First there was a crack, then a bang!

A metal rain sprayed out from the gun barrel and instantly sent the old woman flying in midair, crashing into the wall.
Blood spurted out like a sieve.

But Lius Dongli ’s movements didn ’t stop.
He pulled the bolt of the short-barreled shotgun in his hand, loading the special bullet designed for Sublimators.

Then he closed in, and pulled the trigger.


The old woman, whose face had become unrecognizable, slid down from the wall, twitching as if she was still struggling.
After being hit by two shotgun blasts almost in the face at close range, she was still alive!

But not for long.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Lius Dongli broke open the butt of the gun, took out two bullets from his pocket, and loaded them.
Then he aimed and fired twice, then twice more.

Until the barrel glowed red.

The lump of flesh on the ground finally stopped moving.

Only a torn old face still maintained its hideous and frightened expression.

Lius Dongli didn ’t have time to catch his breath.
He turned and walked towards the two people fighting in front of him, swinging the hot gun barrel and hitting Wang Hai on the back of the head with the butt of the gun.

The old man ’s eyes rolled back, and he passed out, leaving only Huai Shi lying on the ground, panting heavily, tears and snot still on his face.

In that moment, Huai Shi saw that Lius Dongli ’s pupils…had already turned into heterochromia!

Fifty seconds.

The battle was over.

The countdown to the closure of Old Tang began – 2:40.

”Take it, let ’s go, we need to leave the church at least… ”

Lius Dongli picked up his pistol from the ground and threw it to him, then gave him another magazine, and turned to pick up the box, retreating as quickly as possible.

Huai Shi got up from the ground, breathing heavily, and stumbled after him.

Then he saw the box clamped under his ribs.

That box, that familiar box…

He saw it again.

It was the box he had picked up.
Huai Shi was sure of it, and that box should have been his…

Yes, it should have been his.

Did Lius Dongli think that taking his things would be the end of it?

Huai Shi was furious, raised the pistol in his hand, aimed at Lius Dongli ’s back, and pulled the trigger.


The gunshot rang out, and blood spurted out.

Lius Dongli ’s body suddenly shook, and he fell to the ground, stiffly turning his head, looking incredulously at the young man behind him…with his twisted and stiff face.

After firing the gun, Huai Shi was also stunned, staring blankly at the smoking barrel in his hand.

What ’s going on?

What did I just do?

Why did I want to take that box?

And why am I here?

Didn ’t I feel the threat of death when I entered here? Haven ’t I experienced the increasingly heavy shadow of death countless times?

Why did I come to the church?

Why did I shoot at Old Liu?

And what exactly am I doing?

His thoughts turned into a mess in an instant.
Then he felt a strong and unbearable nausea, his stomach churning, and he suddenly bent over and vomited, opening his mouth to spew out something.

It fell into the filth on the ground.

It was a seemingly still lively…goldfish?

A goldfish?

Another goldfish?The person who just passed by seemed to have goldfish in their eyes…
And in the very beginning, before he died, the corpse also…
spit out…

”So it ’s the stress period? Less than six hours and there ’s already a rejection reaction. ”

Behind him, a strange, hoarse voice sighed, ”Even the second generation ’s goldfish can resist…
No wonder the earliest third generation goldfish couldn ’t parasitize.
So unlucky.
Otherwise, the box would have been in our hands a long time ago.
There would be no need for all this trouble. ”

With that hoarse sigh, the air slowly twisted, and a thin figure walked out of the empty air, revealing a black windbreaker and a cold, indifferent face.

A pair of blood-red gloves.

And a fish tank held in his right hand.

Several slender goldfish fry were slowly swimming in the small fish tank.

”…Green Day? ”

In the pool of blood, Liu Dongli saw the green circular emblem on the back of his hand and finally reacted, trying hard to raise his gun, ”Huai Shi, run… ”

The red gloves looked at him with pity and shook his head, ”I can ’t even take care of myself, let alone others? ”

A chill of death emerged.

Then, gunshots rang out from behind Huai Shi.

Bang, and then another bang!

One shot supplied Liu Dongli, and one shot hit Huai Shi himself.

Liu Dongli twitched and fell silent.

Huai Shi stiffly lowered his head and saw the blood gradually oozing out of his chest, as well as a hole in his eye, as if someone had hit him in the back with a sledgehammer.

It was so painful.

He knelt down on the ground, crying out of weakness.

But when he turned his head and saw the shooter, his hoarse cry froze in his throat.

”…Lao Yang? ”

The haggard man with an empty expression also looked at him, and there seemed to be traces of a smile on his face that was usually marketable.

Behind his eyes, a goldfish swam happily.

As if in his own fish tank.

As Huai Shi stared in amazement, he bent down, picked up the box, stepped on the blood, and stood behind the man.

Waiting for orders.

”Lock the main door and prepare the sacrifice.
We ’ve waited so long, there has to be some value to it. ”

The stranger ordered, and Lao Yang turned and left without even looking back at Huai Shi.

”Are you acquaintances? ”

The stranger looked down at Huai Shi and smirked, ”He owed a lot of money to someone else and could only use himself as collateral.
Don ’t blame him, don ’t blame me…
Blame your bad luck. ”

”… ”

In a daze and confusion, Huai Shi suddenly understood something, although he felt angry enough to go crazy, he couldn ’t help but laugh.

Mocking himself for struggling like a bug in a web for so long.

Everything was already predetermined.

From the beginning.

From the moment he received Lao Yang ’s call, happily carrying his guitar case to apply for a job at the prostitution, he had already embarked on the road to death.

He would arrive at the designated location, then angrily call Lao Yang to report his location and information before taking a shortcut home and encountering a corpse, a box, and a goldfish in an alley…

That goldfish should have been swimming happily in his brain.

He had narrowly escaped disaster, but he was pulled back onto the original track by the hand behind the scenes and faced the predetermined ending.Just like what this person said, it seems that his luck has never been good.

Always encountering inexplicable things and getting his life messed up, becoming poorer, more miserable, and more desperate…
until now, he ’s like a headless fly, stuck in a dead end.

It ’s the end.

”What the hell, why?! ”

Huai Shi couldn ’t bear the intense pain anymore and vomited blood, tears and snot flowing uncontrollably.
”I just want to live well, earn some money to have a better life, find a decent job, even if it means working like a horse, find someone I like to get married, and have a home where I won ’t be looked down upon…
Is this wrong? Why can ’t you just leave me alone? ”

The man wearing red gloves remained silent.

After a while, he sighed softly.

”For a better world, there are always things we cannot control. ” He took out a gun from his pocket and aimed it at the boy ’s face.
”I ’m sorry, your sacrifice is for a greater value. ”

He pulled the trigger.


The bullet was deflected by a faint membrane of light.

The man in red gloves was stunned.

”Desperate Protection? ” He looked at the faint light enveloping the boy in disbelief.
”That woman actually gave you her emergency protection? Are you her old lover or something? ”

This was the emergency protection given to every supervisor by the Astronomical Society, a literal life-saving talisman that would activate on its own in case of a fatal attack, protecting the user ’s life in the worst-case scenario and waiting for rescue…

It was an almost impenetrable barrier that could only be broken by a fourth-stage or higher Holy Mark within three minutes.

”Never mind. ”

He put away his gun and sneered at Huai Shi ’s chest.
Even if he didn ’t finish him off, this guy would bleed to death anyway.

Time was precious now, and he was only one step away from his goal.
He didn ’t have time to waste on him anymore.

He turned and walked towards the hall.

The plan had completely exceeded his expectations, although the action against the Savior Society was a sudden whim after seeing that box, it was also carefully planned.
In order to avoid arousing the vigilance and detection of the upper beings behind Wang Hai, he had to start from ordinary people and use his own soul – the power to control the Laughing Fish Tank – to manipulate a riot and arrange for Huai Shi, who was completely unrelated, to complete the final transfer.
However, he did not expect that Huai Shi was a hidden pre-sublimator in the preparatory stage, resistant to the three generations of fish fry derived from the parasite, resulting in a complete failure of the plan.

Fortunately, he successfully hid himself behind the scenes and the huge pressure of the Astronomical Society, and was not detected by the crazy people behind Wang Hai – those guys who only had the Savior in their minds were complete lunatics without any rationality.

However, since he couldn ’t complete the plan in secret, he had to find another way.

For him, as long as the final outcome was not messed up, the process didn ’t matter anyway.
Since he had attracted the attention of the Astronomical Society, why not…
make it bigger!

He kicked open the door, fired two shots at an old man who tried to rush at him, walked through the chaotic and screaming crowd, and walked up to the podium.

Both doors were already sealed.It ’s been a long time, but it ’s enough to complete the final incarnation.


”Using the reincarnation cauldron to make drugs? Have those followers of the Pure Land been brainwashed by their gods? ”

He looked down at the box in front of him and couldn ’t help but sneer.

This container-type relic excavated from the seventh depth of the ruins of hell is the best source material container itself.
It is also easy to convert the frenzy source material of the fanatics into matter.
But I ’m afraid even Wang Hai, who was given this box, doesn ’t know what kind of thing he has in his hands.

Not only the followers he deceived, but even himself, are considered sacrifices–as long as there is enough source material, it is the embryo that can make the ancient spirits incarnate in the realm!

After the messenger of the ranch owner descends through it, I ’m afraid that all living things that can be seen will become its food.

Although what he has to do is not good.

”Just use it as waste. ”

He glanced at the followers who were constantly being harvested as source material, opened the box, and took out a test tube from his pocket.

Facing the dim light in the church, he looked at the flesh and blood in it.

”Let ’s begin. ”

He whispered softly, ”Lay a trivial foundation for our great cause. ”

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