“Boyue Hotel is in the city, quite far from here.
Qi, do you want a car to take you there?” Butler Cheng folded his hands in front of his lower abdomen and leaned over slightly to answer Qi Xiaoyu’s question.

Qi Xiaoyu waved his hands quickly, like a well-behaved child: “No need, I’ll just take the subway myself.
It’s my first time here, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to find the subway station.
Would it be convenient to take me to the nearest subway station? If there’s a spare car available.”

Butler Cheng frowned slightly when he heard this: “I’m afraid this is not appropriate.”

But in his heart, he was quite satisfied with Qi Xiaoyu’s actions.
After all, Qi Xiaoyu had just arrived at the Xun family and had not stayed overnight in the Third Master’s room last night.
Although he was married to Xun Qian, he was just a beautiful decoration.
If he dared to ask for this and that and ask the Xun family to support him, it would be a bit greedy and not so pleasant.

Qi Xiaoyu is a very wise person.
He knows how to deal with such small things best and can get close to others to harvest goodwill, so he immediately followed Butler Cheng’s words, “Taking subways can help me get familiar with the nearby roads.
By the way, Uncle Cheng, don’t call me Mr.
Qi in the future; it sounds awkward; just call me Xiao Yu.”

“It’s not appropriate.”

“It’s appropriate; that’s what the elders at home and the teachers at school call me.
You see, I’m new here, so you are my elder, and I need you to take care of me in the future.”

Butler Cheng laughed and patted Qi Xiaoyu on the shoulder, saying, “Okay, Xiao Yu, from now on I’ll call you Xiao Yu.”

“Thank you, Uncle Cheng.”


It takes half an hour to drive to the nearest subway station from Xun’s house.

Qi Xiaoyu left Xun’s house at nine o’clock, arrived at the subway station at half past nine, and took two more subway trips before reaching the city.

Before going to the Boyue Hotel, he went to a nearby shopping mall to dye his hair, trim it again, and buy a new set of clothes to change into.
The clothes from the original owner were too flashy, while the clothes from Xun Qian were too mature.

By the time he finished these things and rushed to the Boyue Hotel, it was only ten minutes short of three o’clock.

When Qi Xiaoyu came out of the hotel elevator, he saw Yu Xiaosheng leaning against the wall with his back to him, holding a cigarette in his hand, while cursing the person in question, “That f*cking Qi Xiaoyu stood me up again.
If he doesn’t want to do it anymore, just say something, and I’ll tell Old Ding not to arrange any schedule for him in the future.
You guys should look at his example and not follow that bastard.
Only grow f*cking tall, not grow a brain.
It’s such a waste for that face…”

Yu Xiaosheng was cursing vigorously.
Standing to his right, a young man with a hip-hop style, wearing a ripped hoodie and dreadlocks, suddenly bumped into his chest and pointed behind him.
“Brother Yu…Look, is that Xiao Yu1His name is Yu (虞) meaning guess or expect, but his nickname is [yú] (鱼) which means fish.?”

“Where? Where is that little bastard? See if I don’t beat him to death…” Yu Xiaosheng yelled and then turned his head to look for someone.

Yu Xiaosheng’s eyes swept back and forth from the people in the corridor.
“Ren Fei, are you joking with me? Where is that little bastard?”

The hip-hop teenager Ren Fei stretched his neck and pointed towards the elevator, saying, “Hiya, Brother Yu, how dare I joke with you? That’s the one, the one in the white sweater.”

“Damn!” Yu Xiaosheng couldn’t help but let out an exclamation from the depths of his soul when he saw the tall, slender, Japanese-style young man at the end of the elevator.

The young man was dressed in neat and tidy clothes, with a loose white sweater on top, revealing a blue-striped shirt collar and cuffs.
Below were a pair of washed blue straight-leg jeans with white canvas shoes.
Combined with his smooth black hair style, he looked like a high school senior who walked out of a Japanese manga, so tender that water could be squeezed out and as fresh as the morning breeze in April.

After Yu Xiaosheng finished cursing, his first reaction was, “Does Qi Xiaoyu still have a twin brother?”

The second reaction was, “Was Qi Xiaoyu arrested and forced to reform during the two days he disappeared?”

Qi Xiaoyu walked over under Yu Xiaosheng’s dull gaze, showing a hearty smile.
“I’m sorry, Brother Yu, I’m late due to the traffic jam on the road.”

Yu Xiaosheng looked at Qi Xiaoyu up and down several times before he managed to connect the energetic and brightly smiling Qi Xiaoyu with the “Qi Xiaoyu” who was lazy and boneless all day.

Then Yu Xiaosheng extinguished the cigarette butt on the trash can and said to the two young people who were also stunned beside him, “You two go in first.”

Then he pulled Qi Xiaoyu into a corner, coughed twice, and chided in a low voice, “You said you weren’t with the program group these two days; where have you been fooling around?”

But the scolding now was obviously less severe than the scolding on the phone before and in the corridor just now.

Qi Xiaoyu chuckled a few times and casually found an excuse: “Something happened at home.”

Although this sounded like an excuse, Yu Xiaosheng’s face softened a little after snorting.
After all, the original owner’s work attitude was poor.
He couldn’t even come up with an excuse.

But immediately afterwards, Yu Xiaosheng frowned and said, “There’s something I need to clear up with you now.”

“Brother Yu, please say it.”

“What’s going on between you and that Dong Fan?” Dong Fan is the original owner’s previous bitter, unrequited love “boyfriend” and his roommate.

“It’s nothing, just a roommate.”

Yu Xiaosheng clearly didn’t believe it and snorted, “Didn’t you like him? Didn’t you peep at him taking a bath? Didn’t you wash his underwear?”

Although the original owner had indeed done all these things, Qi Xiaoyu hadn’t, so he said it with absolute confidence, “Really not, I promise.”

Seeing Yu Xiaosheng staring at him with disbelieving eyes, Qi Xiaoyu glanced at him with disgust on his face and asked, “With his Sanpaku eyes2三白眼 Eyes in which either the white space above or below the iris is revealed.
and big buck teeth, can I like him?”

Only then did Yu Xiaosheng nod thoughtfully and say, “Then if you are asked this question in the interview later, remember to separate yourself from the relationship, don’t get involved with him, and don’t let others use you as a stepping stone.”

Qi Xiaoyu smiled slightly, feeling that although this agent had a bit of a temper, he was not bad.
He was really thinking about the original owner: “Brother Yu, don’t worry, he can’t take advantage of me.”

Yu Xiaosheng patted Qi Xiaoyu’s arm and said, “Okay, the press conference will start soon; go in quickly.”


The audition show that the original owner participated in is called “Let’s Debut, Trainees”, which is a male group audition variety show produced by Youguo Video.

Just like the various popular talent shows in the past two years, “Let’s Debut, Trainees” also selects 10 trainees from 100 trainees to form a boy group to debut.

Although similar in form to other talent shows, this type of program has been popular for a year or two, and its early popularity has long passed.
There are still people watching it, but it can only be considered a program with a barely passable click rate under Youguo.

This show has gone through three rounds of elimination so far and has progressed to the selection of the top 20, and it will soon enter the final stage of selecting the final 10.

According to Yu Xiaosheng’s voice message this morning, Qi Xiaoyu’s real popularity ranks second, and it’s no problem to make his debut in the top ten.
However, the Star Entertainment company Qi Xiaoyu signed with is a small company and doesn’t have much capital.
The quota for debuting in the group has long been bought by other big companies.

Therefore, Qi Xiaoyu will definitely be eliminated on the night of the finals, regardless of the number of votes.
However, Youguo will invite many big names to the scene on the final day, and after a wave of marketing, the traffic will be huge.

Qi Xiaoyu was originally popular and highly talked about, so if he performed better, he could still get more screen time, show his face, and make more fans.

The current top 20 press conference is to prepare for the warm-up of the final night more than ten days later.

When Qi Xiaoyu entered the stage, the other top twenty contestants had already taken their positions according to their rankings from the previous stage.

Qi Xiaoyu’s ranking is higher than Dong Fan’s and lower than Yu Zhou’s, so his position is exactly between the two.

It’s true that Dong Fan has Sanpaku eyes and a slightly protruding mouth, but he is tall and big, with broad shoulders and long legs and a good figure, so his appearance is still quite attractive.

He was talking to Yu Zhou when he saw Qi Xiaoyu walking in with long legs wrapped in jeans.
His eyes lit up, he quickly turned his body to let the person in, and he reached out to touch Qi Xiaoyu’s waist.

Qi Xiaoyu quickly avoided it with sharp eyes and hands.

Dong Fan didn’t know that the core had changed; he just thought that Qi Xiaoyu was having a petty tantrum with him.

He has always liked the feeling of stepping on a few boats and flirting with a group of people.
Today he felt Qi Xiaoyu was very different from usual and had a special taste, so he lowered his head and whispered next to Qi Xiaoyu’s ear, “You look really good today.
Your body also smells good.”

Qi Xiaoyu laughed “hehe” in his heart, thinking that it’s no wonder the original owner loves this scumbag so much.
He’s quite good at fooling people, and his mouth is smeared with honey.
Unfortunately, Qi Xiaoyu is now invulnerable to all poisons, and he doesn’t even flinch.
He only feels that someone is farting in his ear, which is extremely smelly.

Dong Fan liked Qi Xiaoyu’s looks at first, but later he got tired of Qi Xiaoyu because he was too clingy, and because he got closer to the most popular Yu Zhou, he felt annoyed with Qi Xiaoyu even more.
But now, seeing Qi Xiaoyu’s cold and aloof appearance, he suddenly felt greedy and leaned over again without giving up.
“After the press conference, let’s have dinner together.”

Qi Xiaoyu was calm and focused on the radio receiver handed over by the staff.
If it weren’t for the crowd of reporters and staff around him, he would really want to slap this person in the face.

However, Dong Fan didn’t fart for long because they soon entered the interview session with reporters.

According to the procedure, the interview was conducted according to the routine of the script, and some well-regulated questions were asked.
For example, are you nervous about the finals? Will there be any different stages in the finals?

The staff of the program team wrote the answers to these questions before, and everyone just needs to recite them.

As soon as the routine process was over, a reporter immediately poked the microphone in front of Qi Xiaoyu and asked, “How is the relationship between Xiaoyu, Dong Fan, and Zhou Zhou? Can you tell us about your dormitory life?”

Yu Zhou is the TOP and Center contestant in “Let’s Debut, Trainees”.
Dong Fan and Qi Xiaoyu are also very popular.

But according to previous interview experience, among the three people, Qi Xiaoyu is the one who is most likely to be full of loopholes in his words, so of course reporters who like to make trouble go to Qi Xiaoyu.

When Dong Fan heard the question, he immediately turned his head and stared at Qi Xiaoyu.
In Dong Fan’s heart, Qi Xiaoyu was still the roommate who loved him to death.
Although today’s Qi Xiaoyu was a bit abnormal and had not looked at him in person since he came in, Dong Fan has never doubted Qi Xiaoyu’s obsession with himself.
After thinking about it for a while, he felt that Qi Xiaoyu was probably deeply hurt by him and was on the verge of collapse.

Therefore, Dong Fan kept a close eye on Qi Xiaoyu and was ready at any time.
If Qi Xiaoyu took any out-of-control actions, he would take control of the field.
He would definitely take this opportunity to stir up the popularity of both the Fanyu CP and the Fanzhou CP!

Beside him, Qi Xiaoyu politely straightened the reporter’s microphone and thought for a while before speaking: “Dong Fan and Zhou Zhou have a very good relationship.”

After he finished speaking, he paused for a while and deliberately glanced at Dong Fan and then at Yu Zhou, who was maintaining his aloof personality with a stern face.

Dong Fan thought for a moment, and as expected, Qi Xiaoyu was stimulated.
He immediately reached out and prepared to grab the microphone to save the scene, even thinking of his lines.
“Don’t misunderstand me, Xiaoyu.
Zhouzhou and I are just very good brothers.
I know your feelings for me, and I also treat you as a good brother.” Then he would hug them one by one.
That’s beautiful.

However, as his hand was about to reach in front of Qi Xiaoyu, the other party turned his body slightly to block it and then curved his mouth, showing a bright and cheerful smile, saying, “Actually, it’s not just the two of them.
I have a good relationship with Dong Fan and Zhouzhou, including the other seventeen brothers.
We all participated in this program together, experienced setbacks and parting, grew up together, and have a very deep relationship.”

The expression is natural, the smile is sincere, and the tone is cheerful.
There is no flaw.

The other people, led by Ren Fei, applauded in unison, praising their “sincere” brotherhood.

Only Dong Fan’s hand halfway to the microphone froze in the air.


1His name is Yu (虞) meaning guess or expect, but his nickname is [yú] (鱼) which means fish.2三白眼 Eyes in which either the white space above or below the iris is revealed.

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