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The night was quiet in the western suburbs of S City, a well-known wealthy area.
A black Maybach gently slid into a courtyard covered by tall trees.

A gust of cool autumn wind blew in from the open car window, blowing away the young man’s bang, revealing a well-shaped widow’s peak1This M-shaped hairline.
In English, it’s called Widow’s Peak, but in Chinese, it’s literally translated to beauty tip.
It was a beauty standard of some sort in ancient China.
If you watch Chinese period dramas, you will see that men all have this kind of hairline.
and a small face the size of a palm, glowing white in the night.

Qi Xiaoyu was woken up by the cool wind and vaguely heard someone shouting, “Why did you make the person unconscious? What if word goes out that our Xun family is robbing people?”

Then an extremely flattering voice said, “Mr.
Cheng, don’t be angry.
He volunteered, and we’ve made an agreement.
I promise, it’s absolutely voluntary.”

A shadow shrouded Qi Xiaoyu, and the flattering voice said again, “Mr.
Cheng, look, don’t you think this kid looks exactly like the person in the third master’s painting?”

Cheng’s voice was still angry, “I can’t say they are exactly the same.
It’s only about seventy or eighty percent similar.”

“Yes, yes, as long as you said so.
Now…are we sending him in?”

Cheng said slowly, as if deliberately pinching someone’s lifeline, “The person is already here, so just send it.
If the third master likes him, perhaps the warding-off wedding can be done.”

Warding-off wedding2冲喜[chōnɡ xǐ]: a wedding arranged for a young man who was dangerously ill, in the hope that the joyous occasion would ward off imminent death.? With a man? Qi Xiaoyu’s temples suddenly jumped.
He didn’t recognize anyone, and he had never heard of this third master or whatever.
Was he being drugged and sold?

Who dares! He, Qi Xiaoyu, has been in the Red Moon Troupe for twenty years.
He has grown from a bullied apprentice to a pillar of the stage.
His name was popular and widespread, from Beiping City to Shanghai Beach.
What big storms has he not seen? Who would dare to drug and sell him? Aren’t they afraid of being cut alive by him when he wakes up?

Prince Rong from Deyue Building, Boss Jiang from the Qing gang, Commander Sheng from the army, and those theater fans who waited at the door of the Red Moon Troupe every day waiting for him to take the stage, any one of these people could be the third master he had never heard of.

But… It seems that something is wrong.

Qi Xiaoyu heard the flattering voice trying to curry favor with this Mr.
Cheng again: “Mr.
Cheng, the person is already delivered, then the money…”

Cheng snorted, “Give me his IOU, and the money will be in your account tomorrow.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you, Mr.

Then Qi Xiaoyu was carried out from the back seat of the Maybach.

The world was spinning; the drug made him want to vomit, but everything that entered his eyes made him forget to vomit.

Who are these people? Where is he? Is he still in Shanghai in the 14th year of the Republic of China3History 101.
The Republic of China (1912–1949) was formed after Chinese people successfully overthrew the Qing dynasty and ended over two thousand years of imperial rule in China.?

Why is everything so strange?

Qi Xiaoyu quickly scanned everything around him.

There are no more than 100 cars in the whole of Shanghai, none of which look like this, all black and airtight.

No one’s bodyguards are all dressed in black clothes with white shirts like this.

The prince in the Deyue Building and his house’s servants all wear long robes4.

The boss of the Qing Gang and all his subordinates wear Mandarin jackets5.

The commander of the army and the soldiers he leads are naturally dressed in neat military uniforms.

The stewards at those places are all so proud that their chins are turned high toward the sky.
On the surface, they are not as friendly and peaceful as the people in front of him.

There are also the overly fashionable decorations of the villa: the porch made of stones, the door that opens automatically…

The bright light reflected on Qi Xiaoyu’s jet-black pupils, and a large number of pictures and words suddenly flooded into his mind like a raging tide, tearing his nerves apart.

He actually inexplicably transmigrated into a novel called “Sick President Sadistically Loves Me”.

Although he hadn’t read the novel, the plot flooded into his mind automatically.

The main plot of this novel is the story of Xun Qian, the sickly president, and Tang Yuning, the forbearing and gentle movie king.
They fell in love, healed the president’s mental and physical sickness, and eventually got married.

And Qi Xiaoyu, who has the same name as him in the novel, is pitiful and hateful cannon fodder.

He originally had a good birth; his parents opened a company, which flourished better and better, but unfortunately, his mother passed away early.
After his stepmother married his dad, they had their own children, so he was driven to a boarding school with only an 800 yuan6112 USD monthly allowance.

Qi Xiaoyu was living in exile, with no one to turn to, and was lazy and unmotivated.
He lived aimlessly until the age of 22 and finally got a job at a third-rate entertainment company after graduating from university.
Because of his outstanding appearance, the company sent him to participate in a singing and dancing talent show.

While participating in the program, Qi Xiaoyu had a long-term relationship with a boy in the same dormitory.
Although the other party was just playing with him, Qi Xiaoyu was blinded by love and borrowed a huge amount of usury in order to repay the gambling debts of his “boyfriend”.

Qi Xiaoyu thought that this would earn his “boyfriend” true love.
However, the “boyfriend” took the money and turned around to form a CP with someone else on the show.
He even revealed that his roommate in the same dormitory had an ulterior motive toward him, saying, “It’s really disgusting.
He even peered at me while taking a shower and helped me wash my underwear.
I really want to move over and live with Zhouzhou.”

Faced with the abandonment of his “boyfriend”, Qi Xiaoyu was overcome with grief and cried uncontrollably in the dark.
At the same time, the loan shark came to his door to collect the debt.
He has no money.
He’s just a trainee who has not yet made his debut and has to pay for his own taxi fare to record the show.

So Qi Xiaoyu could only brazenly ask his family for it.
The phone was hung up after he just said “hello”, and when he sent them a WeChat message, he received “the other party has rejected your message” prompt in return.

Out of desperation to pay back the loan shark, Qi Xiaoyu promised to attend this wedding.
But the loan shark was afraid that he would go back on his word midway, so he sent him here unconscious.

The mysterious and unpredictable Mr.
Xun, who overtook all the business in the gray area of S City, was about to die of illness.
He couldn’t get out of bed, he frequently vomited blood, and there was no cure for his illness! Mrs.
Xun was a superstitious person.
She said that since doctors can’t cure him, he should find someone to get married to and was

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