At seven in the morning, Huai Shi was awakened by his alarm clock.

After getting used to sleeping until he naturally woke up, he didn ’t react in his daze.

It wasn ’t until he remembered that today was the first day of school that his mood suddenly became heavy.

Returning to the cage, throwing oneself into the net…

A series of adjectives popped into his head.
Compared to this heavy weight, the pain of being chased and hacked at last night was nothing…

”Ah, I don ’t want to go to school. ”

He groaned weakly and got out of bed.

When he turned over, he felt the itching of his wounds healing and the dull pain of muscle strain all over his body.

Thanks to his developmental period and Crow ’s potion, the wounds he sustained last night, which would take an ordinary person two to three weeks to heal, had already healed overnight.

Even the scars had begun to fade.
In a while, they probably wouldn ’t be visible anymore, would they?

But why not heal for a few more days?

That way, he could have an excuse to take a leave of absence.
Otherwise, going to school covered in blood would be so embarrassing.
The principal might even have a stroke from being scared.

With a heavy heart, Huai Shi got up and went downstairs.

”Ah, you ’re awake? ”

In the dining room, Crow smiled like a good wife and mother, wearing a white mask as an apron.
”I ’ve prepared breakfast and lunch for you. ”

Huai Shi looked at the few test tubes on the table and couldn ’t help but roll his eyes.

Whose food looked like this?

”Why is there an extra one today? And it ’s different from the others. ”

Huai Shi picked up the thin test tube and shook the viscous dark green liquid inside it slightly.

The death premonition, which was now trending towards an upgrade, was telling him with a slight chill that this thing was definitely not a drinkable liquid, but something that would kill a normal person after drinking it.

”It ’s called main course and side dish…
Isn ’t this to go with your meal? ”

”Can you say something that ’s appetizing? ”

”Well, to put it simply, this contains some border substances and mineral toxins left over from extraction…
Ah, don ’t worry, it ’s been diluted to the point where it will only paralyze a person if they drink it.
If you drink it, it may dissolve some of your muscles in trace amounts and cause some damage to your cardiovascular system. ”

”…Am I drinking this because I want to live longer? ”

”As the saying goes, you have to break things to rebuild them.
Yesterday, I found that after you experienced a beating…
cough cough, that exercise, under the stimulation of your subconscious, your development actually accelerated quite a bit.
It proves that at this stage, some pressure and destruction will make your absorption speed faster…
After all, the essence of anaerobic exercise is to tear muscles and wait for them to grow back. ”

As he spoke, Crow pointed to the tape measure on the table.
”If you don ’t believe me, measure your height yourself. ”

A minute later, Huai Shi looked at the scale on the ruler in astonishment.

180 centimeters?Last time, the measurement result was 1.77 meters.
In other words, within just two days, he grew three centimeters taller?

”Not just height, weight, body fat, and blood have also changed, but you can ’t see it here without testing equipment.
After these two weeks, your height may be fixed, and then it ’s the fine strengthening of bones, nerves, organs, and muscles until reaching the theoretical limit of ordinary people.

Depending on the difference in abilities, some aspects may be further strengthened.
The range of the Circle Confinement is your hands, and your finger ’s fine manipulation and sensitivity will be further improved. ”

After Crow finished speaking, he threw the Book of Fate and the potion over with his wings, ”But before that, you should think about how to earn back the material cost of next week ’s potion first. ”

Huai Shi ’s expression stiffened.

The heavy loan made him lose his smile.

Using a credit card is fun in the moment…

He sighed and pushed the door open, and behind him, Crow waved to him, ”Be careful on the road, remember to take your medicine, and get along well with your classmates~ ”

God damn it, get along well?

”Are you my mom? ”

”Ah, is it that simple? ” Crow was stunned for a moment, looking a little shy, ”If you want, you can call me mom, and don ’t use the honorifics, it ’s embarrassing. ”

”… ”

Huai Shi almost tripped on the steps, turned around and glared at her, and set foot on his way to school.

Being an art and sports student is a bit good, because there are basically no courses in the first half of the third year of high school.
Everyone is making the final sprint before the decision of their art and sports career, after all, not only the college entrance examination determines their fate, but also the professional exams and various school recruitments before that.

Huai Shi only needs to show up in class and then go to the piano room to practice or slack off.
Occasionally, he would appear in the evening self-study to report his attendance, completely unrestrained.

Others may still go to cram schools outside, but don ’t even think about him spending tens of thousands of yuan for these three months.

He can do anything to save money!

Moreover, he has already passed the ABRSM Grade 8, and is waiting to take the professional preliminary exam in Jinling next month.
He doesn ’t need to burn this money.

For so many years, he has always been a sneaky person, always afraid of things, but never afraid of anything on the cello.

Even now, as a Sublimator, he has never changed his dream of finding a decent musician job through the cello.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

To dominate the world? Harem of women?

Compared to these, he hopes to have his own place in the Golden Hall of Vienna in his lifetime.

Thinking of this, he suddenly hesitated and knocked on the back of the cello case-should he cut off part of Crow ’s shopping list and save some money to buy a new cello?

Although it doesn ’t necessarily have to be a master-made cello worth tens or hundreds of thousands, it would be nice to say goodbye to the brand.

…Lost in thought, he heard two familiar voices ahead.

”Hey, Dad, you can leave me here.
Other students will laugh if they see you. ”

”Why would it be a laughing matter for a father to accompany his daughter to school? ” The middle-aged man ’s voice was helpless but doting.
”Is your allowance enough? I have to work overtime these days, should I give you more? ”

”Mom already gave me some.
Besides, there ’s nothing to spend money on at school. ”

”What your mother gave you is what she gave you.
What I give you is what I give you.
Take it… ”

It sounded like a heartwarming father-daughter conversation, except that something was off.

Huai Shi unconsciously stopped in his tracks and wanted to retreat, turn around, and hide behind a utility pole.

But it was too late.

When the girl turned around, she saw him and her eyes lit up.
”Hey, Huai Shi, you ’re here too? I ’ve been calling you for days, but you never answered… ”

Huai Shi froze in place and reluctantly turned around.

He saw the girl wearing the distinctive uniform of the Dongxia School for the Intellectually Disabled, still beautiful despite her condition, and beside her was…
the stern-looking Director Fu from the Special Affairs Department.

Then, he forced a smile.

Oh my god, they ’re family! No wonder…
They both have the surname Fu, why didn ’t I think of that?

”Long time no see, class monitor, and… ” He awkwardly smiled and looked at Director Fu behind her.
”Uncle Fu? ”

”… ”

The middle-aged man remained silent, looking at Huai Shi with a calm expression that was somewhat frightening.

Uncle Fu didn ’t say anything.

Uncle Fu didn ’t want to talk to you.

Uncle Fu was accumulating anger points.

Uncle Fu wanted to kill you…

Fortunately, Uncle Fu eventually calmed down and squeezed out a ”kind ” smile.
”Little Yi, is he your classmate? ”

”Yes. ”

Fu Yi slapped Huai Shi ’s shoulder carelessly.
”Dad, this is the good friend who taught me how to read sheet music.
He ’s really good at playing the cello and his grades are not bad! ”

”Is that so? ” Director Fu smiled.
”Then you should get along well. ”

Although he was smiling, his gaze made people think of the direct shuttle to the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium.

Meanwhile, Fu Yi kept praising Huai Shi to her own father, while Huai Shi wanted to cover his face and cry like a panda.
”I ’m not…
I didn ’t… ”

”Do you know each other? ”

Fu Yi seemed to have finally noticed something and looked at them with her head tilted, her single ponytail swaying.

After glancing at Director Fu ’s face, which was written all over with ”if you dare to say it, you ’re dead, ” Huai Shi struggled for a while and could only say, ”Uh…
we ’ve met a few times, a few days ago. ”

”I see. ” Fu Yi didn ’t doubt it and believed him.Seeing that he was so valuable, Director Fu ’s face looked a little better.
He reached out and patted Huai Shi ’s shoulder: ”You ’re a good kid, study hard, okay? ”

He deliberately emphasized the words ”study hard ”.

Huai Shi felt like his shoulder blade was about to be broken by this old turtle.

As they approached the school gate, Director Fu stopped and smiled warmly at his daughter: ”I ’ll just take you here, go quickly, I have to go first. ”

Seeing her classmates waving at her in the distance, Fu Yi nodded and waved to her father before running towards them.

Leaving Director Fu, who was smiling as he watched his daughter go, and Huai Shi, who was grabbed by his iron fingers, in place.

Huai Shi looked at her leaving with tears in her eyes and turned back to the middle-aged man whose face was gradually becoming cold.
He could only squeeze out a weak smile and plead softly, ”Uncle Fu, be gentle, it hurts. ”

The words ”Uncle Fu ” almost made him spit out old blood.
Director Fu ’s face turned pale and he lifted his coat to show him his gun holster.
Huai Shi shut up and waited for judgment.

After a long time, Uncle Fu finally caught his breath and asked, ”Are you familiar with my daughter? ”

”Not at all! I barely know her! ” Huai Shi shook his head like a rattle drum.
”I ’ve only seen her a few times… ”

”How many times exactly? Once or twice? ”

Director Fu wasn ’t fooled.
He had seen all kinds of bad guys in his many years, and young Sublimators like Huai Shi were inherently unstable factors in society.
At the age of fifteen or sixteen, with hormones raging, they could easily commit crimes.

Especially with Huai Shi ’s record from yesterday.
He had already thought about transferring him to another school when he saw his file.

”Kid, tell me honestly— ” he put his hand on the gun handle and stared at Huai Shi, ”What ’s your relationship with my daughter? ”

What else could it be?

A pure mentoring relationship!

Your daughter only knows how to spend money on games, she can only reach diamond level because of me!

What else can Huai Shi say? He couldn ’t say that they had always had a good relationship and even teamed up for a performance at the school ’s art festival, with one person playing the violin and the other singing opera, right?

But, to be honest, the effect was pretty good!

Asking this question only proved that Uncle Fu was an unqualified parent who didn ’t even come to see his daughter ’s performance!

And, for rehearsals, the two of them had been alone in the music room for several evenings…
If Huai Shi had any intentions, something would have happened long ago!

But if this daughter found out, she would definitely execute him on the spot!

Thinking of this, Huai Shi couldn ’t help but praise:

Uncle, your daughter is really pretty!

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