The meaning in Xun Qian’s words doesn’t connote positive or negative meanings, nor do they connote a compliment or sarcasm.
Butler Cheng pretended not to hear it and didn’t dare to say more.
He could only stand by.

On the other hand, after negotiating with Manager Zhang, Qi Xiaoyu took the video of Dong Fan’s entry and exit from the casino, as well as the accounting records, and walked out satisfied.

What kind of person is Dong Fan? Qi Xiaoyu has dealt with him twice and already has a clear understanding.
He’s outwardly strong but inwardly weak, ferocious in appearance but feeble in essence.

With these things in hand, when he saw Dong Fan in rehearsal two days later, it was enough to intimidate Dong Fan to delete their previous Chat log, as well as some other things, and then threaten him again!

You can’t give people like Dong Fan a good face.
He’ll only behave himself when you scare him a few more times.

In other words, the original owner was played by this kind person.

He deserved his bad luck when he met Qi Xiaoyu.

Qi Xiaoyu took out a mask, put it on, and walked out of the Weihao Hotel happily.

It’s only three o’clock now, and the sun, obscured by the clouds, is faintly visible.
A golden light shines on the all-glass exterior wall of the Weihao Hotel and reflects on the center of the river, illuminating sparkling waves.

Today’s work was completed faster than he imagined.
The level of gambling here is not as high as in his era, and winning is quite easy.
Perhaps it’s because everyone doesn’t have the energy to put their lives on the line by gambling, so they don’t have the spirit to study.

Although the word “study” is not suitable for gambling.

Qi Xiaoyu walked out and calculated the money he won today.
In fact, there was quite a lot of money left.
A few visits here would be enough for him to pay off the money he owed Xun Qian.

But his master once warned him not to engage in such windfall ideas.

If you make a windfall, you will inevitably lose the fortunes of other places.

That’s quite unfortunate.

Qi Xiaoyu leaned against a railing outside the hotel, thinking about whether to go back to Xun Qian’s house or do something else next.

He has achieved good results in practicing songs these days.
Although the basic conditions of the original owner are a bit weak, his own skills are very good.
He has only practiced for a few days, and his breathing has become much more stable.
At this speed, he’d have absolutely no problem on the live stage.

So is it okay to slack off and play for a few hours today, such as by going for a drink or taking a walk?

Qi Xiaoyu was thinking aimlessly when his phone rang.

It’s a call from Yu Xiaosheng.

Qi Xiaoyu pressed the answer button, wondering in his head why Yu Xiaosheng was looking for him.
Did he find a job for him? Or is it to recommend him to the Peking Opera?

As a result, a question came as soon as he opened his mouth: “Where are you?”


Before Qi Xiaoyu could answer, Yu Xiaosheng intercepted him and asked, “Where are you going again if you’re not practicing singing? I’m warning you: don’t make up lies to deceive me.
I can hear how noisy your side is!”

Qi Xiaoyu glanced at the environment around him.
There were cars coming and going on the road and people coming and going on the sidewalk.
It was very lively.

Yu Xiaosheng wasn’t happy with it.
“If you didn’t practice singing well, why did you snatch Gu Lei’s part? Don’t you know that Gu Lei is under Orange Juice Entertainment? Don’t you know that the Xun family is behind Orange Juice Entertainment? What if you offend them?”

Qi Xiaoyu finally knew why Yu Xiaosheng came to him with fury.
He laughed, trying to fool him.
“What do you mean by snatching? Isn’t it a rule set by the program team?”

Yu Xiaosheng snorted, “The program team set up a trap, and you have to drill into it? Have you watched the trailer released today?”

“Let’s Debut, Trainees” usually airs on Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
The day before, a 5-minute clip will be cut and posted online using the official blog.

The clip this time is 5 minutes and 34 seconds in total.
After excluding the prelude and the ending, there are 5 minutes and 20 seconds left.

In these 5 minutes and 20 seconds, 3 minutes were about Qi Xiaoyu taking Gu Lei’s lead vocal position, and the remaining 2 minutes were about Qi Xiaoyu’s poor audition performance in front of Yuan Yaling.

Oh, and the remaining 20 seconds include Gu Lei’s audition and Yuan Yaling’s words of praise for Gu Lei, forming a stark contrast with Qi Xiaoyu’s audition.

There is no mention of Qi Xiaoyu’s hard training all night.
Of course, it’s also possible that 5 minutes aren’t enough to include all that.

Qi Xiaoyu didn’t know about today’s cut; even if he knew, he didn’t care.
The program team wanted gimmicks and topics, so Qi Xiaoyu knew what the contents would be without needing to look at them.

And all of these were within his prediction.
The worse they made him look, the better.
Otherwise, how can he reflect his hard work, his diligence, his overturning against the wind, and his survival?

Regarding the matter of attracting fans, Qi Xiaoyu thinks it should be the same throughout the ages.

First, lower the expectations of others, and only when the final effect is achieved can people feel beyond expectations.

Let others underestimate you first; then they will be impressed and remember you deeply.

He still remembered the first time he sang “Jade Hairpin” and played the female role of Zhang Yuzhen.
His reputation was not good, the tickets could not be sold, and his fellow apprentices in the same troupe hid his outfit.
At that time, a play determined one’s life and death in this line of work.

It’s an opportunity he earned with great difficulty.
If he doesn’t perform well, his future life may be even more difficult than before.

The situation at that time was much more tense than this, but it was also his successful performance of this scene that made him a hit and made him the pillar of the Red Moon Troupe.

Now he’s just being scolded by people he didn’t know online, so what’s the matter?

But now he couldn’t say so to Yu Xiaosheng because he wouldn’t understand it, so he could only pretend to be ignorant and answer, “I haven’t watched it yet.”

Yu Xiaosheng really blew up: “You didn’t even watch the trailer? What are you doing every day? You’re still laughing? Do you know how badly people are scolding you on the internet right now? Not many people watch this stupid show, but there are quite a few who came to curse you.”

The sound of Yu Xiaosheng drinking water was heard from the opposite side.
After drinking, he had the strength to continue cursing: “They’ve already edited you into this kind of character in the trailer; when the full episode is released, what will that dogsh*t program team paint you into?”

Qi Xiaoyu knew that Yu Xiaosheng was doing it for his own good, so he could only try his best to comfort him at this time.
“Brother Yu, don’t worry, I will perform well on the final day; let’s speak with my strength.”

Yu Xiaosheng automatically filtered out Qi Xiaoyu’s words of “speaking with strength”, and continued to be aggrieved.

“This crap show is too bullying.
They don’t even give you a debut spot; they only use you for hype.
Those sons of a b*tch are really shameless.”

After Yu Xiaosheng scolded and scolded, he finally changed the topic to, “Did you stay in the training room all night on the recording day?”


“You kid has really improved recently; you know how to put on a show.”

Qi Xiaoyu was speechless.

Yu Xiaosheng, “You have to tell me about this kind of thing next time.
Fortunately, Ren Fei saw you coming out of the training room this time and took a photo for me.
Just wait.
If the program team doesn’t edit this scene properly, I will use the company’s official blog to post these photos.
At least it shows that although your singing is out of tune, you have worked hard.”

Qi Xiaoyu didn’t even know what to say.


After talking on the phone with Yu Xiaosheng, Qi Xiaoyu went across the road to buy a cup of milk tea that had to be queued.

This stuff wasn’t available during his era, so he was quite curious about the taste.
The sweet milk flavor mixed with the strong tea flavor was quite delicious.
It’s just that the price is not cheap.
A cup of milk tea costs more than 20 yuan12.8USD.
He’s not rich, and his family’s assets are even thinner.
Qi Xiaoyu is ready to try making it at home by himself.

While queuing for milk tea, he looked up at Xun Qian’s property across the road.
His family’s wealth and business are enviable.
If he had a building like this, he could pay off his debts in less than a day, eat and drink whatever he wanted, and immediately lead his ideal, perfect life.

He vaguely remembered that, by the end of the novel, Xun Qian had given the Weihao Hotel building and the other buildings across the river to the protagonist shou, Tang Yuning, his true love.

But Qi Xiaoyu only envied other people’s love for a second.
He doesn’t need love.
He just wants to be alone, free, and unrestrained.

After Qi Xiaoyu went back, he didn’t watch the trailer that day.

Although the Internet has long been cursing him for stealing the lead singer position and singing out of tune, he was oblivious to the outside world and was particularly calm.

It wasn’t until the full episode was released the next day that he took out his phone, opened the Youguo APP, and clicked on the show.

Before clicking on the show, he also got a phone stand and placed his phone on it.
Next to it was a pile of food, including preserved fruits, a stack of melon seeds, and a pot of tea.
To watch a show, everything must be prepared.

Then he clicked on the chat.

The chat provided Qi Xiaoyu with a wealth of laughs that day, much more straightforward and interesting than those contestants who secretly dissed people behind their backs.

When Qi Xiaoyu robbed the position of the lead singer, the chat read:

“How dare he take Gu Lei’s position? How shameless?”

“What did I just see? Qi Xiaoyu, who is tone deaf, wants to sing?”

“And live on the day? Can you listen to it?”

“What level is he? Doesn’t he have any AC numbers in mind?2A tactful way to say, “Don’t you know your own place?” “Don’t you think too highly of yourself?””

“Who gave Qi Xiaoyu the courage to choose the lead singer position? Dong Fan?”

When Qi Xiaoyu auditioned in front of Yuan Yaling:

“My ears are going deaf.”

“My dogs all sing better than him.”

“From the look of it, he doesn’t even have basic musical literacy.”

“Teacher Yuan is too difficult.
His teammates are too difficult.”

“Don’t drag your teammates down.”

“Come here to listen to the crash scene.”

“So this is a person in the top 20? Awesome.”

When Gu Lei auditioned:

“Qi Xiaoyu, come and learn what singing is.”

“My ears have been cleaned.”

“Without comparison, there is no harm.”

Of course, there are also the dying struggles of Qi Xiaoyu’s fans.

“What’s wrong with being the lead singer? If you don’t like it, you can vote for second place.”

“No matter how badly my brother sings, he’s still the lead singer.
If you don’t agree, please vote.”

“Didn’t you see Xiao Yu say that he would work hard?”

“See what you’ve made the child into?”

“The finals haven’t come yet; why are you so anxious? Can’t my brother make progress?”

Qi Xiaoyu was eating melon seeds and drinking tea, smiling happily as he watched.
Let them make a fuss; the louder the better.
Anyway, the voice is his, and the song is also his.
See you on the night of the final.

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12.8USD2A tactful way to say, “Don’t you know your own place?” “Don’t you think too highly of yourself?”

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