The lights in Xun Qian’s bedroom were not turned on, and the room was so dark that only the outlines of the furniture could be seen.

Today is cloudy, and the sky is covered with thick and heavy dark clouds, giving the impression that it is about to rain.

Xun Qian was the same as yesterday morning, sitting by the window and smoking; the ashtray at hand was full of cigarette butts.

Next to the ashtray, there was a document.

Xun Qian took a deep puff of the cigarette and then slowly felt the smoke winding and permeating his lungs.

Such stormy and gloomy autumn weather reminded him of many unpleasant memories.

He shook off the ash and turned his head to look at the lawn downstairs.

The lawn, which was favored by the sun yesterday, was now empty, except for the white parasol, which was blown to the side by the wind.

This scene made people feel even more gloomy.

Xun Qian put out the half-smoked cigarette butt, staring at the lawn downstairs in a daze.

After a while, a new cigarette was lit.

Suck in a puff, put it down, and the fire burned slowly until it reached his fingertips before he let go.

There was silence everywhere.

In fact, there were many other people in the villa: the butler, the cook, the gardener… But no one dared to make a sound, and no one even dared to pass by the lawn under his window.

Everyone avoided him cautiously, as if he were a snake or a scorpion.

In fact, he was only twenty-six years old, but since the tragedy happened more than ten years ago, his world has only been black and white.

Xun Qian lowered his long and narrow eyes and casually smoked another cigarette.

Just like before, he lit it but didn’t want to smoke it, so he just held it between his fingers, hanging on one side of the chair.

Time seems to be frozen; only the red sparks on the cigarette butt burn closer and closer.

Just when the sparks were about to reach Xun Qian’s fingers, Butler Cheng walked in with a wool blanket in his hands and said, “Third Master, it’s windy at the window.
Cover your legs with a blanket; otherwise, your knees will hurt again.”

Xun Qian lowered his eyes and threw the cigarette into the ashtray again.

Butler Cheng squatted down knowingly, flattened the blanket, and covered Xun Qian’s knees.

When he got up, his eyes stayed on the document next to the ashtray for a while, and he asked in a low voice, “Third Master, do you want to investigate him again?”

Xun Qian said nothing.

Butler Cheng didn’t dare speak anymore.

After a while, he heard Xun Qian slowly ask again, “Where is he?”

Butler Cheng, “Mr.
Qi went to record a show and didn’t come back last night.”

“Call him back.”

“Huh?” Xun Qian has been ascetic all these years, and has never shown any interest in men or women.
Butler Cheng couldn’t help being surprised, but he quickly realized that he was talking too much and bowed his head respectfully and said, “Yes.”


In the training room, Qi Xiaoyu saw the message and immediately called back.

It was answered after just one ring.

Qi Xiaoyu was the first to speak: “Uncle Cheng, I handed over my mobile phone to the program group for safekeeping during the recording of the program last night.
I just saw your message after I got the phone back.
I’ll take a taxi back immediately.”

Uncle Cheng said, “Why are you taking a taxi? You wait at the gate right now.
I’ll ask the driver to pick you up.
He should be there soon.”

Qi Xiaoyu agreed without hesitation.
Hearing Uncle Cheng’s tone, he thought that Xun Qian really wanted to find him.

But what did Xun Qian want him for?

Qi Xiaoyu tried to recall the plot while running back to change clothes.

Although the original owner used Xun Qian’s money to mess around outside in future plots, bullied Xun Qian’s sweetheart unscrupulously, and even got involved with the youngest son of the Mao family in an attempt to cooperate with each other and empty Xun’s property while Xun Qian was seriously ill, none of these things have happened yet.

Now, apart from having had an affair with the young man from the Mao family, he has not done anything bad.
Xun Qian is not a prophet.

After Qi Xiaoyu carefully recalled the plot that had happened, he decided to take corresponding measures so that he could serve this big creditor with peace of mind.

After changing his clothes, he ran out of the training room building, shivering from the cold.

Before, when he looked outside the training room, he only knew that the weather was not good today, but he didn’t know how cold it was until he got outside.

The cold wind, accompanied by light rain, hit people.
The weather changed from autumn to winter in a short period of time, making people feel like hundreds of years had passed since yesterday’s bright sun.
It will be the beginning of winter in a while.

Qi Xiaoyu wrapped his sweater tightly, and in the bitter wind and rain, as if blessed by the god of fortune, a description of Xun Qian’s childhood rushed into his mind.

“Seven-year-old Xun Qian was frightened.
He hurriedly turned back from the seaside and ran to the beach…Suddenly seeing blood made him overwhelmed, and he froze in place in panic… He learned from the TV series and tore his clothes into pieces, wrapping them around his sister’s leg, but the blood continued to flow from the wound, unable to stop.
After a while, the sandy beach under their feet was dyed red… The strong wind swept the rain onto him, and the endless red flooded all his memories.”

The day his sister died seemed to be such a cloudy, cold, and rainy early winter day.

Qi Xiaoyu tucked his hands into his sleeves, thinking carefully that Xun Qian was quite pitiful.

But at such a miserable time, Xun Qian actually asked him to go back?

When Qi Xiaoyu opened the car door and went up, he always had a bad feeling.


The car was parked in front of the villa, and Butler Cheng was already waiting at the door.

He was stunned for a moment when he saw Qi Xiaoyu.
Yesterday, Qi Xiaoyu still had yellow hair and an out-of-date suit, but today he completely changed his image.

But obviously, the new image is much better.

Butler Cheng couldn’t help but sigh first: “Young people still look good with black hair.”

Then, while leading Qi Xiaoyu to the villa, he whispered, “The third master is in the room.
He’s in a bad mood today.
Be careful, answer whatever you are asked, and do what you are asked to do.
Don’t worry.” Don’t make the third master angry.”

After finishing speaking, Butler Cheng pushed Qi Xiaoyu into the elevator, helped press the button to the third floor, and then exited, “I still have something to do; you can go up by yourself.”

Qi Xiaoyu was speechless.
He told him so much, but he slipped away.
He is really an old fox who knows how to keep himself safe.

The entire third floor was quiet, just like Qi Xiaoyu’s first visit the night before yesterday.

Qi Xiaoyu knocked lightly on the door twice, but there was no sound from inside.

He stood at the door and waited.
Since Butler Cheng said that Xun Qian was there, he must be inside.

He slightly increased the force and knocked twice, but there was still no sound.

Well, isn’t this person just so annoying? He was called to come back, but there was no answer when he knocked on the door.

If he weren’t his creditor and marriage partner, he would be too lazy to care.

Qi Xiaoyu thought about it and decided to stop wasting time.

He pushed in; the door was unlocked, and it slid open quietly.

The room was dark, and a person could be vaguely seen lying on the bed.

The overall atmosphere is a bit depressing and miserable.

Well, it fits the description in the original work very well.
Before the protagonist shou, Tang Yuning, appeared, Xun Qian had been living in meaningless and empty darkness.

When he got closer, he saw that Xun Qian was half lying there with his eyes closed.

Xun Qian seemed to have fallen into a soundless sleep that he would never wake up again.

The reason it gave people such an illusion was because his facial features were too delicate.
The brow bone, nasal bone, and profile of his face are all as slender as a thin piece of glass.

But in the original book, Xun Qian will not die no matter how much he struggles, and his methods of dealing with people are cruel, cold-blooded, and ruthless.

Don’t think too much, Qi Xiaoyu admonished himself and then coughed gently.

Xun Qian opened his eyes.

When he woke up, his eyes were dark and clear, as if he hadn’t fallen asleep and had only closed his eyes for a moment.

It’s really a very strange and contradictory temperament, Qi Xiaoyu thought.
He has seen so many people, and there is no one like him.

“Third Master is looking for me?”

Xun Qian carelessly swept a glance at Qi Xiaoyu and said casually and slowly, “Didn’t you say you wanted to pinch my legs the day before yesterday?”

Huh? Qi Xiaoyu was just making up a random excuse at the time, but he didn’t expect to be remembered.

Why does Xun Qian remember this?

Although he was unwilling in his heart, Qi Xiaoyu said enthusiastically, “Yes, wait a moment.”

Qi Xiaoyu agreed, without much nonsense, and turned around and quickly closed the window first, then turned on the air conditioning and adjusted the temperature to 26 degrees.

Then he went to the bathroom and soaked his hands in hot water for a while.
Next, he searched for towels, essential oils, aromatherapy, candles, and other small items, put them in a small golden tray, and brought them out.

Xun Qian kept a half-lying position, watching him busy here and there.

Qi Xiaoyu put the tray down at the head of the bed and dragged a stool over to sit down.
He stretched his hands forward, as if he were a professional.
“Lie down and let me know if the strength is too light or too heavy.”

Xun Qian carelessly swept a glance at him again, watching Qi Xiaoyu light the candles and incense, allowing Qi Xiaoyu to take the blanket off his body, roll up the legs of the silk pajama pants, and squeeze the essential oil into the palms of his hands and then his legs.

It feels warm and creamy to the touch, like a pool of warm water sticking to your legs.

Every step and movement of Qi Xiaoyu has its own rules, just like sitting downstairs and drinking tea on the lawn yesterday morning.
Plates, knives, and forks—every piece of tableware is neatly arranged; the same goes for toast and fruit, none of which can be missing—even the stereo.

Finally, Xun Qian’s eyes fell on Qi Xiaoyu’s hand.
His hands should have looked jerky and clumsy, but they landed on his legs, and every stroke was full of strength.

It’s true that he can pinch his legs; that’s not a lie.

There are really few things that Qi Xiaoyu can’t do to serve people.

Although he has always been praised by others since he became popular, as a child, he was afraid of being beaten.
In order to make his master happy and avoid the pain of flesh and blood, the first thing he had to learn was to read people’s faces.
Secondly, he had to learn various skills for serving people, such as massaging legs and shoulders, pouring tea and passing water, cooking, drinking, and gambling.
There is nothing he can’t do.

He will also add some of his own thoughts to these things, such as adding a cushion and a side dish for people.
Therefore, whatever he does, he is better than others.

For example, thinking that Xun Qian might not be in a good mood, he lit candles and used lavender aromatherapy, trying to create a warmer atmosphere in such cold weather.

The effect also looks very good.

Although Xun Qian didn’t say a word, it’s the best thing for a person like him not to say anything.

Xun Qian’s skin was as cold as his personality, and there was a deep scar on his knee.
Qi Xiaoyu raised his head and glanced at Xun Qian.

It just so happened that Xun Qian also raised his eyes to look at him.

Xun Qian’s eyes are very long, with thick eyelashes and big pupils.
If he looks at others, it’s easy to give people the illusion of a deep sentiment.

Qi Xiaoyu smiled gently.

After pinching for almost an hour, the creditor finally closed his eyes again, and his breathing became more stable.

Amidst the gently flickering light of the candle and the faint, sweet fragrance of lavender, Qi Xiaoyu also secretly yawned.
He hadn’t slept for almost 30 hours from yesterday morning to today.

He wants to sleep.

Qi Xiaoyu yawned again.

In the few days since he transmigrated into this world, what happened one after another did not keep him idle.

After Qi Xiaoyu finished his work and saw that Xun Qian didn’t wake up again, he covered him with the blanket, packed up his things, and prepared to go back to sleep.

As soon as he went out, he saw Butler Cheng guarding the door.

Seeing him coming out, Butler Cheng quietly pointed to the room.

Qi Xiaoyu understood and said softly, “Probably fell asleep.”

“Didn’t ask you anything?”

Qi Xiaoyu shook his head; sleepiness made him a little confused.
“I’m also going to my room to sleep.”

Butler Cheng looked at the back of Qi Xiaoyu leaving and showed a satisfied smile.
For the first time, he felt that Mrs.
Xun was really thinking about Xun Qian this time, and brought back a reliable and sweet “Madam”.


“Let’s Debut, Trainees” is being edited, so they don’t need to record the show.

Qi Xiaoyu stayed at Xun’s house for a few days with peace of mind.

He got up every morning to do Tai Chi and practice singing.
He cooked three meals by himself, and in his spare time, he practiced singing and learned the introductory knowledge of numbered notation and staff notation.

Then he went to massage Xun Qian’s legs.

Although it was Xun Qian who told him to come over, he kept a cold face and said nothing every time, as if someone owed him three million.

Qi Xiaoyu was upset, but he didn’t dare to refuse when called by his creditors.
Just think of it as if he were practicing self-cultivation; once completed, he could ascend.

That day, after Qi Xiaoyu finished practicing his song, it was rare that Xun Qian was not at home.

He thought that he could do something he likes, such as read the information about the Peking Opera Troupe in S City that Yu Xiaosheng sent him two days ago.

As a result, as soon as he turned on the phone, he saw the message, “What are you doing, baby? Are you still angry?”

It’s from Dong Fan.

After reading it, Qi Xiaoyu almost laughed out of anger, thinking that this person is really cheap.

A few days ago, he was kicked a few times, but today he forgot his pain and had the guts to mess with him again.

He originally wanted to finish recording the show before dealing with Dong Fan, but now it seems that Dong Fan must be dealt with as soon as possible.

It just so happened that Xun Qian was not around today, and no one bothered him.

Qi Xiaoyu thought about it, changed his clothes, and went straight to the casino that Dong Fan usually went to.

He didn’t know what casinos in this era played.
But guessing size and playing poker are all his specialties.

Coincidentally, today Xun Qian also happened to have some business at the casino that was legitimately operated under his banner.


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