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Qi Xiaoyu, who was the center of discussion, was sleeping at this time.

The medicine bottle for Xun Qian has been removed, and his bench is almost seamlessly adjacent to the bed.

He fell asleep with his body facing Xun Qian’s direction.

Without a pillow, he bent his own hand under his head and grabbed Xun Qian’s hand, together as a human cushion.

He slept quite comfortably, resting on both his and Xun Qian’s hands.
His breathing was even, and his pointed nose was gently bulging, but the human cushion was clearly not happy, and he had already coughed several times.

Qi Xiaoyu was woken up by the sound of coughing.

He first stared at Xun Qian’s face in a daze for a while, then rubbed his eyes and slowly focused on Xun Qian’s gloomy face.

“Let go.” Xun Qian, who was awake, had that indifferent and cold face again.

Qi Xiaoyu rolled his eyes in his heart, thinking that this person was the most normal when he was sick, but on the surface he obediently said “oh” and let go of Xun Qian’s hand.
He then got up from the bench, quickly tidied up all the furniture, returned to the bedside, and asked considerately, “Are you feeling better, third master? Do you need me to call the doctor again for a physical examination?”

How can a person not bow his head when living under someone else’s roof?


Xun Qian lowered his eyes, and his gaze fell on the hand he had just drawn back.

Qi Xiaoyu followed suit.
It seemed that the pressure was quite severe, and the back of his pale white hand had turned red, as if it had been scalded by hot water.

Qi Xiaoyu’s heart thumped.
Looking at the situation, he was probably going to be angry.

“Can you cook?” After a while, Xun Qian spoke abruptly, not caring about his hand.

“Huh?” Qi Xiaoyu was taken aback for a moment and then asked in a very polite manner, “What do you want to eat?”

Xun Qian finally withdrew his gaze from his hand.
He was half lying there, just like before he got sick.
His face was pale, and his dark eyes showed boredom and laziness.
“Whatever you want, do what you are good at.”


Qi Xiaoyu is quite familiar with the Xun family’s kitchen.

Without the chef by his side, he found all the raw materials and prepared them himself.

Qi Xiaoyu plans to cook porridge.
According to Uncle Cheng, Xun Qian’s fever was due to pneumonia, so he added Lily to it.

Qi Xiaoyu learned to cook, just like everything else, initially to make a living and please his master.
After he became famous, he relaxed and started to really fall in love with it.

Although Qi Xiaoyu is a good singer, he is also good at socializing and entertaining people.
Whether it’s singing on stage or dealing with various dignitaries, it takes time and effort.

That’s why he especially enjoys cooking, planting flowers, walking the dog, and decorating the house—things he can do to satisfy his stomach and body, as well as enjoy life without having to look at anyone else’s face.

He also spent a lot of money on these hobbies.

His senior sister laughed at him, saying that she had never seen young people so eager to enjoy life.
When you earned a lot of money at a young age, you’d want to spend it all immediately on the best food, clothing, and other necessities.

Qi Xiaoyu grinned and told the senior sister not to worry.
He didn’t spend all the money and still had some left to invite his senior sister to eat the roast duck of the Eight Treasures.

The senior sister laughed and told him to save that money to marry a wife.

Qi Xiaoyu thought to himself that, in fact, he had the mentality of a nouveau riche.
When he was a child, he was afraid of living a difficult and poor life.
Now he wants to learn and collect everything that is good, for fear that he won’t be able to enjoy it later.

He cooked white rice porridge with great delicacy.

He didn’t use a pressure cooker to cook, but instead chose a purple clay pot.

He also didn’t put the rice in first but added two-thirds of the water to the pot first.
Only when the water boiled did he put in the japonica rice mixed with glutinous rice.

After that, he waited by the side, set the timer, and added another spoonful of cold water after it boiled for five minutes.

Then he set the timer again, and after three minutes, he added another spoonful of cold water.

He repeated this three times until all the aroma of the rice was boiled out, and then added the soaked lilies.

Finally, he turned it to low heat and simmered it for another half an hour.

Qi Xiaoyu made sure that there was no problem before asking the chef to keep an eye on it.
In the meantime, he hurried back to his room to take a shower, change his clothes, and then lay down on the bed.

He was lying on the bed, watching the porridge cook time, and staring aimlessly at a bird whose species he didn’t know on the balcony.

The guest room for Qi Xiaoyu is at the end of the corridor on the second floor.
It faces south and has windows on both walls.
The windows facing east have a small garden outside, and the windows facing south are floor-to-ceiling windows.
When you walk out, you will find a small balcony.

The lighting and ventilation of the room are quite good, and the area is not small—nearly forty square meters.

Qi Xiaoyu is very satisfied with this room, except for the decoration: the golden wallpaper and the luxurious Simmons bedding will blind people’s eyes; the solid wood furniture is bulky and hard, and your back will hurt when sitting on them.

In Qi Xiaoyu’s view, the entire decoration of Xun’s house is not good enough.
Nobility is nobility, and neatness is neatness, but there is no soul.
It’s like buying a model house directly and not moving it again, showing the owner’s lack of attention and neglect of life everywhere.

He likes his home to be lush, less chaotic, and more smoky.

If he had been given the job of decorating, he would have remodeled the house.
He will hang a few oil paintings on the wall and spread a Turkish plush carpet under the bed so that it will be comfortable to step on bare feet, and he will get up every morning in a good mood.

He wants to put a rocking chair in the corner, a shelf next to the chair, books on the shelf, and a small speaker on it so that he can drink tea and listen to a little song when he’s free.

He still wants to buy…

He can’t buy anything; he has no money.

The 80 or so yuan left over from the last time he drank milk tea was all used as cab fare to rush back two nights ago.

Suddenly thinking of money, Qi Xiaoyu remembered that Yu Xiaosheng hadn’t contacted him for so many days after the competition.

He had talked to Yu Xiaosheng before, asking him to help find an acting role.

Yu Xiaosheng also said that he’d help him contact the crew.

But after such a long time, there was no news at all.
Not to mention further talk about any role; there’s not even an audition chance.

It’s really weird…

It stands to reason that he has just finished the competition, so it shouldn’t be that there was no announcement at all.

Qi Xiaoyu thought about it and immediately took out his mobile phone and tentatively sent a message to Yu Xiaosheng, “Brother Yu, I’m sorry that I haven’t come to the company for a few days due to family matters.”

Yu Xiaosheng replied quickly, “It’s okay.
You’ve worked hard in the previous competition; take a good rest and pay attention to your body.”

“Is there an announcement in the company?”

This time, after a while, the opposite side kept displaying “the other party is typing”.

After typing for a long time, he said, “No.”


“It’s not that there was no announcement; it’s that those advertisements and endorsements are too rubbish and not worthy of you.
You are popular now.
The company must seize the opportunity to plan a long-term development route for you in the future.”

Qi Xiaoyu pretended to accept Yu Xiaosheng’s words, “Okay, thank you for your hard work.”

After closing the dialog box with Yu Xiaosheng, he thought for a moment and rummaged through the trash can to find Dong Fan’s chat.

“Baby, what are you doing at home? Are you bored?”

“Baby, come to me, and I’ll take you to variety shows.
I’m not afraid of Orange Juice Entertainment.”

“Baby, does my new advertising look good? (A selfie picture is attached.)”

There’s no need to read a lot of news afterward.
Qi Xiaoyu already understood what was going on when he saw this.

In fact, when Ren Fei introduced those entertainment companies to him one by one on the rehearsal day, he was already prepared for the worst in his heart.

Although he severely slapped the program crew in the face on the final, at the same time, he also gained too much attention and was bound to be remembered.

What he didn’t expect was that, even if a stage exploded that night, for such a newly emerged character who only has one million Weibo followers, the fans would actually go into war on the internet, and the situation was beyond remedy.

Qi Xiaoyu turned over on the bed.
He originally entrusted Yu Xiaosheng to help find the script because he wanted to have more people and more ways.

Now Yu Xiaosheng probably has no way out.

But it doesn’t matter; isn’t there still Xun Qian here?

He can’t serve Xun Qian for nothing.
He massaged his legs, accompanied his bed when he was sick, and even cooked for him.

Qi Xiaoyu followed the part of the original book related to the entertainment industry to find clues.
After Xun Qian and Tang Yuning got married, they invested in a movie almost every year, making Tang Yuning the male lead and pushing him as a movie emperor.
The spokespersons for their brands were also Tang Yuning.

In addition… Before Tang Yuning appeared, the Xun family seemed to have invested in several movies.

Some have already been released, some are under preparation, and a Republic of China spy film seems to be coming out next year!

Qi Xiaoyu turned over again, jumped off the bed, served the porridge, and immediately went to Xun Qian.

He doesn’t have high requirements.
It’s fine as long as he can get a small supporting role in a big movie.

As long as he is given basic resources, he’ll be able to make his own network of contacts along the way!


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