The dim light of the bulb hanging on the iron wall illuminated the boiling crucible and the scattered metal fragments on the table.

Apart from the thunder outside the door and the pouring rain, the enclosed space was filled with murky breathing like a bellows.

The man with red gloves was shirtless, gritting his teeth as he wrapped bandages around his bloody and torn body.
When he removed the gauze stuck to his flesh, crimson blood oozed out from behind the scabs like pink mouths opening up.

”FUXK! That weirdo from the East Asian middle school… ”

The man cursed under his breath, picked up a spray can, and pressed it against his wound.
A green mist sprayed out, making a sizzling sound as if sulfuric acid had been poured into an alkaline solution.
The faint green mist wriggled and squirmed like a nest of snakes as it seeped into his wound.
He collapsed onto the ground, writhing in pain and letting out a hoarse scream.

Something was fighting inside his body, and soon, chunks of clotted blood and organ fragments flowed out of his wound, tinged with a deep green and ash-like black.

It was the venom of the Centipede that he had squeezed out of his lungs…

If it were anyone else, they would have died by now.
If his Holy Mark, Taxin, hadn ’t temporarily zombified his body, he wouldn ’t have been able to withstand this poison attack.

In just a few seconds, he was drenched in sweat mixed with rotten blood, like a living corpse dragged out of a coffin by a grave robber.

But he was still alive.

This near-death experience gave him much more confidence in advancing to the Night Terror and entering the fourth stage.

When the alarm clock rang, he finally had the strength to get up from the ground, picked up the tongs, and poured the silver liquid from the boiling crucible into an iron cup.


It was not a delicious drink, but a boiling metal solution!

Even though he was half-zombified, the man hesitated for a long time before finally drinking the silver blood potion that he had hastily concocted.
It was only effective in liquid form.

In a burst of intense burning pain, he almost suspected that his esophagus and mouth had been burned into carbon.
But it was a necessary price to pay.

This liquid, which was fatal to ordinary people, was actually a miniature Holy Mark without a rank – a short-lived miracle carried by liquid metal that could repair damaged Holy Marks and bodies in a short time, like a universal adhesive.

The technology of keeping it in liquid form at room temperature was a trade secret of various alchemy workshops and could never be leaked.
Now, he could only hastily mix this version with serious side effects to save himself.

Soon, his bloody and torn body began to heal, and a hint of iron light seeped out of his wound.
The solidified iron seemed to merge with his flesh and blood, reassembling his shattered body.And this intense pain also consumed his remaining energy, making him even more dazed and almost fainting.

His trembling hand reached into his pocket and took out a package, opened it, and took out the incense inside, lighting it with his source material fire.

Whiffs of smoke entered his nostrils.

His pale face gradually became rosy, and his depleted energy slowly recovered a little under the stimulation of the incense, but it was not even one-tenth of his normal state.

The convenient items like red and blue bottles in online games are not realistic, and even if they exist, they are expensive, costing millions of dollars for a single one.
After all, they are life-saving props in critical moments.

Metal repairs the body, incense maintains the soul, this is the daily routine of every border sublimator.

Until now, he finally took out his hand and brought the vibrating phone to his ear, answering the call.

”It ’s me, I ’m still in Xin Hai. ”

”How ’s the situation? ” The person on the other end of the phone asked.

”I got injured and I ’m still bleeding.
Luckily, I have the black spade 4 you gave me, or I would have been caught for sure. ”

He gasped for breath with one hand on his coat.
”Xin Hai is now full of astronomical society ’s leads, and even the backup safe houses have been found…
Don ’t worry, I ’ll leave at midnight, with my own escape route, without leaving any traces. ”

”Be careful, don ’t stay in the realm anymore, come back as soon as possible. ”

The person on the phone gave a final reminder, ”Although the wedge in Xin Hai has not been removed, it does not affect the overall situation – your mission has been completed, and soon we will be able to open the passage to the demon city…
If the situation is critical, make your own decision and prioritize your own safety. ”

The red gloves hung up the phone indifferently and began to destroy everything that could not be taken away.
Soon, everything was packed up.

It was 11:15.

It was time to leave this city of living dead…


Suddenly, there was a loud crash in the distance.

The red gloves were startled and looked at the surveillance screen in the corner.

-Someone ’s here.

He opened his palm and summoned the fish tank, looking down into the water.

Outside the door, a red sports car crashed into the stacked containers and black smoke rose.

A car accident?

”Cough, cough, cough… ”

In a thick smoke, Huai Shi crawled out of the car in a wretched state, feeling dizzy and cold rain pouring down, waking him up.

He looked around in confusion, seeing the layers of stacked containers in the dock area, and the distant sea surface as cold as iron under the gloomy sky.

”Are we here? ”

”Yeah, we ’re here. ”

The Crow, who had narrowly escaped death, flew out of the car and looked around.
”Don ’t you know how to find a parking lot? Even if I say I want to be reckless, you don ’t have to be so stubborn as to crash straight in, do you? ”

”Forget that you brought this upon yourself! ” Huai Shi glared at him.
”Even if I parked the car, I wouldn ’t have the money to pay for the parking fee! ”

”Then why don ’t you just leave the car and let Liu Dongli pay for it after he ’s discharged from the hospital! ”

Huai Shi was stunned for a moment, realizing that in terms of lack of conscience, this stupid bird was even more superior – in terms of black-heartedness, I, Huai Shi, would like to honor you as the strongest.He braved the heavy rain, looking around and trying to identify the terrain.
But everything was a complete mystery, all the places looked the same, like a crossroads made up of colorful containers.

He couldn ’t tell where he was.

Let alone finding the red gloves hidden here.

They agreed to go out and fight monsters.

They arrived at their destination.

But where were the monsters?

Crow pondered for a moment and suggested a bad idea, ”Why don ’t you try shouting a few times? ”

Huai Shi was stunned for a moment, then nodded in agreement.
He raised his hands to make a megaphone and shouted, ”Hey, anyone there? Can anyone hear me? Open the door, my fellow countrymen, and bring some warmth…Red Gloves, where are you hiding? ”

No one responded.

In the darkness, Red Gloves looked coldly at his reflection in the water, expressionless.

”What is this? Are you trying to make a joke? ”

Suddenly, the water in the fish tank rippled slightly.

The distant perspective looked around and, after confirming that there was no one lying in ambush, seemed to put down the telescope and pick up something else.

Then a neat and meticulous crosshair appeared in the reflection…

Slowly moving around, it aimed at Huai Shi ’s hood.

At the top of the tower hanging high in the air, the figure covered with dustproof cloth on the boom slowly stood up, letting the rain wash over his pale skin.
His dull eyes were devoid of any vitality, and only a goldfish swam slowly in them.

The heavy sniper rifle was leveled in his hand.

He held his breath.

In the painful suffocation, the dark barrel pointed forward from those outstretched hands, and the black gun god reflected the endless rain in the sky.

In that instant, through the pouring rain and strong winds hundreds of meters away, the crosshairs had already locked onto the blurry figure without any defense in the rain.

His thumb contracted slightly.

And in that instant, the scenery in the scope suddenly shifted, and a pair of huge crimson pupils emerged.
It was like looking at Red Gloves ’ face directly through the reflection in the fish tank.

The sudden shock made Red Gloves ’ hand tremble, almost knocking over the fish tank.

What the hell!

”What are you doing, little brother? ”

The crow, who was squatting on the gun, peered into the scope with a sneaky look and spoke, ”Is it not appropriate to stand so high when it ’s raining? ”

”Here… ”

As she spoke, she raised her paw and put something she had grabbed into the puppet ’s lifeless hand.

”Here ’s something good for you. ”

Under Red Gloves ’ control, the puppet instinctively looked down and saw a slender…wire in its hand?

In that instant, a faint blue light seemed to flash on the wire.

The next second, amidst the roaring thunder, he couldn ’t see anything.


”What the f*ck! ”

Red Gloves was struck by lightning, staggering back a step and instinctively covering his forehead, feeling the pain of the charred source material splitting from the thunder.

What made him even more uneasy was the eerie crow, which reminded him of the now-famous crowned East Xia White Emperor, the girl who always carried a pigeon around…He suddenly felt a chill: how many of the same batch of monsters did the lunatics from Jixia create?

If that was the case, avoiding and hiding was no longer meaningful.

Only a desperate struggle could bring a glimmer of hope.

His expression darkened, he clenched his fist tightly, and after hearing the sharp sound of steel breaking in the distance, he slowly pushed open the door and walked out of the hiding container, facing the rain and standing at the crossroads piled up with layers of steel, where the voice of a young man calling out suddenly stopped.

”You really came out? ”

Huai Shi was also surprised, as if someone really jumped out when they shouted that no one would save him.

”Only you came out? ”

The red-gloved tilted her head and looked around, not finding any trace of others, and her expression became even colder: ”The people of Dongxia are really getting worse and worse. ”

”Ah, no, you may have misunderstood. ”

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Huai Shi awkwardly waved his hand and sighed: ”Although we have met before, I should introduce myself.
But I don ’t like that kind of formality, so if you really want to give me a name, you can call me… ”

As he spoke, he took off his hood, revealing his face and the pink mask on his face:

”- Huaihai Road Little Peppa. ”

”… ”

The red glove was stunned.

What the hell?


What Huai, what Hai, what Road, what Little, what Peppa?

It can be understood that anyone who sees that mask would be shocked, right?

And just as he was stunned, Huai Shi, who had prepared for this moment for a long time, pulled out Liu Dongli ’s gun from his waist and aimed it at his face, pulling the trigger decisively.

– Bang!

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