The original expectation was perfect.

Ai Qing encountered enemies and was in danger.
Huai Shi descended from the sky and effortlessly defeated all the monsters.
Huai Shi became the hero and saved Ai Qing, ensuring her safety and increasing her favorability towards him.

But something went wrong.

Huai Shi looked around in astonishment, seeing the remains of the monsters scattered on the ground.
He calmly pulled out a sword blade resembling a long nail from his cane and pierced it into the skull of the last remaining monster, a girl.
Something seemed off.

He stood still, staring at the scene in front of him in silence.
Then, he turned around and took a few steps back, returning to the wall.

”It ’s an illusion, it must be an illusion.
I must have opened it the wrong way.
Let ’s try again, ” he said to himself.

He turned back around, took a deep breath, and jumped out from inside, saying, ”Ai Qing, I ’m here to save… ”

But the scene remained unchanged.

The only difference was that Ai Qing ’s eyes now looked at him with a pitiful and indifferent gaze, as if he were mentally challenged.

”What ’s going on? ” he scratched his head in confusion.

When did the combat power of a supervisor become so strong?

Or is Ai Qing hiding her true abilities and actually a master?

The sword strike he made on the spot was enough to send chills down his spine.

Until he put aside his embarrassment and focused on observing the girl in front of him, he realized something was wrong.
She was standing there, stable and firm, but her posture was strangely stiff and unnatural.
Even if it perfectly followed the laws of physics, no ordinary person would choose to stand like that.
It just felt awkward, like a machine.

”It ’s just a temporary emergency support frame.
Don ’t look at me like you ’ve never seen the world, ” Ai Qing said, extending her hand and lifting the hem of her long skirt to reveal the steel structure at her ankle and the slender structure extending from her calf, like foil attached to her skin.

Faint light radiated from the delicate blood vessels, as if something was shining through them, breaking through her pale skin.

Sticky blood slowly dripped from the broken skin on her knee and toes.

It felt like stepping on a knife ’s edge.

She stood in front of Huai Shi.

”It ’s just an emergency response support frame.
Don ’t look at me like you ’ve never seen the world, ” she waved her hand, not caring about the blood dripping from her wrist, and tore off a piece of her skirt to bandage herself.

”Um… ” Huai Shi was at a loss for words, scratching his head awkwardly.
”Why haven ’t I seen this advanced thing before? ”

”It ’s an experimental model from the Technology Department ’s workshop.
It hasn ’t been mass-produced yet.
I ’m just a test subject, ” Ai Qing explained, manipulating the auxiliary app on her phone to minimize the temporary surge in values, disabling the targeting and counterattack modules.
Her heart, which had been pounding wildly, finally calmed down, but bruises began to appear on her arms and ankles.

The abnormal blood color on her face faded, revealing a pale complexion.

Observing Huai Shi fully armed, she raised an eyebrow and said, ”By the way, thanks to someone being imprisoned, I couldn ’t find a reliable helper at a critical moment.
I had to temporarily request this emergency support frame… ”

”I ’m sorry for causing trouble.
Let ’s not dwell on this, ” Huai Shi interrupted, feeling like he couldn ’t explain the situation and the sorry state he was in.
Fortunately, Ai Qing understood his meaning and after a moment of contemplation, she frowned.
”So, is something wrong with Qi Yuan? ”

”Yes. ”

It was good to talk to Ai Qing.
She was straightforward and didn ’t require any effort to understand.

After exchanging information, Huai Shi could finally leave the mess to Ai Qing to handle.
He also noticed Shen Yue cowering in the corner, trembling:

”Who is this? ”

”A local sublimator reinforcement.
Although she is only at the third stage, she doesn ’t seem to be of much use, ” Ai Qing replied, glancing at Shen Yue and sighing.
She didn ’t say anything too harsh, considering that he had at least helped her.

When introducing herself, Shen Yue forced a smile.
But when Huai Shi pulled the iron whip behind him with a rope, Shen Yue ’s expression completely dimmed.
He sat on the ground and remained silent.

It was obvious that Jin Mu ’s death had a great impact on him.

”What ’s your plan now? ” Ai Qing suddenly asked.

”Huh? ” Huai Shi looked at her in confusion, hearing her ask for his opinion on their next move for the first time.
He didn ’t know what she meant. ”If I have to say, strictly speaking, you are no longer an official employee of the Astronomical Society.
You don ’t need to be responsible for the Social Security Bureau and the Special Affairs Office.
Even though you are currently in a fugitive state, it is all due to uncontrollable factors.

You are free now, Huai Shi, even if it ’s just for now. ”

Ai Qing looked at him seriously.
”No matter what decision you make, I no longer have the authority to give you orders. ”

This was a clear hint.

Whether he chose to let go or simply leave, it was a normal choice, a legitimate reason for someone to protect their own life.

He had no obligation to get involved in this battle.

Huai Shi thought for a while, then couldn ’t help but laugh.
”But that doesn ’t stop me from wanting to chop Qi Yuan into pieces, right? ”

Ai Qing looked at him calmly, her eyes as if she was looking at a fool.

After a long time, she sighed and took out her phone.
She took a picture of Huai Shi ’s face and saved it.

Upload complete.

”Well then, Huai Shi, I announce in the name of the International Astronomical Society that you have been recruited to ensure the safety of the realm. ”

Ai Qing turned off her phone and took out a box from her waist bag, throwing it into his arms.

”This is for you. ”

Huai Shi curiously held the palm-sized aluminum box and shook it.
”What is this? Is everyone giving me gifts lately? ”

”It ’s a Peppa Pig 10th anniversary commemorative figurine. ”

Ai Qing said expressionlessly, ”Don ’t you like Peppa Pig? Take it back and put it at home, burn incense to bless you with smooth sailing. ”

”…What is this? ”

Huai Shi opened the box in surprise and found that it wasn ’t a pink hairdryer inside.
He breathed a sigh of relief.

In the middle of the black velvet, there was a silver bracelet.
The flat surface was engraved with dark patterns, which didn ’t look like some ancient magical spell, but rather like a kind of circuit integration.

It was between ancient and novel, making it difficult to evaluate its style.

”A new handcuff? ”

He curiously picked up the bracelet and put it on his left wrist.
There was a faint sound coming from the inner layer of the bracelet, tightening it, but with moderate force.

After he repeated the action of spreading his fingers and making a fist twice, the bracelet on his wrist unfolded like it was disintegrating.
Iron pieces interlocked, covered each other, and extended upwards until it completely covered the back of his hand, turning into a thin fingerless glove.
Although it was made of steel, it was flexible and didn ’t hinder his grip.

His palm felt like it was pricked by needles, slightly painful, but it quickly disappeared.
There seemed to be some strange source material structure similar to a holy mark, but Huai Shi couldn ’t distinguish it.
The palm of the glove felt like fur or some kind of sandpaper.
Huai Shi tried rubbing his hands and heard the sound of iron pieces rubbing against each other.

”It ’s a whetstone produced by the Cartier Workshop. ” Ai Qing said, ”It extracts the user ’s blood and source material for activation, achieving a qualitative change.
You ’ll know once you try it. ”

Huai Shi curiously summoned his sacrificial knife and wiped his hand on the blade.
He felt a slight cold sensation as the whetstone glove extracted his blood.
But as he wiped his palm, a faint electric light appeared on the sacrificial knife.

When he swung the knife, there was a burst of explosive sound as the electric light broke through the air.

When the blade passed through the remains of the monsters on the ground, the cut instantly turned black and quickly collapsed, turning into ashes that scattered in the wind.

”It seems quite suitable for you. ”

Ai Qing raised her eyebrows, satisfied with the result.
”The specific effect depends on the amount of source material and the quality of blood you put in.
If the holy mark advances, the effect might be even better, right?

Anyway, no matter what, it ’s better than foolishly using a knife to attack. ”

Huai Shi looked at the whetstone glove on his left hand in amazement and repeatedly tested its effectiveness, feeling more and more convenient.

Not only could it perfectly overlap with Heart Poison, but the impact on the source material was different from Heart Poison.
The electric light plated on the blade was a physical attack.

With it, he could turn an ordinary weapon into an alchemical product with border characteristics anytime and anywhere.
It could be said to be quite suitable for him.

As for the duration, after one activation, the thunder light could last for a little over a minute.
It was enough for Huai Shi, who preferred a fast-paced close combat style.

”Thank you. ” He accepted this gift with satisfaction.

”It ’s all things that were going to be sold at a low price.
If they can still be useful in your hands, then they have created some value. ”

Ai Qing didn ’t say much about its origin, just waved her hand.
”We ’ve talked too much.
It ’s time for you to go to work, Huai Shi. ”

”What about you? ” ”Take care of my work. ”

She unceremoniously rummaged through the travel bag Huai Shi brought over, replenishing her own magazines and weapons.
When she saw that there was actually a small female bulletproof vest inside, she couldn ’t help but look at Huai Shi with some astonishment, not expecting him to be so considerate.

In response, Huai Shi could only muster a guilty smile, indicating that it was a token of his appreciation and she shouldn ’t be polite.

”Well, I wish you a smooth operation. ”

Ai Qing took one last look at him, still unable to help but feel a headache, after all, this guy didn ’t seem like someone who could sail smoothly.

No, it should be said that she always felt that things would go south very quickly, right?

”Take this guy with you. ”

She suddenly reached out, pointing to the self-closed Shen Yue beside her, ”Although he ’s a bit useless, he ’s still a third-order Sublimator, and he might be of some use. ”

Shen Yue looked up in astonishment, wanting to say something, but in the end, he didn ’t refuse.
Instead, he took the initiative to carry the bag and other miscellaneous items for Huai Shi, and finally put the iron whip left by Jin Mu on his own body.

He gasped with a pale face.

It looked even more unreliable now.

Ai Qing rubbed her head with an increasing headache, not saying anything else, just lowering her head and waving at them.

Anyway, have a smooth journey.

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She looked down at the instrument in her hand and turned to walk into the darkness.

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