”Not good. ” The old man sighed, ”You ’re so restless even in death, you ’re really annoying. ”

”I don ’t want to die either, just let me go and everything will be fine, right? ” Huai Shi ’s breath became heavy as the old man opened up his chest and took out his shattered lung lobes.

”See, it ’s all broken, all broken! ” The old man wiped his sweat with his wrist and threw the things into the trash can.
”You don ’t even have lungs, why are you so annoying? ”

”I can still live half an hour even without a heart, can ’t I? ”

”Shut up! ”

The old man cut off the blood vessels entangled on his spine with one knife and pulled out his internal organs.
Huai Shi never thought that being gutted would feel like this…
Apart from pain and fear, there was a chilling coolness.

”I ’ve emptied you out, just accept your fate! ”

The old man threw everything into the bin, and the blood and undigested food splashed on him, making him angry as he took out a cloth to wipe his apron.
”What did you eat? It ’s so…mushy… ”

”A friend treated me to hot pot at noon… ” Huai Shi had lost his breath, but surprisingly, he could still speak.
Perhaps the fear of death had broken through his disguise, and he had never felt so lonely and sad.
He didn ’t want to die, but he wanted to talk to someone, so he kept talking:

”Have you ever had hot pot? You look like a foreigner.
Hot pot is a Chinese specialty.
Let me tell you, although Old Yang is tricky and troublesome, his hot pot is really amazing… ”

”… ”

The old man stopped talking and dissected Huai Shi ’s body from head to toe, carefully removing his bones from his body.
Even if Huai Shi promised him with a lot of money and beautiful women, he did not hesitate to continue.
Even if Huai Shi cursed him, he did not stop.
Until the end, all that was left on the dissecting table was a bloody skeleton.

Naked, he came and went naked, took off the clothes of the stinky skin, but this guy still didn ’t die! And he didn ’t know why he kept talking trash!!!

Even when the old man angrily chiseled open his skull, took out the still steaming tissue, and threw it into the trash can in front of the skeleton, he still kept urging the old man to put down his butcher ’s knife…

”Why don ’t you just hurry up and die when you ’re cut to this extent?! ”

”Who the f*** knows, you bastard, insane, old pervert… ”

The skeleton emitted a monotonous hoarse voice: ”I said, can you save me? I ’ll sell myself to you, as long as you don ’t do anything gay, I ’ll do anything you want…wait, even if you do, I ’ll accept it, really, as long as you ’re gentle, I ’ll accept it… ”

The old man ’s white hair stood up in anger, revealing the scars on his face, and he almost went berserk as he slapped the table: ”Death is inevitable! ”

”Even if it ’s inevitable, I don ’t want to die… ” Huai Shi hesitated for a moment and tried to negotiate with him.
”Can ’t I die after I ’ve had enough of living? ”

”… ”The old man fell silent, scratching his head in frustration and letting out a frustrated roar as if his fighting spirit had been completely crushed.
He bent down, calmly put away his knives, scissors, and shears in his toolbox, untied his apron, took out a comb, and carefully tidied up his messy hair.

”Damn it, damn it, damn it!!! ”

He suddenly roared in anger, angrily throwing the toolbox on the ground and stomping on it violently.
He picked up an axe from the corner and smashed the cabinet into pieces, venting his nameless anger.

”Fuck, what the hell is this! ”

He shouted at the ceiling as if he was staring at something: ”See that? He won! Take your test subjects away from here! Immediately! I never want to see him again! ”

At that moment, time seemed to stop, and everything froze in place.

In the void, a door seemed to open, and a beam of light shone down, pulling him up like a rope.

Huai Shi looked around in confusion, not knowing what had happened.

He didn ’t know if he should follow the tradition left by his predecessors and flip them off.

In the next moment, he was swallowed up by the light.

Or rather, he was ”submerged ” in the sea of silver-grey light like the sea.
He was pulled up by an invisible force, as if he was traveling through the deep sea, feeling the terrifying weight pressing in from all sides.
What was even more terrifying for him was that in this silver sea of light, every drop of water was so concentrated that it was almost solidified into liquid source material.

As far as he could see, it was almost endless, and human vision and perception could hardly glimpse its end, as if it covered the entire world.

The Silver Sea.

The void ocean that gathers all human source material and all sources of wisdom, the great existence that surpasses miracles…
Crow ’s description once again appeared in his consciousness.

In that moment, he broke through the sea and was thrown into the air.

Floating in the void between the sea and sky in a daze, he looked at the pure dark sky with no impurities and the silver sea of endless flowing light beneath his feet.

Far away, he seemed to see two vague figures sitting on the surface of the sea.

”By the way, after my daughter saw your photo last time, she cried and begged me to get her a crow like her big sister…
I had no choice but to catch a pigeon for her because I was in a hurry at the time.
She asked me why the color was different, and I had to tell her: it was originally black, but its mother ran out of ink when she gave birth to it…
Ah, it ’s been seven years since I last saw her.
I don ’t know if she ’s doing well or how her studies are. ”

The middle-aged man with a goatee sitting cross-legged on the surface of the sea smoked a cigarette and held a can of beer in his hand, complaining helplessly to his ”drinking buddy ” beside him.

He casually flicked the cigarette ash into the miraculous sea beneath his feet.

”Don ’t worry, don ’t worry, I just saw her before I came here.
She ’s grown up a lot and is now a beautiful young lady. ”Crow ’s wings curled up with cigarettes and beer of the same kind, and he patted the middle-aged man ’s shoulder.
”Although the pigeon you gave her seems to have caused a little problem…
Ah, my contractor is coming out. ”

The stubbled man raised his eyebrows and glanced at him.
”Looks ordinary, is there anything special about her? ”

”Is playing the cello well considered special? It can get extra points in the college entrance examination. ”

”Is it that amazing? Is there any trick to it? ” The stubbled man ’s eyes lit up.

”Well, this is probably a talent, isn ’t it? Others can ’t learn it. ” Crow waved his wings, drank the last beer in the can, and said goodbye.
”It ’s getting late, I ’ll leave first…
But as the guardian of the Silver Sea and one of the seven archenemies in the world, is it really okay to let me, a fugitive, leave so openly? ”

The middle-aged man with stubble thought for a moment, scratched his face in distress, and sighed.
”Forget it, I ’ll be off work in two days.
I ’ve been loafing around here for seven years.
Can ’t I let myself relax for a while? ”

”Well, thank you then. ” Crow smiled gratefully, spread his wings, and flew towards the distance.

The agile shadow was reflected on the silver sea, gradually lengthening, dancing and changing like flames until it finally turned into a slender figure.

The black skirt waved like water, spreading on the ground without touching the dust.
The simple style was edged with exquisite dark gold rust-like patterns, extending upwards along the edge of the long skirt like thorns.

Just as Huai Shi stared up in a daze, he only saw the slender legs exposed by the hem of the skirt, dazzlingly white.

The back of the long skirt was hollowed out, revealing a smooth back and the gorgeous patterns that covered almost the entire back.

Countless red colors intertwined to form a strange and solemn pattern, as if constantly changing, making it impossible to see clearly.

Soon, the strange tattoo was covered by the black hair that fell down.

Just as Huai Shi was stunned, she raised her head, revealing a mature and delicate profile.

”Let ’s go, my contractor. ”

She held a familiar box and beckoned to the boy with a proud smile.
”I ’ll take you home. ”

In that instant, in Huai Shi ’s bedroom in the suburbs of Xin Hai City, a terrifying source material wave suddenly erupted!

A burning light lit up.

-The Book of Fate!

As if lifted by an invisible force, countless pages frantically turned, and a huge amount of source material emerged from them, turning into burning flames.

It had been extracting source material from Huai Shi ’s body for a long time, and now it burned out and evolved into endless illusions and changes in the blink of an eye.

One page after another burned to nothingness in the fire, until finally, only the title page with his name remained…

On the title page, the incomplete moon began to grow again.

The last gap…
closed!After reading countless deaths and gathering his own death, endless death records turned into pure ink, surging in the shadow of the moon, swirling around the center, turning into a vortex and spinning violently.

Countless deaths collided frantically.

Finally, breaking the limitation of the moon, tearing apart the bondage, revealing its majestic outline – countless black deaths spinning, turning into a huge vortex, supporting the raging perfect circle, sharp flames protruding from it, forming its crown.

It was a hideous black sun!


It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from ”pawread dot com ”.

As if an illusion, the heartbeat graph in the rescue room showed a faint ripple.

Life continued.

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