Qing asked.
”I told you, you wouldn't be able to get anything out of him. ”

”Maybe he's just pretending… ”

The middle-aged man coughed.
”I know about Liao Dongli's soul ability.
It's a charm effect, right? Although it's effective against ordinary people, it may not work on sublimators. ”

”Did Liao Dongli fall for it or not? He couldn't be clearer.
Besides, if there's any man, any man who is in the most self-esteem and adolescent stage of his life, who can pretend to this extent…
I don't think you could find any way to get anything out of him. ”

Ai Qing gave him a deep look.
”Just give up. ”

”I've seen the file.
If we're talking about that brat's criminal suspicion, I'm actually his alibi. ”

Liao Dongli walked into the interrogation room and threw the file he was holding back onto the table.
He sighed helplessly.
”That brat was interviewing at our clubhouse three minutes before the explosion at the port… ”

”Interviewing? What could he be interviewing for? ”

”To be a prostitution…
He was probably tricked over by an intermediary, right? He realized halfway through the interview and was scared off by the manager. ”

Liao Dongli shook his head and looked at Huai Shi's front-facing photo on the file, pinching his chin and sighing, ”I have to say, he has potential.
He's got a good attitude, but his dress sense is off.
If he wore a fitted suit and got rid of that deadpan smile on his face, he'd be a real embodiment of the taboo, the kind of hedgehog that old aunties love but can't get their hands on… ”

”Okay, we didn't bring you here to plan his career. ”

Ai Qing interrupted him, ”He's just an ordinary person who got caught up in an incident.
Let him go after signing the confidentiality agreement.
It's a waste of time to keep him here. ”

And that's how it was decided.

Fifteen minutes later, Huai Shi, whose soul had been ravaged, was stuffed into a car and sent away after signing a bunch of documents.

And in front of the gate, Liao Dongli's hands were in his pockets, watching the struggling teenager who thought he was going to be executed, and couldn't help but burst out laughing.

”By the way, what's his name? ” He looked at Ai Qing behind him.

”Huai Shi. ”

”Do you know him? ” Liao Dongli smiled mysteriously, ”That's why you helped him get off the hook, right? Don't underestimate the intuition of a gold medal prostitution, Miss Ai. ”

To their surprise, Ai Qing's expression remained calm.

”Ah, I guess you could say I know him. ”

”Are you close? ” ”I can't say for sure.
He's three years older than me, but we used to play together when we were young, ” Ai Qing said.

”Huh? ” Liu Dongli turned around in surprise.
He never thought there was such a connection between the two of them.
”What happened later? ”

”What happened later? ” Ai Qing glanced at him.
”Later, after my grandfather broke his promise and caused his family to go bankrupt, we never saw each other again. ”

”… ”

Liu Dongli was stunned, not knowing what to say.

Someone pushed open the door to the sealed basement.

The restless man jumped up from his chair anxiously.
”Why are you coming so late? ”

”Do you think last night's commotion was small enough that no one noticed? ” The blood-stained ferocious ape crouched on the chair, grinning strangely.
”Thanks to you, I had a great time…

”And the goods? ” The man anxiously reached out his hand.
”Did you get the goods back? ”

A plastic bag soaked in blood was thrown into his arms.
”The goods are back where they belong, but… ”

At first, he was overjoyed, but as soon as he took the bag, his face changed.
He frantically tore open the bag and carefully opened the black iron box inside.

But it was empty.

”Where are the goods?! ” He screamed.
”Where did the source material I've been accumulating for so many years go?! ”

Looking at the ferocious ape in front of him, his eyes became fierce.

”Was it you? ”

”Close to a thousand people's worth of source material.
Do you really think I could absorb it all? ” The ferocious ape scratched the mottled white hair behind its mask and asked rhetorically.
”If I had that ability, I would have already become one of the top beings.
Why would I let you boss me around? It was empty when I got it. ”

Instead of threatening me, you should think about how to explain it to the top beings.
Because you used a sacred object for personal gain, you caused the loss of the source material accumulated over twelve years…

”You got a share of the money too! ”

The man roared in anger and stared at it fiercely.
”If things go wrong, you won't get away with it! ”

Find the original at bit.ly/3iBfjkV.

The ferocious ape said nothing, just silently rubbed its fingers together, the sound of sharp metal nails colliding with each other echoing in the room until the man's gaze shifted away from it.

”It was your own traitor who caused the sacred object to fall into someone else's hands.
I retrieved it for the top beings.
Even if there was a mistake, it wouldn't be enough to warrant 'eternal punishment.' ” The ferocious ape said coldly.
”If I were you, I would be thinking of ways to remedy the situation.
It's just a loss, right? As long as you find it before the top beings notice, everything will be fine. ”

”You make it sound so easy! ” The man glared at it angrily.
”It's not that simple! ” ”Those old men and women are almost dead anyway.
It's better to make use of their remains…
At least we can salvage some losses. ” Xiong Yuan said casually.
”As for the thousands of sources, they definitely won't disappear without a trace.
Whether it's used for advancement, prolonging life, or selling, it takes time. ”

A few minutes later, a gloomy voice came from the secret room.

”Find out for me! Who else has touched this box! ”

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