”What the hell is this? ”

The detective looked confused.
As a dealer for many years, he had never seen such a strange scene.

I mean this. ”

Huai Shi coughed and took out a glass bottle from his pocket, placing it in front of him.
The bottle was filled with ashes.

This was the simplest way to make money that Crow had come up with for him.

Theft is never good, try looking at bit.ly/3iBfjkV.

As a rare essence, ashes were a necessary base for some alchemy, but due to their limited application and the fact that the material was not difficult to find in deep areas, they didn ’t sell for a high price.

”Wait a minute. ”

After realizing what was going on, the detective immediately made a phone call, ”Hey, Uncle, I remember you placed an order for border sediment a few days ago.
I have a customer who wants to sell some.
Why don ’t you come and take a look? ”

A few minutes later, the computer screen lit up.

What was even stranger was that the light on the camera transformed into the image of an old man, who seemed a bit impatient.
He walked straight over and instructed the detective to pour a few ashes from the bottle into a solution that Huai Shi couldn ’t name.

After watching the solution react, the old man nodded slightly and said, ”It ’s rare to find such pure ashes in the realm these days.
I ’ll take them all at the price of a top-grade product.
If you have more in the future, contact me and I ’ll buy them at market price plus 10%. ”

After saying that, he disappeared.

The detective didn ’t say anything more, he weighed Huai Shi ’s bottle and found it weighed about 300 grams.

Usually, a bottle of iron sand would weigh more than a pound, but the real weight of ashes was much lighter than it looked.

This was all the ash that Huai Shi had accumulated over the past few days.
He couldn ’t get any more, as he wasn ’t the type to dwell on the past and blame himself.
He could only refine it by constantly reading death records.

After calculating for a while, the detective looked up and asked, ”According to the recent market price, it ’s a total of 84,000 yuan.
I ’ll take a 5% commission as a middleman.
Here ’s his business card.
Next time, just contact the buyer directly.
How about it? ”

Huai Shi had no objections.
After all, wasn ’t the middleman just making a profit from the price difference?

And it was so easy to get 80,000 yuan, which made him feel excited about being a sublimator for the first time.

Before leaving, Huai Shi also followed Crow ’s instructions and bought a more accurate set of equipment and materials for dry pot cooking.
The cheap set at home was fine for playing around in the chemistry lab, but it wasn ’t useful when it came to actual use.

Just this simple set of tools cost him over 9,000 yuan.
If it weren ’t for Crow ’s repeated emphasis on their necessity, he would have just made do with what he had.

He didn ’t plan to give all of the remaining 71,000 yuan to Crow.
That guy always talked about cutting prices in half, even if he only gave him 50,000 yuan, it would be enough for him to take half a month ’s worth of medicine.

The remaining 21,000 yuan could last him a long time if he used it for living expenses.Huai Shi planned to keep 5,000 of them as daily expenses, and first spend some money to renovate the Stone Marrow Pavilion, re-install the glass and repaint the exterior walls.
If he did it himself, he could save a lot of money.
The remaining money would be used to buy a new set of strings for his cello, buy some chairs, and tidy up the hall.
There probably wouldn ’t be much left.

After leaving with his tools, Huai Shi was still immersed in happiness, even finding the stray dogs on the roadside cute.

Seeing his silly expression, Liu Dongli shook his head helplessly and walked ahead.

But just as Huai Shi was about to say goodbye and go home, he suddenly shook.

He paused and turned around abruptly.

Several hurried pedestrians on the desolate street, several cars passing by on the street, and the wild cats climbing over the wall slowly walked away…

In that moment, he felt his death prediction skill had activated on its own, followed by a cold sensation like a needle poking the back of his neck.

An intuition that required no language emerged from his heart – someone had murderous intent towards him.
But then, that feeling quickly dissipated like an illusion.

Only the lingering cold remained in his lungs.

”What ’s wrong? ” Liu Dongli noticed his abnormality.

”Nothing. ” Huai Shi smiled calmly.
”Let ’s stop here.
I ’m going home. ”

”Okay. ” Liu Dongli waved his hand.
”Remember to come out for a meal before you leave. ”

After Huai Shi agreed, he turned and left.

The deathly murderous intent was directed at him and had nothing to do with anyone else.
After all, Old Liu had just been discharged from the hospital.
Why drag him into his own pit?

Unexpectedly, Huai Shi took responsibility.

who the hell wanted to kill him?

”Oh my god, I think I ’m being watched! ”

In the hall of the Stone Marrow Pavilion, Huai Shi looked at Crow in front of him.
”Do you have any ideas, Crow? ”

”No hope, wait to die, goodbye. ”

Crow calmly sent three emoticons and checked the things Huai Shi brought back, as if he had seen it all before.
”What ’s the point of asking such a simple question? If someone wants to kill you, you kill them.
Isn ’t that the way it should be? ”

”How do I kill them? Do I turn into an axe? ”

Huai Shi sighed.
He knew his own weight, even if he wore the dragon robe, he wouldn ’t look like a prince.
Even if he became a Sublimator, he could only make up for it with a knife.
A disabled red glove could beat him up.
If someone came out of an alley one day and shot him with a pop gun, he wouldn ’t have the ability to resist.

”So I said last night… ”

Crow looked up and smiled happily.
”Do you want to try the new function of the Book of Fate? ”

Although he had a bad feeling, Huai Shi nodded in resignation.

So the Book of Fate opened, and Crow turned into a pen and wrote down a little.

Huai Shi suddenly felt black in front of his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, he smelled a pungent smell of blood.In the dark underground room, there were corpses everywhere.
A thin man with half of his body decayed roared at him and stabbed him with his left hand covered in shells.

Huai Shi instinctively took a step back and felt a sharp pain piercing through his body without even having time to react.

Then, the man raised his deformed and swollen right hand, pressed it against his forehead, and squeezed it suddenly.


He died.

In the pitch-black darkness, a huge blood-red character ”菜 ” slowly emerged.

”What the hell is this? ”

Huai Shi jumped up from the chair in pain and glared at Crow.
”Besides adding a ’菜 ’ character to mock me, what else has changed? ”

”Huh? ” Crow asked back.
”Haven ’t you noticed anything different? ”

Huai Shi was stunned for a moment, then remembered that in that death record, he seemed to…
retreated a step?

Yes, that ’s right.
He was no longer passively experiencing things through his back spirit, but had reacted to death for the first time.

”So this is the new function? ”

”Yeah. ” Crow nodded.
”If you used to watch live streamers play games as a cloud player, now you ’ve installed a software with a valve icon and can try playing games yourself…
Hmm, come to think of it, not being able to be a freeloader seems to be a disadvantage? ”

”That ’s enough from you. ”

Huai Shi rolled his eyes, wondering where this guy had learned so many vulgar words.

”But it seems that it ’s better not to let you play a high-level game for the first time. ”

Crow pondered for a moment.
”The most complete part of the Book of Fate ’s record now is the part about the Red Gloves.
Let me find you a beginner ’s tutorial first.
But before that, raise your left hand, yes, like that, point one finger up and fold the others. ”

”Like this? ”

Huai Shi held up his left hand stupidly, not knowing what it was for.
”What ’s the use? ”

”You ’ll find out soon. ”

Crow smiled mysteriously, skillfully took out his phone, took a picture of him, and waved his wings at him.
”Goodbye. ”

Huai Shi instantly fell back on the chair and fell asleep deeply.

Then, she opened the PS software and skillfully added a line of text below the photo of Huai Shi:

– I want to be beaten up.

New emoji GET~

Then, the beating began.

When Huai Shi finally understood what the posture meant, he was already in a strange training ground, being beaten up by a burly man with five big and three thick punches.

The Roman combat technique that he had seen glimpses of on the Red Gloves was now incredibly proficient in the hands of his unfamiliar opponent.

Especially when he attacked, there was absolutely no mercy or hesitation.

He was directly aiming to cripple him!

As soon as the whistle blew, he kicked him, almost breaking his neck, then skillfully flipped in the air and caught him with his bare hands.


Huai Shi ’s right hand was broken.

”What are you waiting for! Number 7944! ”Beside the training ground, the man with his hands behind his back said sternly, ”Did you learn all these things just to waste them? Pick up the knife and kill him! Or maybe you don ’t mind being killed by this death row prisoner! ”

His cold tone revealed his attitude without reservation.

Either die as a waste or kill this grinning opponent to prove your worth.

Huai Shi took a deep breath and, after a brief pause, bent down and picked up the knife from the ground, gripping it tightly.

Sometimes he couldn ’t help but be grateful that this scene was just a dream.

This way, he could pick up a weapon and kill anyone without worrying about laws, morals, conscience, or other considerations.

Perhaps this was also its most terrifying aspect?

After becoming familiar with all this, how could he be willing to return to his once ordinary life?

For some reason, he couldn ’t resist it.

”Come! ”

With the sharp whistle of the instructor, Huai Shi rushed forward!

Then he died.

In fact, after Huai Shi ’s fierce operation and dealing 2.5 points of damage, he finally succeeded in slashing the opponent ’s neck.

He won.

But by this point, he had basically been kicked off his waist and had three limbs broken.

As he tried to seek help from the instructor, the instructor walked up to him indifferently, twisted his neck, and the last thing he heard was:

”You have betrayed the empire ’s expectations of you. ”

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