Firstly, he felt his heart beating like thunder from the sky, resonating like it would tear his chest apart and turn all his blood into molten lava, surging with fanaticism.

In an instant, the contracted muscles exploded open, bringing an indescribable power and speed, allowing Huai Shi to gallop in the storm and rain, like black ink extending in the mist.

In the moment of silence, thunder sounded again in the sky, accompanied by overlapping bursts of gunfire.

Just as Huai Shi leaped out, the surrounding mercenaries did not hesitate to pull the trigger, and the crossfire net instantly enveloped the shadow of the young man, even though his route was so strange and unpredictable.

Huai Shi only had time to dodge for a moment before all his escape routes were blocked.
The machine gun on the Hummer roof had started to spin again, aiming at the running young man.

The trigger was about to be pulled.

At that moment, a bleak light flashed before everyone ’s eyes.

It was light.

Like liquefied pure silver falling like rain, bursting with countless cold and sharp light that shattered all the steel, piercing everyone ’s eyes.

It was lightning.

The raging thunder descended from the sky, and the whip of God ’s wrath struck the burning car frame, easily smashing the burning flames and causing them to rise.

Countless tiny electric currents crawled like snakes, branching out like tree branches, greedily licking every inch of metal around them, jumping between every bullet in the air, illuminating the young man ’s pupils.

In the darkness, a crimson light appeared.

He saw it.

The disturbed torrential rain, the sweeping hurricane, the crisscrossing bullets, the burning flames, and the encirclement that was gradually closing in.

Everything came to a sudden halt in the unexpected electric light.

Then, countless water splashes flew up.

Huai Shi stepped on the ground under his feet, leaped up in this cage woven by electricity and metal, flipped in the almost solidified wind, and finally landed on the ground, brushing off the scorching bullet chain and breaking free from the crossfire cage.

As if walking between thunder and lightning.

Passing through the thunder and fire.

He broke through the storm, tore apart the mist swirling in the wind, and with a roar bursting from his lungs, he swung his arm hidden behind him forward.

The heavy sacrificial knife flew out of his hand, pulling the free-floating thunder light in mid-air, shattering the rain curtain layer by layer, and finally nailed it into the skull of the Hummer ’s machine gunner in a wail and rotation.


A fatal blow!Unable to see the gushing blood and wailing, in an instant, the unlucky guy was swallowed by the demon sword from the inside out and turned into a dried-up skeleton.

And when the mercenaries turned their guns back and aimed at the shadow of the boy again, he had already returned to his travel bag, achieving his goal.

He showed them a final smile.

”I really hope you brought gas masks. ”

Theft is never good, try looking at

The boy ’s pistol was aimed at the travel bag under his feet, he pulled the trigger, and the bullet tore through the plastic bag in an instant, causing countless gray-black dust to rise.

Then, a gray-white flame ignited in his hand holding the gun.

Just like a dust explosion.

The dark ash of the disaster swallowed everything.

Then, the sound of a terrible scream and fearful roar rang out.

In the last moment when they were swallowed up by fear and despair, they saw a pair of red pupils…

When the darkness gradually dissipated, the commander who shouted was curled up in a chair crying, like an abandoned little boy.

Then he saw the boy leaning against the car door.

Like an invisible force, he was pulling the darkness formed by the ash of disaster, bit by bit, into his body.
Like a monster, he was devouring the solidified fear, despair, and death.

Huai Shi lowered his head, casually inserting the artistic sacrificial knife into his vest, and carefully filling the pistol magazine one by one.

”To be honest, you guys are not elite at all, let alone professional. ”

Outside the shattered window, the magazine in the boy ’s hand was inserted into the pistol, and he slowly raised the weapon in his hand, showing the black barrel to the last enemy: ”At best, you ’re just a bunch of war dogs. ”

The trigger was pulled.


Everything fell silent.

In the countless raindrops falling from the sky, he turned his head and looked in the direction behind him.

Quietly waiting.

In the silent carriage, He Luo quietly stared at the boy waiting in the rain.

Qi Wen ’s expression changed, trying to suppress his panic and anger.

”What is he doing? ”

”Waiting for me. ”

He Luo sighed softly, ”He knows I ’m here. ”

As he spoke, he drew his pistol from his pocket and handed it to Qi Wen, ”Boss, if you ’re unlucky, you might have to go to Jinling alone. ”

Qi Wen ’s expression changed drastically, unable to maintain his composure, ”You…you, a golden-level sublimator, can ’t beat him? ”

”That kid… ”

He Luo shook his head, ”He ’s different from the others. ”

He slowly stood up, but was caught by Qi Wen again. ”Don ’t go! ” Qi Wen widened his eyes, his expression twitching: ”We don ’t need to fight with this kind of lunatic, this is the realm! It won ’t be long before someone comes! ”

He Luo shook his head, unable to help but laugh.

”Do I have to run away with my tail between my legs in front of the same kid twice? ”

He stared at the young man in the rain who looked like a demon, his pupils slowly narrowing, his voice cold: ”If we don ’t kill him here, we ’ll have trouble later. ”

As the scales grew and covered his face, it became ferocious, resembling a snake man.

He said, ”I ’ll be right back. ”

With that, he slowly pushed open the car door and walked into the pouring rain.

As he stepped forward, two thick arms stretched out from the slits in his coat reserved for his shoulder blades, and he pulled out two curved knives with a greenish patina from behind.

A long snake tail extended from under his trench coat, gently brushing through the water, leaving a trail of ghastly green poison marks.

Under the nearly burning supply of Source material, the Holy Mark of the second stage, Gold, was fully activated, transforming his body into a four-armed snake man over three meters tall.

As his four hands opened, the flowing water on the ground seemed to be pulled by an invisible force, solidifying around him, like a swirling curtain.

The Holy Mark, Naga, originally a combination of a poisonous dragon and a giant serpent from the Indian subcontinent, was brought to Myanmar and refined by alchemists who combined and fused it with local miracles, forming the four-armed snake man appearance and adding a talent for water affinity.

It naturally had bonuses in marine environments, rainy and snowy weather, and humid areas.

He could be said to be at his peak now.

Even though he hadn ’t reached the third stage, where he would undergo an internal and external transformation into a legendary creature, he still possessed astonishing destructive power.

With that, he stared at the young man in the rain.

He grinned, a ferocious smile on his inhuman face.

Huai Shi slowly drew out his ceremonial knife.

After feasting on fresh blood, the blade shone with a brilliant light, like the mesmerizing death that captivated one ’s heart.

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