After Liu Dongli reported the matter of Boai Public Welfare to Ai Qing over the phone, a series of dazzling operations appeared.

Within ten minutes, a black car rushed to him, and two people politely invited them into the car and took them to the strange mechanism where he was interrogated last time.

When he entered the door, the so-called Boai Public Welfare had been exposed.

In the conference room, the middle-aged man who previously interrogated Huai Shi looked unhappy and said nothing.

Only Ai Qing flipped through the documents still warm in her hands page by page.
Soon, she raised her eyes and said, ”There is really a lot of information…
a company that obviously washes money actually received so many donations, many of which are from influential figures in the city.
No wonder the Special Affairs Department has been investigating for so long and found nothing…
I hope there won ’t be any leaks this time. ”

The middle-aged man coughed and said dryly, ”The Special Affairs Department is the Special Reality Department, and other departments are other departments. ”

”It would have been better to do this earlier.
Why bother serving those old guys like slaves? ” Ai Qing raised her eyes and glanced at him.

”How many people are involved? ” she asked.

”Quite a few… ” The middle-aged man sighed, ”According to the investigation, this foundation regularly invites some masters to give positive courses to the donors, sharing experiences of sublimating the soul and maintaining health.
Most of the content is unreliable meditation and self-hypnosis, mixed with some miscellaneous traditional Chinese studies… ”

”No wonder, ” Ai Qing sneered, ”It ’s all stuff that the old leaders like.
If this company is really related to this case, I ’m afraid many people will suffer. ”

”The Special Affairs Department is the Special Affairs Department… ” The middle-aged man reiterated his words helplessly, ”We can still distinguish right from wrong.
Please rest assured, Inspector. ”

Behind them, Huai Shi quietly nudged Liu Dongli with his elbow and asked, ”Hey, is the Inspector really that powerful? ”

Liu Dongli rolled his eyes and whispered, ”As a department under the United Nations, the Astronomical Society has members all over the world, mainly aimed at curbing the flow of drugs across borders and crimes committed by Sublimators…
You can understand it as: as long as it is related to Sublimators and Border Relics, she has the power to intervene.
After she becomes a formal member, as long as she signs a black letter, she can kill anyone on your ID card.
What do you think? ”

”Is she really that powerful? ” Huai Shi was surprised.

”Isn ’t Dongxia willing to cooperate? ” Liu Dongli whispered, ”The main members of the governing body of the Astronomical Society, the leading agency of its power, are the Five Constants.
It ’s like self-management. ”

While the two were whispering, it seemed that Ai Qing and the middle-aged man had exchanged some conditions.
After receiving Ai Qing ’s promise not to expand the scope of the crackdown, his face became much better.

On the table, a voice came from the intercom, ”The operatives are in position. ”

The middle-aged man glanced at Ai Qing and said, ”The signal has been received, the operation begins. ”

The huge screen on the wall lit up in an instant.
It was vaguely discernible that it was the perspective of a head-mounted camera.
Huai Shi could only see a group of heavily armed people from head to toe, holding long guns and short guns in their hands.
After receiving the order, the car door was opened and a group of people rushed out.This group of counter-terrorism forces, who knows where they came from, seemed to have planned their attack strategy well in advance.
Without any hesitation, they quickly took control of the entire parking lot in less than two minutes.
One team rushed towards the monitoring room, while another group sealed off the inside and outside of the entire office building, shutting off the power and cutting off the signal and fiber optics.

Only through the shaking of his helmet ’s perspective could Huai Shi see the scenery outside the window.

My goodness, is it necessary to be so exaggerated?

This is clearly the busiest area in the center of Xin Hai City.
There are crowds of people on the ground below dozens of floors.
It is the busiest time before the end of summer vacation.
No one would ever have thought that they were in the middle of a sudden attack.

Outside the door of the corridor, the door-breaking stakes were quietly set up.

After a command was given, there was a loud noise.

In the midst of the roar, before the people inside could react, several stun grenades were thrown in.
After a flash and a loud noise, the armed forces entered in an orderly manner, and the outer layer of the Boai Public Welfare was quickly controlled.

The rest of the people broke into the interior.
First, there was a scream, followed by two gunshots, and then a scream.
In the end, there was only one sharp voice left:

”Don ’t shoot, I surrender, I surrender! I confess, I confess everything! It was my master who made me do it! I didn ’t know anything, I really didn ’t know anything! ”

After a period of chaos, the captain reported to the camera, ”He was transferring money.
All the liquid assets have been transferred overseas, and a plane ticket to France was found in his office… ”

He was planning to flee.

In the stunned conference room, the middle-aged man ’s face was also ugly.

If there was still a possibility of misunderstanding before, then there must be something fishy going on now.

”Ask him! ” The middle-aged man almost broke the pen in his hand and ordered with a hateful voice, ”Ask him clearly! ”

Ten minutes later, the pen in his hand was really broken.

Wang Hai, also known as Wang Hailai, was the leader.
This is the name of the ”master ”.

According to the files in the public security system, this guy has been involved in superstitious scams for more than 20 years, swindling old people ’s pensions.
He has been caught twice and then disappeared.
When he reappeared, he became the Reverend of the Savior Father Church.
His business grew, and he became unstoppable.

The one caught in the office was Tu Tai, one of his many disciples, who was responsible for the facade and money laundering.
After laundering the money that his master had swindled, he turned it into unregistered bonds and valuables.

Tu Tai, who graduated from a prestigious university, joined the group for the money and did not like his master.
Wang Hai also kept many secrets from his disciples.
The only one he trusted was his eldest disciple who had been with him all along.
Both sides had been using each other, and they had common interests, so they had no problems.
Now that disaster has struck, Tu Tai has resolutely given up his master.
He confessed everything, including the illegal drug business that his master has been secretly running, and even the ”miracles ” he accidentally witnessed.

”Miracles? ” The main interrogator asked.

”Yes, miracles. ”Tu Tai took a sip of water and wiped off his cold sweat.
”Wang Hai has been hiding a box, and no one knows what ’s inside.
Every time he leads a prayer, he hides the box under the pulpit…
when opened, it emits a pleasant scent that invigorates the spirit, making one fearless of any difficulty.
Those who come to my class don ’t know, they think he ’s some kind of master, but he ’s just a fraud.
I suspect the banned drugs he sells are related to that box… ”

The box.

Ai Qing couldn ’t help but glance at Huai Shi.

Their eyes finally met.

And Huai Shi breathed a sigh of relief in his heart: the mastermind had finally been caught, and he no longer had to live in fear.

He could finally return to a normal life, climb the ranks, marry a wealthy woman, and reach the pinnacle of life…

The people in the conference room lost interest in what he was saying, except for Huai Shi who was eagerly waiting for more details from Tu Tai about how his master gave female believers enlightenment…

”Hey, did you install a camera or something? ”

”Come clean, where ’s the hard drive? ”

But soon, they received bad news from the scene: Wang Hai was planning to flee.

Tu Tai, with his keen sense of smell, had always known that this line of work wasn ’t sustainable and was always keeping an eye on various news.
When he noticed changes in his master ’s account, he knew something was up.
With the idea of being prepared, he booked a flight to France to check things out for a couple of days, but it was too late.

Now, Wang Hai was holding his final prayer in the old town outside of New Sea, looking like he was ready to flee that night.
To avoid any trouble, they had to act quickly.

But Ai Qing fell into silence.

As if she had thought of a question that was difficult to answer, she stared blankly without saying a word, no matter how the people around her urged her.

It wasn ’t until a long time later that she raised her head, took a deep breath, and looked gloomy.

”It ’s true that a lot of things make sense this way, and all the clues are correct, but I still feel something ’s off… ”

She suddenly turned her head and stared at the young man behind her with her slender eyes.
”Is there something you haven ’t told us? ”

Of course, I ’ve hidden a lot of things, like Crow, the Book of Fate, awakening…
How could I reveal these things that would only cause trouble?

”No! ”

Huai Shi shook his head firmly.
”I ’ve told you everything I can say and everything I can ’t say. ”

He looked generous and heroic, as if he was ready to sacrifice himself at any moment, but he was actually terrified that Ai Qing would ask again and reveal the Book of Fate.

It seemed like Ai Qing believed him and silently withdrew her gaze.

”Then let ’s start moving immediately. ”

She looked at the middle-aged man.
”But to avoid any unexpected situations…
although time is tight, it ’s better to find out what this so-called savior Heavenly Father is up to before we implement our plan. ”

After all, it involved border relics, and no one knew what they were hiding.
Besides, there were Sublimators hidden inside.

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This information was necessary. ”Hmm? ” The middle-aged man was puzzled.
”What does Ms.
Ai mean? ”

Ai Qing glanced behind her and said nothing.

The middle-aged man saw Liu Dongli and suddenly understood something.
He stood up and shook hands with him, saying warmly, ”On behalf of the Special Affairs Department, I thank Mr.
Liu for his help and support. ”

”What? ”

Liu Dongli was confused and didn ’t know what had happened, but he had a feeling that things were going to turn bad.
”I didn ’t do anything, I ’m not involved, don ’t accuse me… ”

Before he could finish, Ai Qing interrupted him, ”That ’s alright.
Besides Liu Dongli, there is another civilian volunteer who has dealt with them before and is willing to cooperate with us. ”

As she spoke, Ai Qing looked back at Huai Shi, who was gloating.

”With them both infiltrating, it won ’t be a problem. ”

Huai Shi ’s smile froze on his face.
He jumped up and became a miserable parrot, ”I didn ’t do anything, I ’m not involved! ”

”We ’re just going to do some reconnaissance.
With so many backup personnel, it ’s not like we ’re going to die for sure. ”

”You just said it ’s not for sure! ” Huai Shi protested angrily.
”Didn ’t we agree to use bait? Why are we suddenly infiltrating behind enemy lines? ”

”Isn ’t it common for the client to change their requirements? ” Ai Qing propped her chin up with her hand and calmly observed him.
”I ’ll give you an extra 800 yuan in your allowance.
No big deal. ”

Huai Shi was immediately furious.

”Don ’t think that a little money will make me back down! ”


There was a soft sound, and a gentle female voice reminded him, ”You ’ve received 8,000 yuan in your Alipay account. ”

Huai Shi was stunned.
His expression froze, ”Do you think this little money can make me bow down? ”


There was another sound, and the same gentle female voice reminded him again, ”You ’ve received 8,000 yuan in your Alipay account. ”

”This is a matter of life and death! What if we really die? ” Huai Shi widened his eyes.
”Don ’t you have any compensation for us? ”

Ai Qing looked away from him, shook her phone, and made the final transfer.

”Alipay account received 700 yuan. ”


Why only 700 for compensation?

They gave us 16,000 earlier! Why are they only giving us this little when someone dies?

Huai Shi didn ’t know whether to be sad or angry, or if he should ask for more.

”Little brother, 700 yuan is already a lot, ” Liu Dongli, his fellow sufferer, leaned over and sighed.
”After using the coupon, you can buy an eco-friendly package at the Eastern Suburb crematorium and get a box of something! ”

”Remember to give a five-star review and a flower wreath.
Leave a message to choose the style before placing an order – after all, you ’ll be there for a while, so pick one you like. ”

Ten minutes later, Huai Shi and Liu Dongli were stuffed into an armored vehicle and set off for Laotang Town with a heavy heart.

When they left, Huai Shi shuddered inexplicably.

It was like falling into an ice cave.

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