The thick fog trembled violently, and the rain was pouring down.

Under the chain of firelight formed by bullets, everything was easily torn apart, and then the thin shadow in the rain and fog was engulfed by the firelight.

In an instant, it was riddled with holes.

A gust of wind blew, carrying it up into the sky, drifting in the rain, leaving only pieces of broken raincoats falling to the ground.
But the figure could not be seen.

It was as if the figure was really like a phantom, disappearing after a gust of wind.

”Where is the person? ”

The mercenary operating the machine gun looked around in astonishment, cigarette dangling from his mouth.

The middle-aged soldier in the co-pilot seat, who had just put down his phone, pushed up his sunglasses on his nose.
”Be careful, it may be a soul that has turned invisible or something similar.
Everyone switch to infrared night vision and maintain distance to encircle him and force him out. ”

Echoing voices came from the walkie-talkie.

Just behind the armored vehicle, several sturdy soldiers wearing night vision goggles jumped down, holding weapons and skillfully dividing themselves around the area, slowly approaching.

Suddenly, just behind the elevated concrete barrier, a black object was thrown out, drawing an arc in the air and falling towards the direction of the armored vehicle.

A fragmentation grenade!

Damn fragmentation grenade!

Are they sublimators or regular soldiers on the other side?

”Fire in the hole! ”

Just as the reminder from their teammates sounded, the large off-road vehicle began to rapidly reverse, but it was already too late.

The grenade exploded in mid-air.

In the last moment, the entire off-road vehicle swerved horizontally under the driver ’s frantic steering, and then a burst of fire and shockwave erupted.
Countless fragments smashed onto the side of the bulletproof armor of the vehicle, and the sound of shattering glass was endless.

But before they could react, just at the moment of the explosion, a figure suddenly leaped out from behind the barrier and ran towards the closest team member at an incredible speed.

The speed was unimaginable.

Theft is never good, try looking at

As if floating in the wind.

After the rapid development was about to end, the shell, which had been adjusted and specialized by Crow into a perceptual type, burst out with astonishing speed in an instant.
The black shadow was close to the ground, pulling the mist and rain curtain, and rushing towards them!

The well-trained team members did not hesitate and pulled the trigger in an instant, but as if they had expected it, that shadow made a strange turn in the air, almost like a circus act, flying past the trajectory of the bullets.

During the leap, the figure ’s feet drifted over the puddles on the ground, creating a thrilling splash.

Before the water splashed to the ground, that young face was already within reach.

In the next moment, they passed each other, and blood spurted from the neck of the mercenary.

The thin shadow dodged behind him, pulling his shoulder like a puppeteer, deftly turning towards his teammate and aiming the gun in his hand.
Then, he lightly pressed his elbow inward.

Precise control like a knee-jerk reflex.

The tension of the fascia caused his index finger to contract subconsciously, and before the enemy ’s body fell to the ground, the barrel spewed out deadly poison fire.

Firepower swept across.

The mercenary whose throat was cut provided Huai Shi with temporary cover.
Amidst the enemy ’s chaotic shooting, he carried the slowly cooling corpse and ran towards another isolation bunker, dodging behind it.

Then, he casually threw a fragment grenade and listened to the sound of the enemy ’s busy footsteps.
Skillfully, he pulled out the magazine from the corpse and compared the caliber of the bullet.

It was unexpectedly interchangeable.

What a stroke of luck.

The risky move seemed to have worked, and the enemy was no longer able to surround him, only able to constantly suppress him with firepower, forcing him to hide behind the isolation bunker and unable to show himself.

In order to avoid them throwing grenades at him, Huai Shi could only attempt to blindly fire back.

Then he nervously searched his pockets.

He couldn ’t find where his things were…

They were clearly supposed to be in the inner pocket of his jacket.

Until he remembered the travel bag he had thrown on the ground, and then regretfully slapped his forehead: he was such an idiot.

At this moment, the downpour became even more intense.

After losing his raincoat, the rainwater continued to seep into his collar and shoes, making him extremely uncomfortable.

Just as Huai Shi hesitated whether to take another risk and see if he could turn his bicycle into a motorcycle, he heard the horn from the armored Hummer.

”Are you still alive, kid? ”

A hoarse voice asked.

Huai Shi chuckled, ”Guess. ”

”It seems you ’re still lively. ”

The speaker was not angry, but bluntly said, ”You did well, no, I should say, I ’ve never seen anyone perform so beautifully.
How old are you this year? Sixteen? Seventeen? Are you an adult yet? No? To be honest, I don ’t really want to kill a child.

Listen, kid, we have nine people here, fully armed.
You have no chance of winning.
Raise your gun and come out from there, okay? ”

”I have a question. ” Huai Shi suddenly spoke up.

”You ask. ”

The speaker smiled, knowing that the conversation was useful.
No matter what they talked about next, they could take the initiative.
If they were lucky, they could take down this kid without a fight.

”Where are you guys from? ”

Huai Shi leaned against the isolation bunker, lowered his head to pull the gun bolt, and asked loudly, ”Rome? America? Or Russia? ”Before the man who shouted could answer, Huai Shi spoke for himself: ”Judging by your cowardly tone, you must be from the Americas, right? You should know shame, you know? Shame! ”

By the way, he also cursed in Latin, which he learned from the memories of the red gloves.

The mocking effect was doubled.

The predecessor of the American Commonwealth was a collection of free city-states established by Roman immigrants and local Aztec natives and Indians before Rome split.

Although they took advantage of the power struggle between Rome and the Soviet Union for Western dominance, they also suffered brutal retaliation from Rome.

By the end of World War I, they were being beaten by Rome and could only survive by relying on the pressure exerted by the Soviet Union on the eastern front until the war ended.

The fighting power of the Americans had become a complete joke, laughed at by the Romans for over two hundred years.

Even today, you can walk into any bar in Rome and hear people repeatedly telling classic American stories, with timeless punchlines and constant innovation, making them a source of happiness for the Roman people.

Using it on these freedom fighters trained by the American Commonwealth was simply outstanding.
Huai Shi could almost imagine how ugly the shouter ’s face must be.

In the carriage, there was dead silence.

”Can you lock on now? ”

After receiving confirmation from the sniper on the other end, the commander with an ashen face finally bid Huai Shi farewell: ”I ’m sorry, kid, you ’ve chosen a dead end. ”

Huai Shi laughed, wiped the rain off his face, and raised his gun: ”Do you know? My best result a few days ago was annihilating an elite squad in two minutes and eighteen seconds. ”

He listened to the long-awaited thunder in the distance and whispered, ”I guess this time will be shorter. ”

At that moment, the lightning that followed the thunder burst down from the sky.

It illuminated his face.

So, the sniper squatting on the distant rooftop saw the smile on his face.

And the middle finger raised towards himself.

Then, something fell from the sky and landed beside him, the oval iron object bouncing and rolling in the water, making a gurgling sound.

The sniper looked up in astonishment, watching the trajectory of the black bird flying away.

”FUXK! ”

He closed his eyes.


Flames rose from the rooftop, illuminating the commander ’s bewildered pupils.

And amid the deafening sound of the fireworks, Huai Shi, who had been hiding behind the isolation pier, had already shot out with the increasingly intense drumbeats in his headphones!

With the roar of the heavy metal band and the howling wind, the young man let out a hoarse whisper:

”——IamIronman! ”

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