”Ground command calling Captain Tom…
Ground command calling Captain Tom… ”

In the darkness, two figures moved forward slowly.

One person, exhausted, carried a disproportionately long iron whip on his back, looking dejected with sweat dripping onto his blackened shirt, appearing particularly disheveled.
The other person, on the other hand, seemed carefree as if on a spring outing, walking with a sway, even with earphones in his ears, happily singing along to his own BGM:

”You did well.
Now the media wants to know which team you support… ”

The slightly off-key singing echoed in the eerie darkness, constantly stirring up a chorus of faint sounds.
The flapping of bat wings could be heard continuously.

But when he turned around and saw the pale-faced Shen Yue behind him, he couldn ’t help but sigh, turning back and walking towards him, standing on his tiptoes and hooking his shoulder.

”Don ’t look so gloomy, big brother. ”

Huai Shi waved his fist.
”We rely on ourselves to save Xin Hai. ”

”With a first-stage Sublimator and a third-stage waste, can we really save them? ”

Shen Yue glanced at him weakly.
”This isn ’t a spring outing.
I don ’t want to dampen your enthusiasm, but can you be quiet for a while? At least let me have some peace before I die. ”

”Okay, okay, I know you ’re sad. ”

Huai Shi sighed, reached into the large hole in his chest, and then…
took out two cans of ice-cold Happy Water that had been chilled by his ”body temperature ” in the darkness.
”Here, big brother, cheers. ”

This was something Crow had stuffed into his travel bag.
Putting this kind of thing among a pile of bullets and grenades, who knows what she was thinking? She probably didn ’t know what Huai Shi would think either.

It had to be said that aside from its other benefits, the refrigerator function of this thing was amazing!

Leaning on the ”body temperature ” chilled Happy Water seemed to calm Shen Yue down a bit.
After drinking more than half a bottle in one breath, he wiped his face with his sleeve.

”Sorry for making you laugh. ” He forced a smile.
”I ’ve always been afraid of fighting since I was a child.
Even after becoming a Sublimator, I can only do logistics and support.
I ’ve always been led by Jin Mu… ”

He said, ”If it weren ’t for Jin Mu, I might have died long ago. ”

Speaking of Jin Mu, his eyes turned red again.

After all, they had been partners for many years, and in his heart, Jin Mu ’s weight was definitely extraordinary.

”Is that so? ”

Huai Shi scratched his head.
”No wonder he couldn ’t rest assured about you before he died. ”

Shen Yue fell silent for a long time and asked anxiously, ”Before he died… ”

”He left peacefully. ”

Huai Shi didn ’t wait for him to finish asking before speaking.
”I personally did it, and there was no pain. ”

Shen Yue ’s shoulders drooped, and he said dryly, ”Thank you. ”

Huai Shi sighed and took out Jin Mu ’s emblem from his pocket, stuffing it into Shen Yue ’s hand.
”Then show some backbone, big brother.
After all, you ’re a third-stage Sublimator.
He trusted you for so many years, and now that he ’s dead, don ’t let him be ashamed. ”

Shen Yue tightly grasped the emblem in his hand, as if afraid of dropping it, and carefully put it in his pocket.

However, despite Huai Shi ’s encouragement, his expression became even more bitter.

”I ’ll do my best. ”

Even though he was completely a support-type, at least he had basic shooting training and physical fitness.
The enhancement brought by the third-stage Holy Mark made his physical condition more than twice that of Huai Shi.

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Now, with a travel bag on his back, holding two submachine guns in his hands, and his body filled with magazines and grenades, he looked somewhat like a member of a suicide squad.

But no matter how you looked at it, he seemed ready to rush into a crowd and pull the trigger to explode at any moment.

Huai Shi shook his head and stopped discouraging him.

But walking eleven routes like this, they probably wouldn ’t reach their destination for several hours.

Just as they passed a temporary maintenance station, Huai Shi ’s footsteps paused for a moment when he saw something covered by a dust cloth next to a pile of debris, and he was instantly delighted.

”Wait a minute, we have transportation now. ”

Saying that, he jumped off the tracks and crawled into the maintenance station.
Soon, with a chaotic sound of collapse, a manually operated railcar used by maintenance personnel was pushed out.

With the two of them working together, it smoothly wedged onto the tracks.

Perfect fit!

Fortunately, the times were progressing, and what they found here was not the hand-operated railcar that appeared in traditional animations, but one that was welded with handles and wheels.

Although they couldn ’t find gasoline for the time being, they could still pedal it!

While Huai Shi marveled at the railcar, Shen Yue couldn ’t help but swallow his saliva, pointing to the depths of the maintenance station, where pairs of crimson eyes were awakened by the noisy sounds.

”Are we in trouble? ” ”Don ’t be afraid, we have a car! ”

Huai Shi jumped onto the car first and waved at him, ”Quick, pedal! As long as we pedal fast enough, they won ’t catch up! ”

Before the words fell, the collapsed debris exploded, revealing a large hole in the wall behind, and a swarm of rats surged like a tide.

But where have they seen such rats before?

They were almost the size of wild dogs, each covered in festering sores, emaciated and screaming in hunger.
The gray-black tide surged, revealing the jagged white bones at the bottom.

Countless red eyes stared at them, and in the next moment, the frenzied swarm of rats rushed towards them.

At this point, Shen Yue was no longer concerned about what they needed to do.
Without Huai Shi ’s urging, he jumped onto the rail car and started pedaling with all his might.

With a sharp metallic friction, the rail car suddenly shook, dust falling from the gears, and then the speed quickly soared from a slow slide.

It was like riding a bicycle and running away, avoiding the sound of sirens behind.

As it turned out, a third-stage Sublimator was indeed a third-stage Sublimator.
Even the weakest one was stronger than Huai Shi.
Huai Shi had just been proud of his increased physical abilities, but was completely overwhelmed by Shen Yue.

The strong wind blew in their faces.

Shen Yue ’s feet almost left an afterimage on the car.
The entire rail car groaned under his vigorous pedaling.
Huai Shi was afraid that he would pedal too hard and collapse the entire rail car.

This guy might be a genius who is particularly good at escaping, right?

Just as he was pondering with his chin in his hand, he heard Shen Yue ’s exclamation.

”Huai Shi, Huai Shi, Huai… ”

He kept shouting the boy ’s name, almost out of breath, pointing in horror at the front of the rail car, ”There ’s more ahead! ”

”Just shouting a name, stay calm…
Oh fuck! ”

Huai Shi followed his finger and looked over, and was instantly shocked, ”Why are there so many! ”

In front of the rail car, at some point, it had also been occupied by mutated beasts with crimson eyes…
It was like a zoo, with rats, wild cats, wild dogs, rabbits, snakes, monkeys, and even a tiger with deformed limbs…

At a glance, there were hardly any duplicates.

The only thing they had in common was that they were big, too big, thin and hungry, as if they couldn ’t resist the temptation after a long period of hunger.
Sticky dark green saliva dripped from their mouths.

Even the cockroaches had arms as long as that.

This complete food chain, Huai Shi couldn ’t believe that it wasn ’t deliberately bred by the Pure Ones to please their Lord.

The group of ghostly creatures that had mutated beyond recognition under the abyss howled, clearly having set their sights on these two delicious morsels that had delivered themselves to their door.

”What should we do? ”

Shen Yue was on the verge of tears.

”Don ’t be afraid, just fight! ”

Huai Shi took out a submachine gun from his travel bag and released the safety, ”Whether we run or not, we ’ll die.
What ’s there to be afraid of? You just focus on pedaling, leave the rest to me. ”

With that, Huai Shi raised his voice, ”Charge! ”

In that instant, he pulled the pin of a hand grenade and waited for the distance between the two sides to gradually shorten before throwing it forcefully into the surging darkness ahead.

Then, the explosive roar resounded from the depths of the darkness.

The shockwave howled, lifting up the rats and cockroaches that were pretending to be part of the group, and the flying iron fragments splattered a foul-smelling blood flower.

In the sudden surge of flames, it illuminated Shen Yue ’s pale face, deformed under the pressure of the wind, and the barrel of fire in Huai Shi ’s hand.

”Happy New Year, big brother and sister-in-law!!! ”

In Huai Shi ’s roar, bullets swept through the air, exploding into blood flowers.
Amidst the splattering blood, a shadow suddenly hung down from the top of the dome, opening its blood-filled mouth towards Shen Yue.

It was a python as thick as a water bucket.

Even several meters away, the stench was almost suffocating Shen Yue.
Now, as he looked up, he saw a big mouth covered in festering sores coming towards him, almost scaring him to jump off the car.

But immediately after, the snake ’s head shook violently.

A flash of lightning passed by.

The fleeting electric light left a trace in the air, entering from its lower jaw and freely piercing out, dissipating in the air.

In the next moment, the python ’s lower jaw fell from its head, and the sticky, foul-smelling blood splattered onto Shen Yue ’s face, flowing into his astonished mouth.

After reacting, Shen Yue was already lying on the car, almost vomiting out his intestines.Even though he was on the verge of fainting from fear, the pedaling of his feet didn ’t pause for a moment.
It could only be said that this was truly an undeniable talent.

In mid-air, the injured giant python writhed in pain, falling from the top of the dome.
It twisted angrily under Huai Shi ’s barrage, its tail whipping up a howling wind as it swept across.

The ghostly fire reignited.

Under the cover of the ash-gray fog, not only did Shen Yue let out a ghost-like scream, but even the surrounding monsters that pounced on them began to convulse wildly as if they were electrocuted.

And within the spreading fog, Huai Shi ’s left hand slid over the axe blade.
Amidst the sparks, the Axe of Wrath was raised high, and with a mournful cry, it fell.

It was as if thunder had suddenly struck, destroying everything in its path!

Immediately after, blood plasma erupted from the air.

It dyed the iron fog red, reflecting in the eyes of the evil spirit!

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