Damn it, the empire!

Are you from the Islanda family?

Huai Shi opened his eyes and felt like he had a lot to say.
Shouldn ’t his health be fully restored and he gained two skill points after defeating a strong enemy?

He looked at the dust on the ceiling, feeling hopeless.

Where am I?

Who am I?

Where am I going?

”Do you want to continue? ” Crow seemed to be laughing in secret.

Huai Shi sighed and recalled the killing intent he had experienced before.
He felt as if he could sense someone watching him in the dark.

Why was he so unlucky?

”Continue! ”

He gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and sank into the darkness again.

Crow shook his head with pity and took out his phone.
He added a line of text below the expression pack: ”Two meals are also okay. ”

So, the beating continued.

The beating lasted until the afternoon of the next day.
When Huai Shi finally managed to pass without injury, he felt like crying.

Red Glove was really tough!

After rejecting Crow ’s suggestion to continue, he took a rare hot shower using the remaining electricity paid by Lao Liu, changed into a black suit that he only wore for formal performances, and prepared to go out.

”It ’s rare to see you dress up so nicely, ” Crow teased.
”Are you planning to ask a little girl out? ”

Funeral home, ” Huai Shi sighed.

There were no little girls around.

Today was the day when Lao Yang was cremated.
He had to go no matter what.

The couple had always been good to him, although it was mainly the sister-in-law who treated him well.
But in this day and age, how many people are willing to give you a chance to be self-reliant when you are in a desperate situation?

Even if this guy had tricked him badly, he still helped him in the end.

To some extent, he could live with dignity until now, without having to do hard labor, collect garbage, or work as an illegal laborer, thanks to Lao Yang.

Moreover, although Lao Yang was unreliable at times, Huai Shi was not a high-end talent either.
After so many years of mutual deception, they had almost become accustomed to it.

Isn ’t that what friends are like?

Now that Lao Yang was gone, he had to go and see him off.

Although he rushed all the way, when he arrived at the funeral home, the farewell ceremony was almost over.

Lao Yang had been a mediator all his life, and he had a wide network of contacts and many friends.
There were also many local relatives who came to say goodbye.

Huai Shi followed the crowd silently.
When it was his turn, he didn ’t dare to look up.
After placing the flowers in his hand, he avoided his sister-in-law ’s gaze, lowered his head, and ran to the back.

Although Lao Yang died in the church in Lao Tang, the cause of death announced to the public was a car accident.
After being reconstructed at the funeral home, his face, which was completely unrecognizable, had regained some of its former charm.
He looked like he was sleeping peacefully, carefree, which made people feel uneasy.This bastard had been chasing money for half his life, and finally he sold himself for a good price, achieving his goal and dying without any regrets.

According to the people bidding farewell on both sides, when they were counting the inheritance, this guy really left a large sum of money for his wife, enough for her future treatment.

After listening to a few sentences, Huai Shi left a little further away, not wanting to hear any more.

After the farewell to the body was over, it was sent to the crematorium…
To Huai Shi ’s surprise, although her eyes were a little red, his sister-in-law did not cry from beginning to end.
Instead, she handled the final farewell of the old Yang in an orderly manner, letting him leave with dignity.

How did that bastard manage to marry such a good wife?

Huai Shi ’s mood became even more complicated.

Soon, the funeral was over, and when the guests were leaving, Huai Shi received a message from his sister-in-law asking him to come to the back.

In the family rest room of the funeral home, after driving away all the irrelevant people, the woman closed the door and took out a thick envelope from her bag and gave it to him.

”…What does this mean? ”

Huai Shi was stunned, looking at the envelope on the table, which contained at least twenty thousand if it was money.

”Take it, it ’s what old Yang owed you. ”

She smiled like she was ashamed, ”In the past, he did so many things for me, and in the end, it should be me who owes you.
Little Shi, you are a good kid, always being cheated out of money, but this debt cannot be owed forever.
Now that he ’s gone, I want to make sure he ’s clean and clear.
If you really want to make me feel better, then don ’t refuse anymore. ”

Huai Shi was silent, looking at the envelope on the table for a long time before shaking his head slowly.

”There ’s no such thing as owing or not owing. ”

He said softly, ”When I was young and ignorant, I always thought that other people ’s kindness to me was a matter of course, because I would definitely repay them a hundred or a thousand times in the future.
But after I grew up, I gradually realized that sometimes those people who helped me didn ’t expect any return from me in the future.
Even if old Yang heard this, he would probably laugh at me, right? For me, when I was in my most difficult time, old Yang helped me, and that ’s enough.
The rest doesn ’t matter, and there ’s no you owe me or I owe you. ”

He pushed the envelope back onto the table slowly and seriously said, ”So even if there ’s a tiny bit of my share in there, please take it as a tiny repayment from a person you helped. ”

His sister-in-law was silent for a long time and didn ’t refuse anymore.

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She just lowered her head, wiped her nose, and forced a smile, ”If old Yang were still alive and heard what you said, he would definitely be ashamed. ”

No, that guy would definitely be proud of himself, right?

He neatly put the money away, stuffed it into his wife ’s bag, and then excitedly told him that it was something he didn ’t want, but now it ’s too late to regret it.
He would take his wife out for a good meal tonight. ”How did this bastard manage to marry such a good wife? ”

Huai Shi sighed.

During the funeral, Huai Shi did not follow along.
Attending a farewell was already difficult enough, there was no need to be sad for that guy, Lao Yang, twice.

Besides, he really didn ’t want to see his sister-in-law cry.

After saying goodbye, he was ready to go home.

Unlike when he came and rushed to take a taxi, he chose to take the bus to save money on the way back.
He had to change two lines and cross the entire city to get to his home in the other end of Xin Hai.

It was said that the subway would be convenient once it was opened, but the subway in Xin Hai had been under construction since Huai Shi was born, and it had been so long but there was still no sign of it.

Moreover, Xin Hai was a medium-sized city with only so many people coming and going.
Although it was a bit crowded during rush hour, it was impossible to be unable to move without a subway.

Over time, everyone gave up their expectations.

During the long wait, he rarely opened his WeChat, which had been closed for ten thousand years, to see if there was anything important.

Due to the long-term pressure of poverty, his interpersonal relationships were poor, and he only knew one or two acquaintances who knew his situation, so there were hardly any people bothering him during the summer vacation.

Apart from the class WeChat group, which had now become a mobile game group, there was hardly any news.

Huai Shi scrolled up and found that apart from the daily messages about playing games and treating each other to meals, there was only a notice about the adjustment of the time for the distribution of the piano room after school started, and a bunch of silly pictures.

What made him sad was that he found that the photo of himself standing in front of the prostitution house had been turned into an emoji…

”You guys can at least be human! ”

Huai Shi was furious, and then he found the pictures of the guys who had turned his photo into an emoji from the group chat, and added a panda head to each of them, sending them one by one.

In the midst of the silly netizens ’ battle, his movement suddenly stopped, feeling the malicious gaze from the last row of the bus falling on him.

He didn ’t know if it was due to Crow ’s growth period causing his perception to increase, or if he had become accustomed to the feeling of the death premonition starting up, but Huai Shi was becoming more and more sensitive to other people ’s malice.

Although he couldn ’t read minds yet, after being watched all the way, his neck felt like a caterpillar was crawling on it, making him tense all over.

Looking through the window of the bus, he vaguely saw the man in the last row with a duckbill hat on, who was obviously the source of the malicious gaze.

When he saw that the man seemed to be taking out his phone to send a message, Huai Shi suddenly stood up and got off the bus quickly when it arrived at the station.

As he had expected, the man hesitated for a moment, then followed him without leaving a trace.In the bustling city center, on the busiest pedestrian street, he strolled leisurely, as if taking a walk.
He stopped in the middle to buy a pack of cigarettes, but he had been following Huai Shi closely all the time, never letting him out of his sight.

Watching the strange expression, lewd gaze, and almost popping pectoral muscles on the man ’s chest, Huai Shi suddenly shuddered and felt a bad guess in his mind: ”Damn, is he a perverted gay? ”

After strolling for ten minutes, Huai Shi could tell that the guy behind him was definitely following him.
Otherwise, how could they have even entered the same public restroom by coincidence?

Pretending nothing was happening, Huai Shi began to speed up in the crowded pedestrian street.
After passing through two shopping malls and turning several streets, he entered the citizen square in the old city district.

The guy behind him followed him all the way, never letting him escape his sight.
But after turning a corner, he found that Huai Shi had disappeared from the street.
As he looked around in confusion, he saw the young man pull out five yuan from his pocket, haggle with the counter lady, and finally exchange it for a handkerchief.
Then he walked into a door behind the lobby.

The follower was stunned for a moment, looked up in amazement, and saw the sign of the shop: ”Spring Bathhouse. ”

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