After a moment, the snake tail sweeping towards them was abruptly cut off, and the other corroding creature that was about to pounce on them was also split in half.

Immediately, the giant python was thrown behind them, screaming in anger but unable to catch up.

In the car, the two of them were drenched in the foul-smelling blood, and Shen Yue, who had been frightened repeatedly, didn ’t have time to scream before hearing Huai Shi ’s excited shout.

”What ’s so exciting about this! ” He was so angry that tears almost burst out.

”Have you ever played those arcade shooting games? It feels just like that! ” Huai Shi turned around excitedly.
”I ’ve never played before, but it ’s so thrilling! ”

”You ’ve had enough! ”

Shen Yue screamed, ”Can you stop playing? If we can really go back, I ’ll buy you a game console and you can play whatever you want! ”

”That ’s a deal! ”

As soon as he heard that there was a free game console, Huai Shi ’s eyes lit up like car headlights.
”Just be a little cautious later.
If there ’s anything, let me handle it.
Be careful not to get killed… ”

”Now is the time to say this? ”

Shen Yue groaned in despair, ”There ’s another one coming! ”

Staring at the group of mutated creatures rushing towards them, Huai Shi shook his head and sighed, ”Doesn ’t this mean…
we ’ve come to the right place? ”

Suddenly, a flute sound echoed in the darkness.

It was hard to tell if it was a bamboo flute or some strange instrument.
The sound was neither melodious nor sharp, but rather a chewing-like sound that made it difficult to understand how these two things were associated.

But in the strange low sound, those small-sized mutated creatures began to tremble violently.
Then, they burst open, and to Huai Shi ’s surprise, black blood-like liquid surged out of their bodies and flowed into the bodies of the nearby huge monsters.
This triggered the growth of more mutated organs, making them even more ferocious.

That thing not only reminded people of the corrosive parasites that lived in corpses, but more importantly, in a flash of inspiration, Huai Shi suddenly remembered the black drink that Qi Yuan had drunk.

It was as transparent as black crystal.

With a chilling aura.

”So that ’s how it is. ”

He murmured softly and patted Shen Yue ’s shoulder.
”Hurry up, we need to hurry! ”

Gasping for breath, Shen Yue shouted with difficulty, ”If you can do it, you go first! ”

”Hahaha. ” Huai Shi swiftly changed the magazine and aimed ahead.
”I still have more important…
work to do! ”

In that instant, the herd collided with the railcar.

Amidst the intense shock, gunshots roared.

It was unimaginable how they were moving forward.
It was like crushing a track made of flesh and blood.
In the midst of the violent shaking, Shen Yue closed his eyes in fear, screaming and exerting all his strength to pedal the railcar.

Soon, he smelled the stench of blood plasma and rising gunpowder, and the sticky liquid splashed onto his body.
There were constant explosions coming from the front and back.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

And after pulling the trigger, there was a thunderous roar.

Those corroding creatures rushed forward like mad, but one by one, they were swept by the barrel and slashed by the axe, torn to pieces and crushed under the railcar, turning into minced meat.

There were continuous screams and screams of agony.

Thanks to the Qis, thanks to He Luo, thanks to the dual-blade technique of the Upper Sect of Esoteric Buddhism.

With the blessing of the whetstone, lightning radiated from Huai Shi ’s arms, and the blades slashed, cutting the deformed lizards that climbed onto the railcar into two.

Not giving them a chance to bite, Huai Shi kicked one into a pile of rats behind them.
Then, he wedged the axe into the head of a crazed wild dog, enjoying the satisfying sound of the skull shattering.

Just like smashing a golden egg.

Huai Shi roared, exerting all his strength, wielding his weapons, and slashing at the enemies rushing towards them.

In a daze, the countless beasts seemed to have turned into an ocean, surging and constantly trying to jump onto the railcar, like tides.
The pungent blood plasma turned into surging waves, and the bones turned into reefs and obstacles.

The small railcar seemed to have turned into a small boat.

They were sailing on the sea of death.

But everything became so simple.
Since it was the sea, they would sail forward.
Since it was waves, they would cut through them.
Since it was reefs, they would tear them apart with lightning.

They didn ’t even need to take a step forward.
They were already plunging straight into the dark abyss.

All he needed to do was destroy the ghostly things in front of him.

In the way he was most skilled at, using the methods he had experienced countless times…

So, the burning souls roared, and the cracks on his chest emitted a brilliant light as he swung his thunderous blades and axes forward.

It was that simple.

In the midst of the slaughter, the young man grinned and laughed heartily.

Shen Yue felt like he must have gone crazy.

Instead of retreating when they had the chance, they followed this lunatic and headed straight for a dead end.
Jin Mu had already died, and he, a white-collar worker who didn ’t even know how to fight, actually wanted to try to resolve this situation.Then, now he was crazily pedaling the railcar like a dog.
Even if he wasn ’t bitten to death by the monsters that were rushing towards him, he would be exhausted by this broken thing.
But he heard that lunatic singing happily.

”Hey! Breaking through the heavy snow, we sit on the sled! ”

As he rushed forward in madness, sticky blood splattered like rain.

The thin figure shrouded in flames stood at the front of the car, listening to the roar, bathing in blood, as if on a spring outing, full of excitement: ”Quickly galloping through the fields, we laugh and sing! ”

”Ding ding dong! ”

”Ding ding dong! ”

”The bell rings ding dong! ”

Amidst the wailing of lightning, he shouted hoarsely: ”Hey! Skiing is so fun tonight, let ’s sing a skiing song! ”

So, red blood fell from the sky endlessly.

In what seemed like an eternity in hell, Shen Yue thought several times that he was going to die.
But soon, he despairingly realized that he hadn ’t died yet, but it seemed that he would die even more miserably next.

Until the broken railcar completely broke through the obstacles of countless corrosive substances, leaving a straight blood mark in the struggle, completely breaking through the encirclement.

When he looked back, the monsters were gradually moving away.
But when he looked ahead to the end of the road, he couldn ’t help but fall into despair again:

”Stop singing, there ’s a door ahead! ”

”Isn ’t that even better? ”

Huai Shi wiped the blood off his face, hugged the handrail tightly, and shouted loudly: ”Since there are no brakes, let ’s crash through! ”

So, amidst Shen Yue ’s screams, a roar erupted.

The half-collapsed wall and the heavy steel door in front of the tracks were blasted open by the final impact of the railcar, losing their balance completely.
The railcar, which had flown out of the tracks, spun in mid-air, splashing the undried blood and the broken bones and flesh that had gotten caught in the wheels.

The two of them tumbled in the dust, feeling like their whole bodies were about to shatter.

And finally, the railcar crashed onto the platform, breaking into two pieces.
Countless broken parts hit the stone, making a pleasant ringing sound, like the sound of a bell on the radio.

Until the very last moment, it remained loyal to its duty, reminding them.

– We have arrived.

Shen Yue climbed up from the ground in a sorry state, his face and hands covered in bruises.
He looked down at the young man next to him who couldn ’t get up, and just wanted to reach out and strangle this troublemaker right here.

”Are you really a first-tier Sublimator? ” He angrily grabbed Huai Shi by the collar.
”Where did you get this stubbornness from? Do you know how many times we almost died just now? ”

”It ’s just death, you ’ll get used to it. ”

Huai Shi was lifted up by him and waved his hand nonchalantly.
”Besides, didn ’t we make it? Relax, relax…
it ’s normal operation. ”

”Normal my ass! ”

Shen Yue glared at him.
”What the hell are you trying to do? Even if you have a self-destructive tendency, please don ’t drag me along! ”

In his half-fear, half-worried gaze, Huai Shi paused for a moment, then couldn ’t help but laugh.
”Do you know? When I obtained the Holy Mark, someone asked me what I wanted to do after gaining power… ”

He thought for a moment and said seriously, ”For a moment, I felt like I could become a hero. ”

”Most heroes end up dead! ”

”Then I ’ll just try my best not to die. ”

Huai Shi reached out, opened Shen Yue ’s fingers, leaned against the wall, and struggled to maintain his balance.
He was about to lose his footing.


In the silence, a faint rumble came from above their heads.

Immediately, the space around them seemed to be in turmoil, with faint cracks appearing.

The mirror world covering the realm was in turmoil.

Shen Yue was stunned for a moment, then raised his wrist and stared at the broken screen of his phone, looking at the message displayed on it, and suddenly became ecstatic.

”The action team from the Social Security Bureau has arrived! ”

He almost danced with joy, counting the green dots on the map that were lit up: ”Seven, eight, nine…
twelve Sublimators! I knew they wouldn ’t give up on us! ”

”Where are they? ”

Huai Shi seemed even more nervous than him.

”They ’re almost here! ” Shen Yue exclaimed in excitement.
”They ’re acting separately, attacking from different directions.
They ’ll be here in half an hour! ”

”Uh… ”

Huai Shi looked awkwardly at the platform behind them.
”Old Shen, I ’m afraid we won ’t make it in half an hour… ”

He paused for a moment and swallowed his saliva.

”But at least, I know why Jin Mu fell into the hands of those Corroders. ”

In the faint light of the phone, a huge shadow illuminated the platform, along with a pair of blood-red eyes as big as car headlights.

Lying on the stairs leading to the upper level was a huge creature the size of a truck, with distorted organs and features that couldn ’t be distinguished whether it was a wolf, lion, or tiger.
Its body was already devoid of fur, revealing large pus-filled sores underneath, but its head was covered in scales, and its mouth, filled with sharp teeth, constantly opened and closed, grinding on the tongue like a chew toy.

Between its teeth, he saw Jin Mu ’s mutilated arm, which was now being rolled up on that monster ’s tongue, as if it were grinding on a chew toy.Sensing their stunned gazes, a hint of mockery flashed in the giant wolf ’s eyes.
After putting away its amusement, as if watching a play, it turned into hunger and ferocity.

Huai Shi felt he was in trouble.

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