Even the fool who was hit by the First Sight Kill, after dying so many times, would instinctively learn to dodge, right?

Now Huai Shi, besides luck, can only rely on his rich experience of death to deal with him.

If it were to be evaluated in the Book of Fate, the specialization in dagger combat with the red gloves undoubtedly had a level of LV8 or above.
This level, for weaklings like him, was almost a terrifying gap that could kill with one hit.

If he wanted to win…

He let go of his left hand in front of the red gloves and the heavy weapon made of source material dissipated in an instant, returning to Huai Shi ’s soul.

He gave up his most advantageous weapon so suddenly.

In the next instant, when he awkwardly twisted his body to dodge the red glove ’s dagger, his feet suddenly stopped on the ground, and he bent over, followed by…

The first move of the first set of Military Boxing.

– Bow step punch!


His fist hit the red glove ’s chest, and a crimson wound appeared through the bandages.

After abandoning the heavy axe, his movements were more than twice as fast, but his strength was too weak.
Compared with the heavyweight champion who could KO his opponent with one punch on the ring, his punch was completely in the realm of not hurting or itching.

But at the moment he was hit, the red glove ’s movement suddenly stagnated, and his eyes widened in disbelief.
His face turned red, and tears flowed down his face in the pouring rain, coughing uncontrollably.

”Tear gas, is it fun? ”

Huai Shi grinned and clenched his left fist again.

With his five fingers tightening, black sand constantly leaked from the gaps between his fingers, vaporizing in the abundant water vapor and flowing down.

Ash of calamity.

The essence of the Circle of Confinement lies in the transformation between source material and material- that is, Huai Shi can transform his source material that originally belongs to the soul into material, limited to the iron vassals.

As a byproduct of Huai Shi ’s ability, these tiny iron sands that carry the intense pain and sorrow of the Ash of Calamity will be injected into the enemy ’s blood once they enter the wound, returning to source material- forcibly infusing Huai Shi ’s pain into his enemy!

After combining with Military Boxing, this move can be called Military Path Kill Punch-Tear Gas? If he were a person full of positive energy, this move might become Fat Otaku Happy Punch.

Unfortunately, what does this have to do with himself, a cold-blooded negative energy generator?

So he approached, dodging the randomly waving dagger, clenching his left fist, aimed at the red glove ’s face, and punched!

”This punch is for Lao Yang! ”

Then another punch!

”This punch is for Lao Liu! ”

Ignoring the dagger that passed by his face, he and the red glove fought together, like fighting beasts, using his awkward Military Boxing to hit the disintegrating face, and then sharing his pain with the red glove without reservation!

Finally, he clenched his fist, pouring out all his anger and pain.

”This punch is for myself! ”

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Bang!The red-gloved dagger flew out of his hand and stuck in Huai Shi ’s neck and shoulder, while his head was almost knocked off by Huai Shi ’s fist.

He exerted all his strength, lifted his foot, and kicked the boy who was riding on him out.
He staggered to his feet, clutching his skull, which felt like it was about to explode from the pain, and roared hoarsely, ”What the hell are you?! ”

”Why do you need to know so much? Are you looking for a prostitute too? ”

In the pouring rain, Huai Shi slowly got up from the ground and grinned at him.
Then, his blood-stained face showed a smile, ”Huai Shi, male, seventeen years old, a righteous high school student…
maybe. ”

This was his first self-introduction.

Immediately after, Huai Shi opened his hands again, and pale flames ignited from his palms, using up his last bit of source material, and he clenched his invisible weapon.

Dragging the heavy axe, he stepped forward step by step, ”Come on, the halftime break and self-introduction are over, friend.
Let ’s… ”

Sharp voices suddenly erupted, and the invisible axe left a deep mark on the ground.
The fleeting sparks flew out like a waterfall in the pouring rain.

Anger burned like fire, turning the invisible blade red, illuminating the boy ’s pale face and the grim arc at the corner of his mouth.

”Let ’s start again! ”

Above the pitch-black sky, hot lightning flashed, and the violent light shuttled in the suffocating heavy rain.
The thunder was still to come.

This was the end of the battle.

Behind the red gloves, the burning rock in the car finally sang to its climax.
The elegy echoed in the hoarse singing, reverberating in the rain that seemed to engulf the whole world.

Red gloves stood up expressionlessly.

Facing Huai Shi, he clenched his fists, and the knuckles covered in cracks rubbed against each other, making a cracking sound.

Standard Roman unarmed combat.

This time, he had no hesitation or fear.

Even if they both died together.

Just one blow was enough.

At that moment, the two of them roared, and the sound of iron clashing erupted from the thunder between the heavy rain.

Huai Shi ran wildly and exerted all his strength, throwing the axe in his hand.
The rain curtain was torn apart, emitting a mournful scream.

Before the axe blade dissipated, it chopped into the red glove ’s shoulder.

The sound of the clavicle being shattered was like the sound of firewood breaking in the fire.

At that moment, the red gloves had no time to dodge and felt the boy hit him, carrying a cold iron, piercing through his body.

It was the dagger that was originally stuck in Huai Shi ’s shoulder.

With a huge force pushing him back step by step, he was pressed against the scrapped car.
The dagger that pierced through his body was deeply wedged into the car shell like a nail.

”Goodbye, red gloves. ”

This was Huai Shi ’s last whisper.

In a daze and dizziness, the red gloves seemed to hear what Huai Shi said, but when he lowered his head, he didn ’t hear anything clearly.
The sound of the rain was too loud.

Only the singer ’s hoarse whisper in the broken CD player lingered in his ears.

”You ’re face to face… ” ”With the Man who Sold the World… ”

Facing you, is this person who betrayed the world.

At the moment when Huai Shi lit the match, he laughed at himself and wearily lowered his eyes.
”Ah, so even the high school students in Dongxia are a bunch of monsters… ”

In the endless downpour, the match slowly fell from Huai Shi ’s hand.

It fell into the broken oil drum.

Soon, with the interruption of the song, a loud explosion erupted.

The crimson flames spewed out from the crimson sports car and rose into the sky, devouring everything within reach.

Burning everything to ashes.

Soon, it went out, leaving only a charred red glove lying quietly in the wreckage amidst the pungent smoke, with no other trace left.

”Finally, it ’s over. ” Crow landed on his shoulder and sighed softly.
”It ’s as beautiful as a miracle.
You did a good job, Huai Shi. ”

Huai Shi didn ’t speak, just leaned wearily against the container, sitting in the rain.

For some reason, he suddenly remembered himself seven years ago, holding a weapon for the first time.

If it was the Huai Shi from back then, he would surely cry weakly at the scene before him, right?

But that Huai Shi from the past had already been killed by his own hands, along with that nightmare…

This must be what they call growth, right?

”I gazed a gazeless stare at all the millions here… ”

He closed his eyes and softly sang the end of the song that was never sung.
”We must have died alone, alone long time ago… ”

We will surely die one after another, a long, long time ago…

And also a long, long time later.

Not long after, the sound of brakes came from a distance.

A row of huge headlights shone directly at Huai Shi.

In the heavy footsteps, the entire scene was surrounded by the familiar sublimator suppression troops.

After all, it was the Special Affairs Department.
Once mobilized, the entire New Sea was under surveillance, and no source material fluctuations could escape their eyes.

With so many troops mobilized, they arrived at the scene in ten minutes, which was not too slow.

Unfortunately, it ended here faster than anyone expected.

Soon, a middle-aged man in a raincoat stood out.
He looked a little old, with some gray hair.
Under the heavy raincoat, the outline of a quick response vest bulged, and the traces of a heavy firearm could be vaguely seen.

He looked around and finally looked at Huai Shi.

”Where ’s the red glove? ” he asked.
”Where is it? ”

Huai Shi raised his hand and pointed to the wreckage of the car.

”Dead? ” The middle-aged man looked incredulously at the completely burned body and the remaining charred glove.
”It was you? ”

”It was actually a bald hero who happened to pass by. ” Huai Shi chuckled softly.
”Just when I was about to be killed, he suddenly descended from the sky and saved me.
After killing the red glove with one palm, he left without looking back.
If you insist on asking for a name, why not call him the Huaihai Road Pei Qi Xia? ”

Obviously, this set of nonsense had no credibility at all.Because there was surveillance footage on the scene.

The dock security guards were not stupid, and when they heard the explosion and gunfire, they immediately called the police.

”Is he really a Sublimator? ”

The middle-aged man quickly watched the surveillance footage and looked at Huai Shi with complexity.
Although Huai Shi had killed the terrorists from Green Day, there were too many suspicious points in his actions before that…
If they just went back to their respective homes and pretended like nothing happened, it wouldn ’t give the Special Affairs Department any face.

”So… ” He sighed, ”Before cooperating with us in the investigation, do you have anything to say? ”

Huai Shi lowered his head and thought seriously for a long time, scratching his wet hair.
”If I had to say something I learned from this, it ’s that you really can ’t listen to rock music with your phone, right? ”

The man nodded.
”Yeah, I ’ll have to save up to buy a CD player. ”


The middle-aged man had nothing more to say to Huai Shi ’s rough personality.
He waved his hand, and his men came over and handcuffed Huai Shi ’s left hand, then lifted him up and walked towards the armored car behind.

Looking at the slowly opening car door in front of him, and the separated cell inside, Huai Shi finally couldn ’t help but sigh.
Indeed, he shouldn ’t have acted impulsively.
Now, he didn ’t have to worry about how to eat in the future.
Maybe someone would take care of his meals for the rest of his life.

So, next time before doing something like this, he should buy a hood first, right? A Peppa Pig mask was completely useless.

”…So, Director Fu, where are you taking the employees of the Astronomy Society? ”

At that moment, he heard a cold voice behind him, ”If I remember correctly, although the Special Affairs Department has the right to supervise the members of the Astronomy Society, the specific custody, disposal, and trial rights belong to the central management committee of the country, right?

And tonight, he just represented the Astronomy Society in eradicating a tumor that Green Day had buried in the realm.
Regardless of how you think about it, it ’s unreasonable to treat him like this. ”

Huai Shi turned his head in surprise and saw Ai Qing sitting in a wheelchair.
Her expression was calm, her hands calmly folded on a blanket in front of her knees.
Perhaps because of the cold night air, her fingers were transparently white, and each blue blood vessel was clearly visible.

Behind her, her diligent female driver held a large umbrella, not letting a drop of rain fall on her.

The middle-aged man, who was called Director Fu for the first time, was stunned for a long time, looking at Ai Qing, then couldn ’t help but turn his head to look at Huai Shi several times.
”A member of the Astronomy Society? Him? When? ”

”Five days ago, when Huai Shi voluntarily became bait, he signed the Astronomy Society ’s civil obligation assistance agreement, which lasts for a month.
That means he is still a temporary employee of the Astronomy Society. ”

As she spoke, Ai Qing took out a contract from her folder and showed it to Director Fu.
”Therefore, his personal safety and actions are the responsibility of the Astronomy Society.
If you have any doubts about this conflict, I will take him to the Special Affairs Department to make a detailed explanation in the next two days.
But for now, can you please unlock his handcuffs? ”Director Fu looked down at the agreement in Ai Qing ’s hand with an expressionless face, but didn ’t take it.
After a long while, he chuckled softly, ”It ’s the first time I ’ve heard the word ’you ’ from your mouth.
It ’s really an honor. ”

He waved his hand, motioning for his subordinates to release Huai Shi ’s handcuffs.

Before leaving, he patted Huai Shi ’s shoulder, ”Remember not to get too arrogant, kid.
I really hope I won ’t see you in the Special Affairs Bureau ’s prison in the future… ”

After speaking, he got on the car and led the team away.

In the silence, there was only the stunned Huai Shi and the girl under the umbrella.

”When did I sign that contract with you? ” Huai Shi looked at the pile of agreements that Ai Qing had thrown into the water, and asked in confusion, ”Why don ’t I know about it? ”

”I signed it for you.
It was just printed out ten minutes ago and the ink hasn ’t even dried yet.
It seems like that guy also noticed it, right? He gave me face. ”

”…By the way, didn ’t you go to Jinling? ”

”Ah, I lied to you about that. ”

Ai Qing calmly held a small hand warmer and said, ”If I told you that I feel like you ’re hiding something from me, so I put a tracker in your pocket, and I saw everything from beginning to end here, would you be angry? ”

Huai Shi was stunned for a long time before nodding, ”…A little bit? ”

”Oh, then be angry.
I don ’t lack one more person. ”

Ai Qing nodded indifferently and casually took out something from her pocket and threw it into Huai Shi ’s arms.

He hurriedly caught it and found that it was a magnetic card, but the material seemed to be some kind of alloy.
It was heavy in his hand, with an earth symbol embossed on the front, thorns and laurel patterns on both sides, and a buckle on the back that could be hung on the chest.

”What is this? ”

”Your life-saving talisman. ”

She said coldly, ”From now on, you are the confidential secretary of the East Asia Branch of the Astronomical Society ’s new prosecutor under me.
To be honest, I don ’t care what you ’re hiding, but if you don ’t want to be imprisoned for murder, be prepared to work hard for me. ”

Huai Shi was stunned, ”Am I being recruited? ”

As expected, the saying from the Water Margin was true.
If you want to become an official, you have to be recruited after killing and arson.
He just killed someone and set a fire, and now he ’s a member of the Astronomical Society?

And he ’s even a secretary, hey, a male secretary, how novel…

”It ’s not recruitment, it ’s ’serving a sentence ’. ”

Ai Qing glanced at his silly smile, cruelly dispelling the hope in his heart, ”Simply put, you work, you report, you take the blame, you die…
Your job is that simple.
I hope you ’re ready.
There ’s a lot of work waiting for you to finish before the end of your summer vacation. ”

Thinking of Liu Dongli, who was still in the intensive care unit, Huai Shi suddenly felt cold in his heart.
He felt like he wouldn ’t live long.
What should he do? He ’s waiting online, it ’s urgent.

”And… ”

Before leaving, Ai Qing turned around and gave him a final glance.

In that moment, in the gradually sparse rain, Huai Shi saw the girl under the umbrella ’s mouth slightly curl up.

She said, ”Long time no see, Huai Shi. ”

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