The casino is located at the Weihao Hotel on the riverside of S City, a prime location in the city center.

The 1st to 4th floors are casinos, the 5th to 10th floors are shopping malls, and the 11th to 30th floors are hotels.
The scale is large, the view is excellent, and the daily turnover exceeds eight figures.

It is the first and largest legally operated casino in S City.

In the office of the casino area on the fourth floor of the Weihao Hotel, the full set of leather furniture and various gold-plated decorations are extremely luxurious.

Xun Qian leaned on the wheelchair, wrapped in a soft and luxurious black fur coat.
The scarf was also black, fluffy, and soft, covering half of his face.
The exposed black hair and snowy skin were like a trembling rose in a greenhouse—incredibly beautiful.

But no one dared look at him.

Butler Cheng stood behind him.

Four or five bodyguards in black lined up in the room.

On the sofa opposite him sat a middle-aged man in a neat suit.

The man’s name is Xu Zhihui; he is about forty years old, with a gold chain on his right hand and a Rolex on his left hand.
His hands were resting on his knees, his body was leaning forward in the direction of Xun Qian, his beer belly was shrinking, and his face was full of timidity.

“Xiao Qian, no matter what, I’m still your little uncle…”

Xun Qian caressed the shiny fur on his clothes without making a sound.

Butler Cheng coughed lightly and interrupted Xu Zhihui’s words.

Xu Zhihui wiped the sweat from his head and immediately changed his tone: “Third Master, in the absence of merit, there is also hardship.
For the sake of me managing the Weihao hotel for so many years, can you give me some time? I will definitely make up for the embezzled money.”

“What will you use to make it up? There’s still money in your account?” Xun Qian’s cold and clear voice had a hint of sarcasm.

“I think it’s better if you just go to jail, saving yourself the hard work of raising money.”

“Xiao Qian… No, Third Master, Cheng Cheng is still young, and Xiao Jie is going to get married next year.
If I went to jail at this time, who would marry him? What will Cheng Cheng do?”

Xun Qian didn’t raise his eyes, and his tone even carried a hint of impatience: “Uncle, what does this have to do with me?”

Xu Zhihui was shocked.
“How can there be no relationship? They are all your younger brother and sister.”

Xun Qian smiled mockingly.
He didn’t even bother to return a word at this time.

Xu Zhihui kept moving his mouth, saying, “Third Master, look, Xiao Mo and Xiao Ran both passed away early; Cheng Cheng and Xiao Jie are your closest brother and sister.
And… and your mother also knows that I take this money to invest.
She didn’t say anything, so can you let me off the hook too?”

Butler Cheng coughed again, but this time the voice was louder than last time.
“Director Xu, you see that the more you talk, the more outrageous you are.
We were talking about the matter at hand, how did you pull this topic so far away… I think you should quickly pack up your things and go back to handle your family affairs before going to court.”

Xu Zhihui’s eyes widened.
He glanced at Butler Cheng, then turned to Xun Qian and said, “Third Master, I know I was wrong this time.
Why don’t we talk about it when your mother comes back? Give me some more time, and I will definitely get the money.
If you take me to court for something like that, my life is over.”

Xun Qian propped his head on his hands and leaned on the wheelchair; his eyes were lazy, as if he were watching a boring play.
“Uncle Cheng, I’m tired; if Director Xu refuses to leave, please ask him to leave.”

When Xu Zhihui heard this, he knew that Xun Qian had made up his mind; his face changed, and he cursed like a cornered beast: “Xun Qian, is that how your mother taught you to treat your elders? The Xun family has such a large family business.
This hotel alone earns more than that in a day, so what if I embezzled tens of millions? This is my sister’s money, and she is willing to give it to me.
Why do you have any objection?”

Xun Qian curled the corner of his mouth and smiled, full of sarcasm.

Three or four bodyguards stepped forward, lifted Xu Zhihui up, and dragged him out.

But they couldn’t stop the continuous stream of shouting and cursing.

“Xun Qian, do you know why everyone left you? Why did you end up like this? It’s because you are so cold-blooded and ruthless.
You are so inhumane to your family that you want to send your own uncle to jail.
You deserve to be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life!”

Butler Cheng followed to close the door, turned around, and said in a low voice, “This Xu Zhihui is too much.
You have given him several chances to make up the money, but he has embezzled more and more greedily instead.
In the end, he blames you.”

He turned his head and glanced at Xun Qian’s face, but Xun Qian had his head hanging down, and only his fair forehead and high nose tip could be seen under his scatter bang.
“Don’t take what he said just now to heart.”

“You explain to others.
Before a suitable person is found, report the work here directly to me.” Xun Qian played with a gilded dice on the table, as if nothing had happened just now.
“Push me out for a walk.”



In another office on the fourth floor, a croupier was running around to find Manager Zhang, who was in charge of the casino.

“A guest came to the casino today and won more than 20 games in a row.
Now the whole casino is in chaos.”

Qi Xiaoyu, who had won more than 20 rounds, had stacks of chips as high as a hill in front of him.

He was wearing a vintage brown round-neck sweater, corduroy pants of the same color underneath, a pair of carved brown leather shoes, and a camel coat by his hand, all of which he got from Xun Qian.

With such a retro outfit and his exquisite eyebrows and eyes, he looks like a little prince walking out of a picture book.

The little prince is now leaning on the chair with his legs crossed, holding two chips in his hand and tossing them up and down.

The bald man with a large gold chain sitting opposite him was clearly losing, and his eyes were red.
After Qi Xiaoyu chose to raise in the fourth round, he pushed all the chips in with both hands.

What they are playing is □□1I think it’s poker.
But why are they censoring poker? -_-.

The five public base cards on the table now are 5, 7, 10, A, and K.

In the last round, only Qi Xiaoyu and the bald man raised, and everyone else folded.

The bald man played his cards first.

He stared at Qi Xiaoyu fiercely, then lifted the corner of the bottom card and looked at it.

Then, with a big laugh, he grabbed the bottom card, lifted it violently, and dropped it on the table.

There were 2 kings on the table plus the public undercard, making a total of 3 kings.

When the bottom card came out, there were gasps of “wow” all around.

Three kings is a very rare hand, basically a sure win.

There were still 5.7.10.
A left in the public base cards.
Qi Xiaoyu can only win if he gets two Aces.

The bald man waved his fist twice and showed a smug smile at Qi Xiaoyu.

“The cards are good.”

Qi Xiaoyu gave a very sincere compliment and then unveiled one of his bottom cards without haste.

He flipped it in a position that turned the back of the card towards himself and flipped it facing everyone.
After the card was turned over, he held it up to the side of his face, which was about the size of his face.

Someone in the crowd yelled, “Damn it, he already has an Ace of Hearts.”

There is an Ace of Spades among the public cards, and Qi Xiaoyu uncovers an Ace of Hearts in his hand.
If the remaining card is an Ace, then three A’s will win, but the probability of obtaining such a deck is too small.

Everyone held their breath and stared at the remaining card in Qi Xiaoyu’s hand.

While everyone was staring eagerly, Qi Xiaoyu’s eyes fell lazily on the bald man opposite, and he tapped the unopened card lightly with his fingers and said, “Actually, I don’t know what this card is either.”

Then he leaned forward, as if teasing, “I haven’t seen the card yet; do you think it will be the Ace of Diamonds?”

The bald man pressed his hands on the table, obviously impatient, and shouted, “Stop rambling; hurry up if you’re a man.”

Qi Xiaoyu changed his posture, supported his chin with his left hand, and looked at him with a smile, then slowly lifted the card like lifting the bride’s veil.

There was a little red in the corner of the card, and the rest was blank.

It could be the ace of diamonds, or it could be another card of diamonds or hearts.

Anxious people had already bent over half of their bodies, wishing they could put their heads on the table.

Qi Xiaoyu smiled lightly and lifted the card as easily as opening the lid of a dessert.

It’s really the Ace of Diamonds!

3 Aces!

Complete victory!

The bald man slammed down the table and shouted, “Impossible! His cards are too good! He’s cheating! He must be cheating!”

The onlookers also whispered that it was too difficult to get three aces and that there were very few people who would win every gamble.

Qi Xiaoyu took all the chips to himself, with a pair of slightly drooping puppy eyes showing innocence and ignorance of the world.

He tilted his head, looked at the people around him, and smiled.
“Is no one playing?”

The croupier stood on the stairs of the second floor and pointed at Qi Xiaoyu downstairs, saying, “Manager Zhang, look, it’s him; he has won almost thirty games in a row.
Now the customers who come to play are saying that he’s the swindler we found, and they’re calling the police.”

Manager Zhang stared closely at Qi Xiaoyu with his small eyes behind his black, wide-rimmed glasses.
“Do you know this person?”

The croupier shook his head and said, “I don’t know.
This is the first time we’ve seen him.”

“Then how could it be the swindlers we hired? Aren’t they just being paid to mess around?”

The croupier scratched his head and said, “Yes, that’s right.
This person won too many games.
What should we do?”

Manager Zhang frowned.
“Invite him to my office; the boss is here today; don’t make a big scene out of it.”


On the fourth floor, through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, Xun Qian watched what happened downstairs without saying a word.

In the thickly carpeted corridor, Butler Cheng walked back quickly with a file folder, took out a piece of A4 paper, and showed it to Xun Qian, saying, “This is Mr.
Qi’s record just now.
He won all 27 bets.

Xun Qian rubbed the dice in his hand and said, “It’s luck if you win one bet, but it’s not luck if you win twenty-seven.”

“It’s indeed very impressive; he can’t be a novice… It’s also difficult for veterans to do it.”

Xun Qian remembered the way Qi Xiaoyu lowered his eyebrows and lit a cigarette for him, massaging his legs, and the way he threw dice with his legs crossed just now.
A faint smile appeared on his face.
“He really knows how to act docile in front of me.”

1I think it’s poker.
But why are they censoring poker? -_-

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