have been problems with cosmetics in the past, and since the queen became angry, it has been that way.

Therefore, noble women use light makeup.

I lightly sprinkle pearl powder and lightly color my eyes and lips with lipstick.
That’s it.
This minimal makeup is currently popular.

It is only permitted for women over the age of 30 to apply thick powder and apply clear color to (around) their eyes.

Make curls on hair by applying a heat pad.

Then make a flow by combing it out and tying it up.
In the past, it was basic to tie up the hair neatly after becoming an adult, but now it is not necessary.

It seems that Katie and the others decided to tie up only the upper half of my hair to put flowers in my hair.

The flowers are roses of the same color as the dress.
However, if you put too many, it will look lumpy, so I should place small roses and pearl hair ornaments.

After those were finished, I put on some decorations.

The aquamarine necklace matches the dress like a part of it.
It’s complete with the same aquamarine earrings.

“You look very beautiful, My Lady.”

“Thank you, Katie.
Ileana and the others also worked hard.”

When I say thank you, Ileana smiles.

“I was very happy to be able to decorate the lovely My Lady.
The Duke is a very handsome man, but he cannot wear a dress of course.”

I can’t help but laugh at those words.

As a final touch, I pick up some light snacks.

There is no meal at today’s party.
And even if food is provided for the purpose of talking to people, it will be a struggle to drink anything.
It’s embarrassing if my stomach starts to growl before I eat something.

Along with these snacks, sacred flower confections were served.

The meringue, arranged around sandwiches on a large plate like pink flower petals, looks like it’s fun to look at and is visually pleasing, as if looking at a flower garden.

“His Grace Duke said It may brighten your mood.
Please enjoy, Linea-sama.”


I wonder if that means to feel happy.

Either way, I am happy for this kind consideration.
My heart warms before I even eat anything.

I took a bite of the meringue.

As I put it in my mouth, it melted away like I was eating a cloud.
The only thing left is a slightly strange feeling.

I feel like flower petals scattered in front of my eyes.

It was interesting and surprising, and my mood did indeed change.
It was a little bit fun.

“I see, it does brighten the mood…right.”

I didn’t know that such interesting sacred flowers existed.
It was interesting to learn about them and my mood improved.

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