Realm correction value, or it can be called deviation.

Simply put, it ’s like the degree of popularity, but the two are completely different.

Indeed, the gods will inevitably receive the worship and sacrifice of humans, so they are widely spread and feared, but this does not mean that they will do something to pursue people ’s praise and fear.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

On the contrary, they are worshipped and feared by mortals because of what they have done.

If Crow were here, he might tell Huai Shi straightforwardly: the so-called gods are just a necessary part of maintaining the integrity of this world, and they have their own responsibilities—whether it is controlling the weather or bringing disasters—these are just insignificant parts of their work.

Except for a small part of them or because they have other motives, such existences rarely care about people ’s comments about themselves.

Because for them, it is just fulfilling the mission entrusted to them by the world ’s axis, whether it is their nature or destiny, it ’s all the same.

Just like how humans need to eat and drink.

As a fifth-order Sublimator with some divine traits, in order to make the miracle they possess grow, they must conform to its essence and make changes to the world.

For example, the Qilin, its essence determines that Fu Can Guang must conform to the Qilin ’s destiny, tame all beasts, and maintain the peace of the realm—no, it should be said that if Fu Can Guang does not have this determination, he will never be able to become a Qilin.

For example, the Great Peng Golden-winged Bird in the East lineage, it cannot even advance in a normal way.

Because this miracle must come down with countless cries and prayers when the country is in turmoil and the state is overturned, its Sublimator must receive the destiny of rebuilding the country, restore order with violent military struggles, and rectify the old mountains and rivers.

Because of this, it does not exist in the fourteen paths of the East lineage, and even with the increasing stability of the realm, its miracle has sunk deep into the depths of the Silver Sea, and cannot be found.

It can be said that apart from the similarity in appearance and legends, it has fundamentally different essence from Garuda.

Every Sublimator with a fifth-order Holy Mark must have their destiny, and they will definitely work for it, whether it is to obtain stronger power or to achieve their own ambitions that are in line with their destiny.

Regardless of whether the destiny carried by this miracle is good or evil, large or small, every fifth-order Sublimator will cause certain changes in the realm.

Causing a certain deviation from the original trajectory of all things.

And this is the meaning represented by the realm correction value.

It evaluates the miracles created by the Sublimators.

If rectifying represents correction, then destruction and devastation will cause deviation—these two names ultimately mean the same thing, the world has been changed.

The whole world is like numbers, adding and subtracting with the will of the Sublimators, sometimes going up, sometimes going down…
If not suppressed, the realm would have been in chaos.

This is also the meaning of the position of the Inspector—do not let everything turn to ashes in this turmoil.

Speaking of this, Li Jian Hu Po sighed: ”And as a subordinate and mount of the gods, it goes without saying what Garuda ’s destiny is, right? ”

Huai Shi suddenly realized: ”To be a lackey and…
pave the way? ”

Li Jian Hu Po nodded.

This is what that guy who was originally Jiufeng planned.

It ’s simply killing three birds with one stone.

By using the jump in the path of sublimation to reset, change appearance, not only did he break free from the limitations of the Jiufeng path of sublimation and successfully advanced to Garuda, but he can also easily open the passage to the hell capital by relying on Garuda ’s own traits.
At the same time, he can obtain a large amount of realm deviation value through the legendary feat created by himself, and get rid of the inherent defects, becoming one of the outstanding fifth-order Sublimators.

It ’s like a fish leaping over the dragon gate.

Opening the passage to the hell capital—for the original Jiufeng, it can be said to be completely unrealistic.
After all, it is too difficult for a fierce bird that devours souls to pave the way.

But for Garuda, this is simply part of the job.

Otherwise, after being the mount of Vishnu for so many years, if one day the great god says let ’s go somewhere, can you still say sorry, I can ’t find the way, can you bring a GPS?

Now with the triple reflection of the Mirror Realm, breaking the blockade of the realm and entering the hell capital is simply a matter of course.
Although it can ’t be said to be easy, where in the world is there something that doesn ’t require effort?

”If the passage to the hell capital can really be opened, it should be able to obtain more than 0.09% of the deviation value, right? ” Li Jian Hu Po exclaimed, ”That would be enough for him to leap to the upper level of the fifth-order Sublimators. ”

”Only that much? ” Huai Shi was astonished, and then gave a crazy side-eye.

”That ’s already quite a lot.
If the deviation value reaches three percent at once, it would be enough to destroy a small to medium-sized country.
If it reaches twenty percent, the entire realm would be in danger. ” ”Do you know how much the deviation value reached during the First World War? It was only 44%! At the most dangerous moment, the Astronomical Society even moved the Doomsday Clock five minutes closer. ”

As they were speaking, the two of them were about to hide under the stairs.

The light above was too bright.

For them, who also possessed negative attribute Holy Marks, it was an inherent suppression.
They might even evaporate from existence.

And at this moment, they heard the roar caused by the hurricane.
In the furious roar of Garuda, a brilliant light burst out like an ocean.

It finally crawled out from the abyss of transformation, slowly spreading its pockmarked wings, gradually breaking free from the realm ’s constraints.

In front of it, a dark crack slowly opened, vaguely revealing flowing light, rainbow colors, and countless ephemeral scenes.

But what shocked Huai Shi was…

”What ’s wrong with its wings? ”

Those pockmarked wings were so battered that it was hard to imagine anything being able to fly with them.

Thanks to this, it couldn ’t completely crawl out of its own transformed abyss.

”It ’s probably an incomplete advancement, right? ”

Behind Huai Shi, someone said, ”It should be said that it ’s due to insufficient innate ability.
Because there was a problem during the ritual, he didn ’t completely cleanse his Yin attribute, leaving some remnants, which led to the conflict with Garuda. ”

In that instant, Huai Shi and Li Jian Hu Po were shocked and silent.
They suddenly turned around, the axes in their hands pointing towards the newcomer who appeared out of nowhere, and then froze in place.

”Old Liu? ”

Huai Shi was astonished.
”How did you come here? ”

”Come on, why can ’t I, as a record officer of the Astronomical Society, come? It should be me asking you. ” Liu Dongli calmly smoked a cigarette.
”You shouldn ’t be so reckless, even if you want to die. ”

”It ’s just a coincidence, just a coincidence. ”

Huai Shi forced a dry laugh.
”I just wanted to achieve something and reduce my sentence…
When did you arrive? ”

”I arrived when you were talking about the deviation value.
I saw how serious you were, so I didn ’t disturb you.
By the way, I ’ve already sent the severely injured person below away, so you don ’t have to worry. ”

Liu Dongli also leaned on the stairs, holding a telescope to observe Garuda ’s movements.
He sighed, ”Ah, it ’s really miserable.
How did it become like this? I ’m really sorry… ”

Huai Shi was taken aback, and then his eyes became suspicious.

”What ’s wrong with its wings? Did you do something? ”

”I ’m ashamed to say this. ” Liu Dongli happily smoked his cigarette.
”Although I found out that the Full Sparrow Feast was organized by the Pure Citizens and they were secretly collecting bird eyes, I had no idea what they were planning. ”

”So? ”

”So I thought, no matter what they were planning, I should do something first. ”

Liu Dongli spoke about these things with great excitement.
”So, while we were having dinner, I quietly went to the kitchen and stuffed a bunch of bats and duck eyes into their food.
Later, I also secretly put some eels and yellow eels into the snakes they bought…
I didn ’t expect it to work. ”

”You bastard, you even spied on me while inviting me to dinner.
Do you have no conscience? ”

”You were also very happy eating it! Besides, I paid for it.
You alone ate more than 800! ” Liu Dongli complained, ”Where is there a time when someone treats you to a meal and doesn ’t tell you that they ’re in their developmental stage! ”

While complaining, Liu Dongli half-knelt on the stairs and took out a sniper-like object from behind.
He skillfully unfolded the stand, raised the gun, and then pressed it against the scope, aiming at the resurrected Garuda amidst the blinding light.

”What are you doing? ” Huai Shi looked at the firearm that didn ’t seem like a strange border relic and felt that Liu Dongli must have gone crazy.
”Are you trying to kill it with this thing? ”

”It ’s not necessarily to kill it. ”

Liu Dongli ’s eyes emitted a smoky heat, and his pupils trembled.
Amidst the scorching pain, he grinned and whispered, ”I hope I can at least cripple it. ”

In that instant, he pulled the trigger.

The gun shook violently.

With the ignition of the propellant, a bullet flew out of the barrel, smashing the howling sound behind them, and in an instant, it flew into the abyss, piercing through the layers of substantial light.

It successfully hit Garuda ’s chest.

And then, nothing happened.

Not even a single feather fell off.
Garuda didn ’t even realize that someone had attacked it.

From beginning to end, Li Jian Hu Po witnessed this feat that was like Don Quixote challenging windmills and couldn ’t help but burst into laughter.

”It ’s useless, big brother. ”

Huai Shi shook his head and sighed.
He took out some medicine from his pocket, unsure if it would be effective for the burns on his eyes.

Only Liu Dongli ignored the blood flowing from his right eye and exhaled the smoke from his lungs with a relaxed expression.
He extinguished the cigarette butt on the ground and finally glanced at these two country bumpkins.

”Have you ever heard of laser guidance? ”

Before the words fell, the sky trembled violently.From above Garuda, a large hole suddenly tore open in the void, as if a crack had been smashed into a wall, revealing the scenery behind the wall.

The wind surged, howling and bursting forth.

From that pitch-black tunnel, two dazzling headlights suddenly lit up.
With the thunderous roar of the rail tracks being trampled, a high-pitched and sharp cry erupted.


——The subway is about to arrive!

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