Jiang Yu scratched the back of his head, “It seemed like he cared a lot about these cuts……What was he looking at?”


Ji Mingrui followed him in contemplation, then finally said frankly, “I dunno what goes on in geniuses’ heads.
I mean, when I was fifteen I was still weeping bitterly because I failed at getting the girl in the class next to mine.”


Jiang Yu, “……”


Ji Mingrui went back to his desk.
As he was waiting for his instant noodles to cook, he finally had a few minutes free to check his phone.


He set his a message to his good friend, looking to be comforted: I’ve been so busy recently.


His good friend gave him a reality check that sobered him up.


Chi Qing: If you’re busy then don’t message me.


Ji Mingrui: ……Listen to yourself, are you even human?


Ji Mingrui sent two messages in a row: What’re you doing today?


After a moment, the other side gifted him with three sparing words.


Chi Qing: Follow-up appointment.


Ji Mingrui looked at those three words as he took the lid off his steaming cup of instant noodles, thinking to himself that his friend was truly putting in a lot of effort into curing his mysophobia.


Today, the psychology clinic was open for business as usual.
This was Chi Qing’s second time treading foot in this place.


“Welcome—Hello, Mr.
Chi.” The receptionist already remembered Chi Qing’s name.
She paused at the work she was doing, a smile showing on her face, “May I ask you to first wait in the waiting room for a moment, I’ll let Doctor Wu know you’re here.”


Chi Qing pinches the joints of his fingers through his gloves, frowning as he glanced at the waiting room that had cats everywhere.


He didn’t really want to be in the same place as that group of furry things.


The waiting room was the same as always.


A few seats, a few cats sleeping on their bellies.
One cat seemed to recognize him, sending a meow meow in his direction.


Chi Qing’s line of sight shifted to the side a few degrees, and only then did he realize that compared to the group of furry things, something even more annoying was sitting in the waiting room.


Xie Lin was sitting on the right side of the sofa flipping through a magazine, seeming like he’d already been sitting there for quite a while.
When he lifted his gaze and saw Chi Qing, he gave off the illusion of “I’ve been waiting for you.”


He close the magazine, smiling, “We meet again, Mr.


Chi Qing, “……”


Why is this nutcase here too.


Did I forget to check my fortune before leaving again.


Chi Qing passed him over, finding the furthest available seat.
They sat on opposite sides, with more than half of the waiting room between them.


Xie Lin was the type of person who could immediately parse out an implicit meaning no matter how deeply it was hidden, but at this moment he seemed not to understand Chi Qing’s intention.
He leaned over and put the magazine back on the coffee table, naturally moving seats, pulling in the distance between them, “I never thought you’d also have an appointment for today.
It seems like fate is bringing us together.”


Chi Qing said, “We seem to have different understandings of fate.”


Xie Lin rarely met a target that bit back.
He poured Chi Qing a customary glass of water, “You seem to have a strong opinion about me.”


Chi Qing didn’t deny it, “You can have more self-confidence than that.”


“Hmm?” He pulled out the end of the syllable into a bit of a suggestive lilt.


“Get rid of the ‘you seem to.’”




Xie Lin wasn’t mad, slowly pushing forward the glass of water resting on the table with that same smile on his face.


Although his features were elegant and refined, the outline of his face was quite severe, the ends of his eyes were long and thin; if it wasn’t for the expression in his eyes diluting that feeling of distance, this would make people overlook the fact that he actually looked rather unapproachable.


A sleeping cat was lying near the seat Chi Qing was sitting in.
In the haze of sleep, that cat wanted to shift its position and continue sleeping; however, before its paws had even gotten close to the sofa armrest next to Chi Qing, Chi Qing admonished it from a distance, “Don’t come over.”


The cat, “Meow?”


Chi Qing, “Don’t sleep here.”


The cat, “Meow meow?”


Chi Qing, “Even if you come over, I’ll throw you back.”


The cat, “……”


One person and one cat had a miraculous exchange that transcended species.


That cat finally gave up the idea of moving, and ran away with a waving tail.


Xie Lin was leaning somewhere off to the side and watching the fun from the sidelines, “You don’t like cats?”


He recalled the first time they’d met.
Chi Qing’s body was free of cat hair, and at that time he’d thrown out the comment “you most likely dislike cats.” Chi Qing hadn’t protested at all.


Meeting this time, he had confirmed this guess without a doubt.


Chi Qing didn’t want to hear any arguments like ‘but kitties are so cute, why don’t you like kitties?’, “I don’t like cats, and I especially don’t like exchanging nonsense with people I don’t really know.”


After Chi Qing said this, he noticed the glass of water in Xie Lin’s hand.
Just as he was about to say “you don’t need to pour water for me,” he saw the trajectory of that cup change at the last moment.
The water in the cup splashed exactly onto his gloves, “……”


“Sorry, sorry,” the culprit pulled out a few tissues and passed them over, “I didn’t hold it steadily, let’s dry it off?”


Chi Qing tried to bear it, but in the end he couldn’t.
His mysophobia flared up and he could only pull off his gloves.
He didn’t take the tissues Xie Lin passed over, but when he was drying his hands he realized that the person next to him seemed to be staring at his hands.


The last time Xie Lin only pulled off one of his gloves, and now he was finally seeing the other—there was an obvious cut on the man’s thin, delicate finger.
His skin was so pale that even an unremarkable mole was extremely easy to see, not to mention a cut that was a centimeter or so long.


The knife had clearly sliced his finger on accident.
The wound was clearly much rougher than a typical cut; it wasn’t from a normal paring knife.


Xie Lin pointed at that cut, “Did you cut yourself when you were chopping stuff, how were you so careless?”


As Chi Qing was drying his hands, he was earnestly thinking something over.


Even if Doctor Wu’s skill was this exquisite, and no matter how many successful cases he’d had, he ought to consider changing clinics.




木瓜黄’s author’s note:

?(?ω?)? uwu

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