After a long time, Huai Shi had a dream.

He dreamt that he had finally achieved his dream and walked into the golden hall of Vienna amidst the enthusiastic applause of the audience.

In the host ’s almost tearful voice, everyone stared fanatically at the greatest musician of the century.

Then Huai Shi stood on the stage, arrogantly looking at them, nodding slightly and raising his hand to signal them to be quiet.

Silence fell.

Everyone held their breath, holding back tears of emotion, the female audience with hopeful expressions and eyes as hot as if they wanted to have a child with him.

Huai Shi glanced indifferently, revealing a wicked smile, wiped his hands with a handkerchief, threw it aside, picked up his cello, took a deep breath…

and played a tearful rendition of ”The Little Widow Goes to the Grave ”.

Then, before the angry audience could kill him, he finally woke up from the dream.

Lying in bed, Huai Shi gasped for breath, not knowing if this was a nightmare or a good dream, feeling complex emotions.

Then he began to reflect on himself.

Why did he go to the golden hall and play such a piece of junk!

And what the hell was that wicked smile!

He stared blankly for a long time before coming to his senses, got up from the bed, looked at the sunshine outside the window, drank a tube of something, and then went to the garden to daydream.

Until he realized that it was not a good idea to continue daydreaming like this, he simply took advantage of his day off today, changed his clothes, carried a bucket, mop, and cloth, and began to clean up.

Of course, although it was called a big cleanup, it was actually just routine cleaning.

The Stone Statue Hall was so big that even if he didn ’t look at the two annex buildings that hadn ’t been inhabited for a long time, just cleaning the four floors of the main hall was enough for him to clean for a month.

He just cleaned up the front door, front yard, lobby, and a few rooms he used frequently, pulled out some weeds, carried a bucket of water to the door, and wiped the dusty sign of the Stone Statue Hall.

At noon, the table, chairs, and glassware he bought online arrived.

However, no matter what, the delivery guy refused to bring the goods inside.
After putting the goods at the door, he ran away faster than a wild dog.
Huai Shi was so angry that he gave a bad review, but the local furniture store didn ’t say anything and just refunded the three hundred yuan shipping fee.

So, nowadays, people can do anything just to be lazy.

After putting everything in place, he replaced all the broken window glass, and the house finally looked a bit lively.

At least it didn ’t look like a haunted house.

After resting for a while, Huai Shi finally sighed, picked up a broom and mop, and went up to the fourth floor to clean the master bedroom again, sweeping the dust, opening the windows for ventilation, washing the sheets and duvet covers, and hanging them out to dry.

”The fourth-floor room is not bad, and the bed is not small. ”

Crow landed on the cabinet, looking around this elegant and warm room.
”Why have you been staying on the third floor? Look at your bed, it ’s almost falling apart. ”

”… ” Huai Shi was silent for a moment before replying, ”This is my parents ’ bedroom. ”

”… ” Crow didn ’t know what to say, ”Do you still think they will come back? ”

”I don ’t know, maybe not, maybe they ’re still wandering around somewhere abroad, and if they ’re a bit wild, they might even have new children. ”

Huai Shi sat in the chair, scratching his head, and after a while, he said helplessly, ”But what if? What if they come back? We can ’t even give them a place to live. ”

”Have you ever thought of a possibility, Huai Shi? ”

Crow looked at him with pity, ”Your parents may have already… ”

”Hmm? ”

Huai Shi was confused.

”Nothing, forget it. ”Crow stared at him with disappointment for a long time before flying away without saying anything.

Huai Shi shrugged, packed up his things, closed the door, and went downstairs.

Then he lay on the sofa and played with his phone, indulging in the embrace of mobile games, short videos, and silly netizens until the afternoon.
When he lowered his head, he found…
that he seemed to have gained some weight on his chin.

”Wow. ”

Find the original at ”pawread dot com ”.

Huai Shi was startled and jumped up from the sofa, feeling his body.
Indeed, he had gained weight.
Was it because of the complete supplement medicine? Its essence was a high-calorie compound that aimed to allow people to absorb calories without burden…
and gain weight.

”Calm down. ”

Crow was calm about it.
”Isn ’t it normal to gain weight if you lie down all day? I think you need to go out for a walk. ”

”And then get hit by a blunt object? ”

Huai Shi widened his eyes.
”People sent bombs to my school.
If I go out on the street, won ’t there be RPGs waiting for me? ”

”It sounds like you ’re in trouble, ” Crow chuckled.
”What ’s your plan? Are you ready to transfer schools? If you want to, there ’s always a way, right? ”

”Why should I? ” Huai Shi glared at her.
”This is my school.
Why should I run away? ”

”Then, do you have any countermeasures? ”

She tilted her head and looked at Huai Shi ’s face curiously.
”Have you realized something in your heart and made a decision? How about we buy a sniper rifle and shoot him from a higher position at night? ”

”What else can we do? ” Huai Shi widened his eyes.

”We can do that. ” Crow nodded.
”But you don ’t seem like someone who has an uncle who secretly placed an order for you before he died to give you a godly equipment at the beginning of the game. ”

”Stop reading those novels! They ’re all fake! ”

Huai Shi rolled his eyes, finally understanding what she meant.
”The author doesn ’t even want to write it anymore and has the nerve to say it ’s temporarily finished.
He eats soft food all day and writes things that are so pretentious, unlike a serious person! ”

After consuming a wave of outdated authors, Huai Shi sat up from his chair, took a deep breath, and cooperated with Crow ’s physical examination.

”It seems that the Border Material has a certain stimulating effect on your growth rate. ”

Crow nodded in satisfaction.
”If this continues, your growth period will be shortened by at least half, and if you adjust your physical attributes from now on, your match with the Holy Mark will also improve a lot. ”

”However, to avoid accidents, I have to ask again—does your family have any genetic history of diseases? ”

”No. ” Huai Shi shook his head.
”Why do you ask? ”

The growth period of Sublimators will subconsciously adjust to the ’prototype ’ in the Silver Sea.
If there is any latent disease or genetic disease, it will be quite painful to supplement it.
From today on, I will start adjusting the formula of your medicine.
It may have a certain impact on your body.
If there are symptoms like high fever, dizziness, and palpitations, please tell me as soon as possible. ”

Crow seemed to have said something extraordinary casually, then handed him a vial of medicine.
The color of today ’s medicine seemed a bit darker.
If it was light green before, it now looked like it was covered with a layer of shadow.

After hesitating for a moment, Huai Shi still drank it all.

-The pirate ship has been on board for so long, what ’s the point of regretting now?

”Good, Huai Shi, good—you will have a bright future, probably. ”

Crow nodded in satisfaction and happily took out the Book of Fate.
”Do you want to do another tense and exciting activity after dinner? ” ”Huai Shi gave her a disdainful glance, sighed, and slumped back onto the chair, closing his eyes.
’Come on! Don ’t pity me just because I ’m a delicate flower… ’

’Hehe. ’

Crow smirked mysteriously.
’I like bold women like you.
Since you ’ve performed so well, I ’ll let you have some fun tonight. ’

The event branch split.

Huai Shi ’s vision went black.

’Kill them all, leave no one alive. ’

First, he heard the instructor ’s voice in his earpiece, then he felt the weight of the weapon in his hand, and the sand blowing in the wind.

Outside the open car window, the dry earth flowed backward continuously, and the dust in the air poured in with the radio music.

It was almost suffocating.

But there was no coughing sound in the car, only silence like a tomb.

Huai Shi felt like he was playing a VR infiltration game, like the ones popular with streamers, except that those expensive games were beyond the reach of ordinary people.

This was a fragment of memory from Red Glove, selected from broken records.
Everything was just his past memory, and Huai Shi had turned himself from a bystander into the protagonist, like a realistic single-threaded RPG game.

He saw a dozen or so people wearing the same unmarked uniform as himself sitting on both sides of the carriage, expressionless like machines under the onslaught of the wind and sand.

Only the instructor ’s orders kept coming through the earpiece.

’Ten minutes until action.
Teams A and B will surround the targets on both sides.
Leave no one alive – got it? ’

The soldiers in the car responded with a shout.

The car stopped at the end of the road, and the traces of a village could be vaguely seen in the distance.

After so many simulated training sessions, Huai Shi could still keep up with their pace and distinguish their gestures and commands.

These guys ’ evaluations were too harsh.
If they thought their results were too poor, even if they passed the exam, they would still be treated as defective products and destroyed.

Huai Shi didn ’t know where Red Glove was serving.

Looking at the surrounding scenery, it seemed to be a barren plateau area.
He could vaguely discern the characteristics of a desert country from the outline of the buildings, and with the relics of oil drilling sites seen on the road, Huai Shi could determine that this was the southeastern region of the Land and Sea, the West Asian region, and probably a small desert area between Rome and Russia.

Because of the abundant oil resources, war has been ongoing in this land for decades.
Dozens of small and large kingdoms have been warring under the intervention of the Five Elements, and there seems to be no sign of stopping until now.

So the target of this mission should be the Russian stronghold, right?

Rome and Russia have been at odds for more than a year or two, and while it may be a bit too much to say they have an eternal hatred and blood feud, both sides will not hesitate to sabotage the other if given the chance.

It seems that this mission can be used as a way to vent off some steam.

After clearing the video game so many times, what could he be afraid of?

Huai Shi gradually relaxed, following the team and lying in wait in a hidden place, waiting for orders.

Soon, gunshots rang out from the village not far away, and Team A had already started firing.
It wasn ’t long before the instructor ’s orders came through: ’Team B, attack. ’

Without shouting any slogans, the soldiers who had been hiding for a long time stood up, three or four in a group, rushing towards the village from various directions.

Huai Shi mixed in with them, intentionally falling behind, letting his comrades take the bullet for him.
But the expected rain of bullets never came, and even occasional counterattacks were only sporadic.

It seemed like they had been caught off guard.Suddenly, his mood became even more relaxed.

Mixed in with the team, he randomly fired two shots ahead and rushed into the village in a chaotic manner.
Under orders, he kicked open the broken door of the courtyard and raised his gun inside.

Then, he stood there in a daze.

Where were the enemies?

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