Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 1

On a summer night near the Mid-Autumn Festival, under the dim yellow night light, a group of people on the street are walking along the quiet roadside.

The mature girl who walked at the front muttered angrily, “What a bad program! Where can I go to find a vegetarian in the middle of the night? I still need someone to follow me willingly to complete the next task.
Is it funny…”

There were a group of people behind the girl, some carrying cameras, some carrying water, and some carrying other objects.
One of the boys was worried and said, “Sister Sha, please stop talking.
We are still recording the program, and Mai is also on…”

The girl who was called Sister Sha glared back at him angrily: “I can’t say that? Before the program was recorded, she didn’t say that she wanted me to look for people in the street at night.
Whom did we meet when we walked all the way? Either they were drunkards or people thought we were liars, or they were in a hurry and didn’t have time to talk to us!”

The boy smiled bitterly and dared not speak again.
At present, this is a star.
She is also famous for her straightforwardness and courage, dares to say, dares to do.
 He didn’t know whether it was luck or something else.
Such a temperamental person unexpectedly attracted so many fans, she must be a clear stream in the entertainment industry.

The task assigned by the program group this time was really a bit too much.
He’d better not talk to stop this sister from bringing up more words to complain.

He thought to himself that if he couldn’t find anyone in twenty minutes, he would contact the director and let them find someone behind the scenes.
Otherwise, he was afraid that Sister Sha would quit.

Nearly ten minutes later, Sister Sha was obviously upset.
Just when she was about to say something angry, she saw a young man sitting with Uncle Mai’s puppet on the bench downstairs not far from them.

He was obviously not alone, sitting side by side with the Uncle Mai doll.
At this moment, however, with the grinning clown, his figure seemed even more lonely.

Sister Sha doesn’t care whether he was lonely or not.
She only knows that he was a young man who seemed to have nothing to do!

She trotted over excitedly and stood in front of the young man.
She took off her cap, put on a gentle face as much as possible, and looked forward: “Hello, are you free now?”

When the young man heard the words, he raised his head and showed a face that was too beautiful.
The best thing on his face was a pair of beautiful, clean, and clear almond eyes.
She saw him blinking his beautiful big eyes, his long eyelashes sweeping, his voice was flat and slightly soft, as he asked, “Hello, what’s the matter?”

Sister Sha was breathless.
It seemed that she was unlucky.
The good-looking brother she met was not her fan.
And look, although the little brother’s voice was a little sticky, he seemed a little cold.

She gave a friendly smile and said amiably: “Well, we are recording a program.
According to the program requirements, I need to find someone to be my partner in the street to complete some tasks assigned by the program group.
I want to ask; do you have time now?”

The young man’s eyes swept over the group of people behind her with a little fear and precaution in his eyes.
He did not know what it meant to record the program, but he knew that the things held by those people could be used as weapons.

Sister Sha immediately said, “We mean no harm, really! And if we finish the task, the program team will give me a reward, and then I will give you half! I can ask the program team for two boxes of milk provided by the sponsor for you!”

The young man hesitated for a moment and gently stroked his hungry belly.
After a moment’s reflection, he nodded.

So, Sister Sha acted very familiarly and tried to pull him up.
She smiled and said, “They all call me Sister Sha.
How do they call you, little brother?”

The young man paused, stood up by himself, avoiding Sister Sha’s hand, and threw his large backpack onto his back.
He replied coldly, “Lian Qing.”

Sister Sha didn’t care about his indifferent attitude, so she naturally took back her hand and asked the staff she brought: “How much time is left before the time set by the program team?”

One of them answered, “Thirty-five minutes.”

Sister Sha nodded in disappointment.
When she couldn’t find her partner, she felt that time was too slow.
When she found her partner, she felt that there was still so much time left

Their next task cannot be started until the time is up.

She turned her head to look at the young man and asked softly, “Little brother, are you hungry?”

Lian Qing answered quickly this time: “Hungry.”

“Then can I buy you something to eat?”


Sister Sha’s smile faltered and thought the young man was strange.
Could it be said that the cold attitude just now was her illusion?

She looked at his face again, which was cold and showed no emotion.
After a quick survey, she finally found that the boy’s beautiful eyes were full of caution and expectation.

She felt funny.
The boy was too cute! On the surface, it looks like a Gaoling(high mountain range) flower.
He didn’t realize that those little eyes betrayed him.

Sister Sha smiled and asked, “What would you like to eat?”

Without even hesitating, Qing said, “I want to eat meat.”

After saying that, he regretted it and added, “Otherwise, you can buy me a ham sausage…”

The first day he came to the mountain, he didn’t eat meat, but he felt that it should be very expensive.
It’s not good for strangers to treat him to meat.
Ham is a little better.
He heard from his classmates that the big ones were only two yuan a piece, and if eaten in his own dry food, he would have eaten meat.

“No, let’s eat meat!” Sister Sha quickly pointed at a sign behind her, “I have to let you eat enough to help me finish the task later.
How about eating here?”

Help her finish the task… Lian Qing thought

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