In fact, this level of erosion is not difficult to deal with…

These people who have been purified seem to be able to produce monsters like farming, whether they can be considered as border anomalies or not.
Apart from the abnormal black blood in their bodies, the only difference is that they are a bit ugly, a bit big, a bit gluttonous, and a bit ugly.

They don ’t have any special abilities, not even the ability to cast a fireball.
Their combat power relies solely on numbers.

However, among the many numbers, there are always one or two individuals with extraordinary talents who are favored by the Holy God.
They are especially ugly, especially big, especially gluttonous, and especially ugly.

Like the one in front of him.

Obviously, he is different from those other flashy monsters.
He looks extremely powerful.

To say that he can be dealt with just like the other erosion bodies is a joke.

His neck is so thick that his head is almost as big as a car, lying there making it impossible for Huai Shi to chop it off.

Moreover, he is out of energy.

After killing so many monsters along the way, he was high on adrenaline and didn ’t hold back at all.
He didn ’t dare to hold back.
He rushed in here to save his own life, but he didn ’t expect to encounter the final boss.

He ’s in big trouble now.

He tentatively gestured with the knife and axe in his hand, but it was no match for the intimidating presence of the monster.
Even the giant wolf that walked by leisurely was amused by him, opening its big mouth and dripping foul-smelling saliva.

Huai Shi swallowed his saliva and trembled as he said, ”Lao Shen, aren ’t you a healer? Give me a buff. ”

”Why do you need a buff when you ’re so stubborn? ”

Shen Yue ’s face turned pale and he almost shrank into the corner, almost in tears.
”It ’s useless.
My abilities are meant for ordinary people and can ’t replenish much energy.
If only there were more people… ”

”Then let ’s go with the number of people we have! ” Huai Shi was so angry that he was about to vomit blood.
”Add a few more layers. ”

Regardless of the effect, more buffs would be somewhat useful.

Shen Yue looked even more helpless.
”Can you handle the buff for three thousand people? ”

”Can ’t you reduce it a bit? ”

I can ’t estimate it accurately… ”

Shen Yue was at a loss for words and was on the verge of tears.

This was a well-known flaw among his teammates in the Social Security Bureau – his buffs had only two levels.
One level was for one person, and the other…
was an extreme three thousand levels!

This was the main reason why Shen Yue had been sitting on the bench in the Special Support Group of the Social Security Bureau.
He couldn ’t control his ”healing power ”.

It was easy to paralyze his teammates with too much healing.

To be fair, his soul ability, ”Efficient Work Method without Overtime, ” was a very practical and useful skill – as long as there were enough ordinary people, Shen Yue could even lead an army to sweep and develop the border.

But did the border need ordinary people to sweep and develop it?


And even with Shen Yue ’s buffs, he could only provide a set of weak buffs such as clear thinking, injury protection, weak healing, and a small amount of energy replenishment.

He had a little bit of everything, but everything was weak.

For ordinary people, the effect was very powerful, but for sublimators, it might only provide a slight improvement.
It could only be said to be better than nothing.

At this point, his trainer suggested that since one set was not enough, why not add a few more sets.
Then they discovered a bloody fact – too much overtime work could really kill you.

Even energy drinks could kill people.

After being buffed, his power was indeed limitless, but once the buff time ended, he would explode on the spot.

After the first two people ended up in the ICU, no one dared to go next.

The only one at the same level who could withstand his three thousand buffs was Jin Mu, who had a physical strength that was almost inhuman and was practically made of steel.

Jin Mu ’s limit was five minutes.
Within those five minutes, even opponents who had just reached the fourth stage could be easily defeated with a whip.
If one whip was not enough, he would whip again.

Even if Jiu Feng stood face to face with him, he would dare to confront him within those five minutes.

His appearance could be said to have saved Shen Yue from sitting on the bench.
Since they became partners, Shen Yue realized for the first time how important his own power was.

But this was also the most painful part for Shen Yue – if he had been there, Jin Mu would not have died.

If he had chosen to stand by his partner at that time, the situation would not have deteriorated to this extent.

”Don ’t just stand there like an idiot! ”

A sudden slap on the back of his head snapped Shen Yue out of his daze.
Huai Shi stared at him with wide eyes.
”If you can do it, then do it! Lao Shen, it ’s up to you now! I ’m not afraid, why are you afraid? ”

Shen Yue looked at him blankly, gritted his teeth, and reluctantly raised his hand.

”As little as possible, you know? As little as possible… ”

Huai Shi started to panic and prayed in a low voice, ”Please don ’t mess up. ”

Shen Yue ’s fingertips began to glow, initially with a dazzling white light, but then quickly dimmed.
Under his difficult control, he weakened the level of the buff to half of its original power.

Then half again…
and again…

In the end, his entire finger swelled to twice its original size, containing too much power that was about to burst.In the midst of the lingering smoke, he saw a pale flame suddenly rise, tearing through the fog and the gale, cast by that shadow.

The shadow leaped up, its power surging in an instant, reaching a height of over four meters.

From his painful roar, he drew his axe and slashed down at the giant wolf below!

Huai Shi felt like he was about to explode.

In that instant, as Shen Yue pointed at him, a tremendous force suddenly erupted from within him.
From the dark void within his Holy Mark, the last bottle of cola inside was instantly crushed into dust, spewing out from the cracks.

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The familiar sensation of expansion came once again.

Despite Shen Yue ’s full suppression, he still felt like he was about to shatter under the overwhelming force.
Even though he had performed beyond his level this time, reducing the number of BUFFs to around two hundred, it was still a burden Huai Shi couldn ’t bear.

His organs cried out in pain, on the verge of bursting.

It was like a death sentence!

But just as he felt his organs about to be destroyed, the flames that once caused him unbearable pain ignited again within his body.
The fire of Source Material, formed from the pain and anger of millions, enveloped him, inciting frenzy, burning power, extracting the excessive force, and merging it into the Ashen Mist.

The Ashen Mist burned fiercely.

It was like a furnace filled with coal.

He teetered on the edge of collapse.

Roaring in pain, he leaped up, dominated by the madness within his instincts, and swung his axe at the dog ’s head the size of a car hood below.


The axe blade collided with the scales and was deflected.

Using the reaction force from the axe blade, Huai Shi ’s body rolled in the air, dodging the giant wolf ’s raised head and gaping mouth, stumbling to the ground, panting heavily.

He left deep footprints on the ground.

The pain continued, as did the power.
He had to end this battle quickly, or quickly squander this overwhelming power.

Before he was crushed by it.

Thanks to the hundreds of BUFFs, his originally depleted physical strength and energy suddenly exploded, almost bulging out.
It was enough for him to squander the overly agitated Source Material at this moment.

He reached out, wiped his hand over the axe blade, and lightning lit up.

But then, with his pull, the axe handle suddenly grew longer amidst the sound of steel friction, transitioning from the form of a hand axe to a size that could be swung with both hands.

The surrounding Ashen Mist quickly gathered, condensing on the lightning-covered axe blade, turning into a pale heart poison.

”To be honest… ”

The demon in the fire sighed helplessly: ”I never thought I ’d be beating up so many small animals one day. ”

In that instant, amidst the howling of the giant wolf, Huai Shi charged forward.

The angry giant wolf opened its mouth wide and snapped it shut at him.
Huai Shi slid underfoot, knelt and looked up, almost sliding into the soft underbelly between its four feet, completely unguarded.

Then, the axe of anger struck, from the neck down to the belly button that extended into strange tentacles, blood gushed out like a waterfall.

But then, the black blood quickly solidified as if alive, forcibly stitching the gruesome wound, then quickly dried up, forming a thick layer of armor.

”Is it that advanced? ”

Huai Shi was taken aback, rolled awkwardly to dodge the sharp tail bone like a blade, and stumbled back.

Then, he heard the noisy sounds coming from the giant wolf ’s belly.

”Idiot! Bite his head…
Let me do it… ”

”He ’s too small, moves too fast… ”

”Pain! Pain! It hurts so much! ”

”Use the tail, stab him to death with the tail! ”

”How about using claws? ”

hungry… ”

”Stop playing, use all your strength! ”

It was as if dozens of people were stuffed in its belly, chattering away.
The black blood surged angrily, each vying for control of this body.
Layers of black blood pierced out from the bare trunk, then turned into various messy organs.

There were several hands, a big mouth, and several huge crimson eyes.
The tail even grew several increasingly sharp tails.

”Isn ’t this modification too much? ”

Huai Shi was dumbfounded.
Before he could react, the completely deformed giant wolf charged at him.
Not only the original gaping mouth, but also the ferocious claws and blade-like tail all burst out with a howl.

Huai Shi retreated, then retreated again.
He swung his axe horizontally, striking a palm that was reaching for him.
Two thick fingers fell to the ground and quickly rotted, but the remaining fingers tightly gripped Huai Shi ’s axe blade, not allowing him to break free.

”I caught him! I caught him! ”

A surprised voice shouted.

Huai Shi sighed and muttered.

”Idiot. ”

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