In the early morning, dew condensed on the violin bow, leaving wet marks on the cello case.

Despite the humid weather, Huai Shi didn ’t bother to take care of his instruments.

After practicing the violin and meditating for two hours, he sat on the garden steps and stared off into space.

Then he felt his butt getting cold.

”I ’ll bring a cushion next time. ”

Unable to sit anymore, he stood up, dusted off his pants, and aimlessly wandered around the barren garden.

The wound on his arm, where the stitches were, still throbbed with pain.

It reminded him of how dangerous he was last night.

No, it was a stark reminder of what he had become…and how far he still had to go.

Although he often felt that his impoverished life was meaningless, he knew that being alive was better than being dead.

Besides, his life had yet to truly begin.

He wanted to linger a little longer.

”Daydreaming in the garden again? ”

Suddenly, Crow landed on the fence and asked, ”Can ’t you find another place? ”

”I like it here. ”

”You need to work harder, Huai Shi.
Your sublimation is almost complete. ” She sighed, flapping her wings.
”You ’re so close. ”

Huai Shi didn ’t feel motivated.
”What ’s the point of completing my sublimation? Will it let me sprinkle more chili flakes? ”

”Like I ’ve said before, the ashes of calamity are just a byproduct of your soul ’s attributes.
Once your sublimation is complete, your soul ’s power will undergo a breakthrough.
Besides, do you really think that monkey last night relied solely on his own abilities? ”

”Hmm? ”

”Nue, a Holy Mark in the Monster Specter lineage of Yingzhou, is the result of the third stage of etherization. ”

Crow looked at him meaningfully.
”Sublimation is just the beginning, Huai Shi.
Sublimators with great potential usually awaken at eleven or twelve years old.
You ’re already behind, so don ’t slack off.
Maybe you hope to return to a peaceful life after all of this, but you must understand that the owner of the Book of Fate is destined to reach the pinnacle of this world.
Power, wealth, and beauty will all be within your reach, but you can never have a peaceful life. ”

Huai Shi was silent for a long time, holding the notebook in his hand.

”…Can I still throw this thing away? ”

Crow thought for a moment and suddenly became excited.
”Although I don ’t recommend it, this has never happened in history before.
I ’m curious to see what will happen if you try. ”

Huai Shi rolled his eyes.

”So, enjoy what you have while you can. ” Crow sympathetically extended her wings and patted his shoulder.
”At least, you still have a relatively peaceful life. ”Yes, he had forgotten that he was so poor that he had to work at a prostitution shop, encountered a corpse on the way and was inexplicably chased by someone, and now he was living with a bald-headed prostitute, and even had to be used as bait…

For some reason, when Huai Shi thought of this, he suddenly remembered the girl he had only seen twice, the wheelchair-bound girl who was only two or three years older than himself.

Ai Qing.

He seemed to have seen her somewhere, but when he thought carefully, he couldn ’t recall any similar memories from his short and empty life.

Anyway, a pretty girl sitting in a wheelchair, who wouldn ’t remember her?

He scratched his head, but no matter how he thought about it, he couldn ’t remember.

Until the sound of a car horn reminded him to go to work, he reluctantly picked up his instrument case and headed out.

Huai Shi, a half-hearted prostitute, once again ushered in a new day of torture…

And of course, he got into trouble.

”Isn ’t working here just selling yourself? Why are you pretending to be a big shot? ”

In front of Liu Dongli, the thin woman who was old enough to be Huai Shi ’s mother pointed at Huai Shi behind him in anger, and suddenly threw a glass of wine at him:

”I ’ve opened more than a dozen champagne towers in your place.
Can ’t he come over and sit with me for a while and have a few drinks? Does he really think he ’s a god? Call your manager out, I don ’t believe it today… ”

In the chaos, Huai Shi laughed awkwardly in the back, not knowing what to say, and was finally pushed out by the staff.

After a while, Liu Dongli finally dealt with the trouble and found Huai Shi waiting for lunch in front of a pancake stall behind the club ’s back door.

Since he had a daily allowance of 800 yuan, he had become arrogant, even daring to add two hot dogs to his pancake, looking happy as if he had won the lottery, which made Liu Dongli, who was already depressed, couldn ’t help but exclaim, ”You were complained six times on your second day of work, how did you manage to do that? ”

Huai Shi thought seriously for a moment and asked tentatively, ”Probably because I ’m good-looking? ”

”I ’m talking to you, Huai Shi… ” Liu Dongli sighed, ”You were splashed with wine on your face and scratched a few times, how can you be so calm? ”

”What can I do? ”

Huai Shi looked at him blankly, ”Kick her ass when you go back and tell her that there is a limit to bullying a poor young man? Besides, it was expected, why be angry? If I get angry about this, I would have died of anger four or five years ago. ”

”… ”

Liu Dongli was speechless and could only say: This guy always has some unexpected strengths in strange areas.
Since he took Huai Shi to work, there had been countless unpleasant incidents, but he had never seen this guy lose his temper or flip a table.
Even when he was splashed with wine, he just smiled and moved aside, not fighting back or talking back.
Although he talked a lot of nonsense in private, his patience was so good that it left people speechless.The optimist was so happy that it made one wonder if he was stupid or something.

Looking at his smiling face as he waited for his pancake, Liu Dongli felt a bit annoyed for some reason.
He felt like he was forcing an honest man into prostitution, and his conscience was greatly compromised.

”Don ’t wait, let ’s go. ”

Liu Dongli pulled him back to change clothes and said, ”We ’re not going to work this afternoon.
I ’ll take you to eat something good. ”

”Really? Have you finally found your conscience? ” Huai Shi was pleasantly surprised.
”When are you going to pay the electricity bill then? ”

Liu Dongli was climbing the stairs and almost twisted his waist.
He turned around and glared at him, ”You said I ’m doing this for you for free, but why do I have to pay the electricity bill? ”

”You ’re the one who wants to use the water heater, ” Huai Shi said.
”Can ’t you just wash with cold water? ”

”Hey, do you have a conscience? I got hurt saving you yesterday.
Besides, cold showers are bad for the skin! ” Liu Dongli retorted.

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”…Yeah, and bad for the hair too, ” Huai Shi added from behind.

Liu Dongli visibly stumbled on the stairs and almost fell.

When changing clothes, Huai Shi deliberately wore sunglasses and a huge mask to cover his face, looking like a criminal ready to cause trouble at any time.
Unfortunately, working at the ”Prostitution Club ” was one thing, but being recognized by classmates and photographed was another.
He had barely managed to fool them last time, but he couldn ’t let it happen again.

things often don ’t go as planned.
As soon as Huai Shi left, he heard someone shouting behind him, ”Is that Xiaoshi? It ’s Xiaoshi, isn ’t it! ”

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