Yu Zhou’s stern face was about to collapse.

The reporter, who had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and had a keen eye, glanced at the three people’s different expressions and persevered in order to get more gossip: “I heard that you would peek at Dong Fan taking a bath in the dormitory.
Is there such a thing?”

It’s a pity that no matter how shrewd the reporter is, they can’t compare to Qi Xiaoyu’s sophistication.

When Qi Xiaoyu was popular, the status of an actor was not high, and the unscrupulous reporters of the gossip tabloids were much more sharp and sarcastic than this.
Every interview was like a confrontation in court, and the questions became more and more shameless: “Do you have an affair with the boss of XX company?”

So now, Qi Xiaoyu can pretend to be silly and sweet without changing his face.
“Peeping? If you and your friend are taking a bath in the same bathhouse, did you keep your eyes closed the whole time?”

A burst of laughter broke out in the audience.

Qi Xiaoyu looked at the reporter, then turned his head to look at Dong Fan, deliberately showing a puzzled expression.
“So where did the word peep come from? It doesn’t seem appropriate.”

The reporter who asked this question looked at Dong Fan.

Dong Fan was still regretting that he didn’t play out the last question and had not kept up with the current pace.
He froze under the reporter’s gaze for a while, then retracted his hand stiffly, pretended to scratch his head, and forced out an awkward smile.

The reporter, who is actively and diligently working for the year-end bonus, also silently rolled his eyes in his heart but still didn’t give up.
“Do you help Dong Fan wash clothes in the dormitory?”

Qi Xiaoyu frowned, making a serious expression as if recalling something: “If the dormitory is dirty, I will clean it.”

Then he showed a surprised expression, saying, “Ah? I always thought that what I was holding was a rag; was it Dong Fan’s clothes?”

In just two sentences, he managed to convey two meanings.
One is that Dong Fan doesn’t like to be clean; not only are his clothes dirty, he also doesn’t care about sanitation.
Another meaning is that, look how hard I work and how difficult it is.
I kept the dormitory clean, but people still gossip behind my back.

In the end, before Dong Fan had a chance to refute, Qi Xiaoyu smiled at Dong Fan in a friendly and “affectionate” way, saying, “I’m sorry for treating your clothes as rags.
Fanfan, we have such a good relationship, so you shouldn’t mind, right?”

Dong Fan has long been unable to keep up with the rhythm, and now he could only follow the steps Qi Xiaoyu gave him: “We are all good brothers.
It doesn’t matter if you take the wrong one.”

Qi Xiaoyu sneered in his heart.
This person can only flirt with a boy like the original owner; his other skills are really not that good.


In the end, the top twenty press conference ended with Qi Xiaoyu’s overall victory.

After the conference, everyone prepared to return to the dormitory.
Yu Xiaosheng pulled Qi Xiaoyu back and said, “Today’s performance is good, boy.
Are you finally a little enlightened?”

Qi Xiaoyu smiled flatteringly and said, “It’s all thanks to Brother Yu’s advice.”

“Hey, I only complimented you twice, and now your mouth is pretty slick, huh?” Yu Xiaosheng patted Qi Xiaoyu’s head in satisfaction and clicked his tongue.

“Hey, judging by your performance just now, you are quite suitable to debut on this show.
I should have talked to Old Ding before and tried to spend some money to get you a debut spot.” Old Ding, as Yu Xiaosheng mentioned, is Star Entertainment’s boss.

Qi Xiaoyu shrugged his shoulders and wanted to say that you’d really misjudged.
He couldn’t wait to be eliminated.
As far as he observed today, Dong Fan will debut in this group.
If he also debuts, he will have to sign a two-year contract with the program group, which he isn’t quite willing to do.

However, he has to find a way to make money.
After he dyed his hair and bought good clothes for today, the money left by the original owner is only three digits, which starts with number one.
If he doesn’t make money, he would have to live very meagerly.
Of course, he wouldn’t starve to death at Xun’s house, but it felt terrible to have no money to pay off debts.
Only after eight hundred years can he redeem himself for divorce.

“If I can’t debut, then don’t make a debut.
It’s okay.
I feel sorry for letting the company spend so much money.” After Qi Xiaoyu finished speaking, he took out a cigarette that he got from Xun Qian, handed it to Yu Xiaosheng, and helped to light the fire.

“Brother Yu, I need your help with something.”

Yu Xiaosheng glanced at the brand on the cigarette holder and took a puff with satisfaction, saying, “Say it.”

Qi Xiaoyu, “Can you help me find a suitable script? I want to try acting.”

“Yo,” Yu Xiaosheng called out exaggeratedly.
“I know that you’re motivated, but have you been enlightened by Buddha recently?”

After speaking, he took a puff of cigarette, showing an ecstatic expression.
“Okay, I’ll help you look for it, but you also know that our company is small and we don’t have much resources.
This show’s rating is mediocre, and you’re not as popular as Yu Zhou, so you might not find a good script.

Qi Xiaoyu obediently said, “It’s okay; I’m not picky.
Anything is fine at the moment.
I’m still a newcomer, so of course I have to take my time.
One more thing, Brother Yu, do you have any connections with the Peking Opera Troupe of S City?”

Yu Xiaosheng gave Qi Xiaoyu a strange look and asked, “What do you want to do? You still want to sing opera? Or do you like the young men from the Peking Opera Troupe? They don’t like you.”

Qi Xiaoyu didn’t refute and blinked innocently, saying, “Brother Yu, don’t say that.
I’m just interested and want to learn more.
In this circle, one can’t be too skilled.”

Yu Xiaosheng gritted his cigarette butt and thought for a while, “I do know a couple of people there.”

“Then when will they recruit people? Can you introduce me?”

Yu Xiaosheng snorted, like he was discussing an unreliable joke: “Fine, as long as you can save me all the trouble in the future, just like today.”

“Okay, thank you, brother.”


After chatting with Yu Xiaosheng, Qi Xiaoyu planned to take the car back to the dormitory that was provided by the program team.

He hasn’t officially debuted yet, and Yu Xiaosheng also has five or six newcomers under his care, so he doesn’t have a special assistant to take care of his schedule and has to do everything by himself.

Tonight, they will be recording the content of the last episode of “Let’s Debut, Trainees”.
Twenty people will be divided into two groups to train according to their choice of the song they want to perform on the final night stage.

Although he knew in advance that he would not be able to make his debut on this show, Qi Xiaoyu knew that he had to seize every opportunity to appear on stage, gain more fans, and accumulate capital for the future.

Although the plots about him as cannon fodder in the original book are full, it’s all about how to seek death and frame the protagonist.
These places are completely not mentioned, and it’s all up to Qi Xiaoyu’s own play.

Qi Xiaoyu was naturally full of enthusiasm, ready to fight for his life.

Whether or not he’s cannon fodder in other people’s lives, he has to be the main character in his own life and do his best to be the unique main character.

While thinking about it, Qi Xiaoyu approached the elevator, humming a little tune.

Just as the elevator door was about to close, it stopped for a moment when it was still a crack away and then slowly opened to both sides.

Then Dong Fan, who was tall and burly, rushed in.

After Dong Fan came in, he went straight to Qi Xiaoyu’s side and put his big hand on Qi Xiaoyu’s shoulder, saying, “Didn’t we agree to have dinner together just now? Why didn’t you wait for me?”

Qi Xiaoyu raised his hand and blocked Dong Fan’s hand in midair, asking, “Who made an agreement with you?”

As soon as he saw Dong Fan, he was angry.
If not for this scum, how could the original owner have borrowed from a loan shark? How could he owe so much money and be forced to marry? How could he plant the bitter fruit of being sent to an asylum?

At the press conference today, he was already being lenient enough and didn’t even ask him to pay back the money.
Yet this person somehow can’t tell good from bad?

Dong Fan rushed up to disgust Qi Xiaoyu and said, “Why didn’t you agree? You said you wanted to accompany me to dinner every day, baby.
I still keep the WeChat messages you sent me before.”

Qi Xiaoyu was so nauseated that he wanted to vomit.

Dong Fan still doesn’t know what’s going on and thinks that Qi Xiaoyu has been throwing a tantrum with him since the press conference.

Speaking of which, he is also really cheap.
Previously, the original owner would stick to him every day, but he doesn’t like it.
Now seeing Qi Xiaoyu, who was cold and aloof, he couldn’t help but feel his heart racing.
He approached Qi Xiaoyu and even dragged his voice flirtatiously: “Xiaoyu, don’t be angry with me; let’s make up.”

The elevator was cramped, and Qi Xiaoyu had nowhere to retreat.
Right now, they are only on the 10th floor.
“Getting angry with someone like you? I’m not sick in the head.”

Dong Fan tugged at his hand and felt that Qi Xiaoyu, who was staring at him with big eyes and fierce eyes, looked like a fairy descending from heaven, which made his tenderness rise.
“Xiao Yu, stop making trouble.
Didn’t you say you loved me? From now on, I’ll treat you well, and I’ll only have you.”

Qi Xiaoyu was getting annoyed to death, so he shook off his hand forcefully and said, “Mr.
Dong, please respect yourself.”

Dong Fan remained affectionate and flirtatious.
“You are so good-looking; how can I respect myself?”

After speaking, he held down Qi Xiaoyu’s head and wanted to force a kiss.

Although Qi Xiaoyu’s body was also 1.78 meters tall, it was far inferior to Dong Fan’s 1.9-meter body.
He struggled to turn his head, but he was still shrouded in the shadow of Dong Fan’s tall body.
He could even smell Dong Fan’s disgusting body odor.

Qi Xiaoyu couldn’t take it anymore.
He swept his eyes down, tilted his body to one side, and then found the right position.
He lifted his knee and kicked Dong Fan’s half-driven lifeline, saying, “Get lost, stay away from me!”

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